Finding the Best Freelance Jobs

Online freelance jobs have become a lucrative way to pull in some extra cash or work full-time from home.

According to a recent study conducted by Upwork and Freelancers Union, up to 60 percent of current freelancers began going after freelance work by choice and not out of necessity.

These days, there are a wide variety of top freelance jobs to choose from.

Whether you’re a recent college graduate, a stay-at-home mom, or just happen to be tired of working a 9-to-5 job, there are plenty of high-paying freelance jobs to take advantage of.

If you happen to have the right skill set, you can grow tremendously in your online freelance work.

For those wondering what the best freelance jobs currently are, we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of the highest paid freelance jobs for varying skill sets. 

With our list as your guide, you can finally shift your focus from finding your freelance work niche to being on the look out for freelance opportunities.

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The Advantages of Undertaking Online Freelance Jobs

Looking into freelance jobs comes with an array of perks that can only be brought about through freelance opportunities.

Some of the biggest advantages of freelance jobs online include:

  • Unconventional Hours. The best freelance jobs allow you to set your own works hours. This allows you to have a much more flexible schedule.
  • Higher Income. With the highest paid freelance jobs, you can take on as many clients and hours as you’d like. This gives you the ability to earn much more money than with a 9-to-5 job.
  • Full Freedom. Freelance opportunities allow you to choose your own projects, be your own boss, and stay fully in charge of your work ethic. 
  • Tax Breaks. A big perk with freelancing jobs online is that you can deduct expenses, including your home office, travel, and dining.

AdvisoryHQ’s List of Top 6 Highest Paid Freelance Jobs

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the best freelance jobs below to go directly to the detailed review section for that job):

Top 6 Best Freelance Jobs | Brief Comparison

Top Freelance Jobs

Average Yearly Salary

Skill Needed

Content Marketer


Project management

Infographic Designer


Visual & analytical skills

Programming & Software Developer


HTML & PHP web design


$53,00o, non-certified;
$72,000 certified


Video Editor


Multi-format video editing skills

Voice Actor


Acting skills

Table: Top 6 Best Freelance Jobs | Above list is sorted alphabetically

FAQ Section

  • Where can I find online freelance jobs?

One of the best ways to get clients for some of the best freelance jobs is to sign up to freelancing websites. On these sites, a client can post an online freelance job that you can nab by having the right requirements and skills (and nailing the application).

  • How can I ensure that I get paid for my freelance work?

Freelance jobs that are found through a freelancing platform often place money into escrow. This money will only be released after the client has reviewed the work and finds it suitable.

However, the client cannot take the money out of escrow unless they file a reasonable complaint against you.

  • How can I turn my online freelance jobs into full-time work?

Building up your clientele and portfolio by taking on some of the top freelance jobs is a great way to start. The more experience you gain, the more high-paying freelance jobs you’ll be eligible for.

  • How do I determine the price to charge for my online freelance work?

The highest paid freelance jobs either charge by the hour or by the project. Depending on your skill set and freelance work quality, you determine a fair price for your services.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Highest Paid Freelance Jobs

Below, please find the detailed review of each job type on our list of the top ranking best freelance jobs. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these highest paid freelance jobs and top freelance jobs to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Content Marketer Review

Content marketing is currently one of the highest paid freelance jobs for people with writing, communication, and creative skills.

Online Freelance Jobs

Image source: Pixabay

These online freelance jobs typically involve working with clients to produce and share content that will attract customers and users. As one of the best freelance jobs, you’ll have the freedom to choose projects and brands that really pique your interest.

Some of the current online freelance jobs for content marketing roles include:

  • Content Development Specialist
  • Digital Content Executive
  • Digital Content Writer
  • Web Content Manager

Detailed Overview of a Content Marketer

Creative Freelance Work

As one of the top freelance jobs for creative types, content marketers must have a keen eye for attracting users.

Online freelance jobs for a content marketer include creating unique online content, researching new ideas, and establishing public relations for the brand you represent.

As one of the best freelance jobs, content marketing will give you pride in the brand recognition you can create for the companies you decide to team up with.

Large Income Growth Possibilities

As you gain more experience and attract more high profile customers, you’ll begin to notice that content marketing is one of the highest paid freelance jobs.

The freelance opportunities with this online freelance work are endless.

Upwork has even made predictions about the rise in online freelance jobs for content marketers throughout 2016 and beyond.

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Infographic Designer Review

An infographic designer is one of the best freelance jobs for those who are detail-oriented and have a creative streak.

Hundreds of companies are posting freelance jobs for infographic designers to create data, charts, texts, sales pitches, and even maps.

Infographic design provides exciting freelance opportunities for workers interested in putting their design skills to the test.

Skill requirements for an infographic designer include:

  • Attention to detail
  • IT skills with photo-editing & design
  • Ability to visualize data
  • Basic coding skills
  • Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator

Detailed Overview of an Infographic Designer

Outside the Box Thinking

Not all freelancing jobs online offer workers the freelance opportunities to put their visualization abilities to work.

Infographic design is one of the top freelance jobs because freelancers find that working with colors, data, and text to create a visual masterpiece that will speak to the client is worth all of the hard work.

Collaborating research with Photoshop, this online freelance job is the perfect choice for forward-looking individuals.

Large Salary Increases

Infographic design is one of the highest paid freelance jobs as there is always room for income growth.

Since freelancing jobs online provide freelancers with the opportunity to choose their own clients and hours, infographic designers can ultimately decide to work with one high profile client or a variety of small businesses.

With the more experience you get from taking on freelance jobs, the better your salary will look. Infographic designers have reported as much as $100,000/year on the high end.

Programming & Software Developer Review

Software developing and programming has a huge job market in online freelance jobs.

Software programming freelance jobs is a necessity to keep many businesses afloat while providing an enjoyable IT experience. These freelance jobs online allow you to put your computer savvy skills to work, all while making good money and keeping your schedule open.

Programming qualifications include:

  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • Linux
  • Oracle

Detailed Overview of Program & Software Developer Freelance Jobs

In-Demand Skills

Due to the high demand for programming and software development, this freelance work is one of the highest-paying freelance jobs.

Programmers are held responsible for designing, installing, and testing out software for businesses that primarily rely on technology to stay in business.

If you have the qualifying programming skills and knowledge, then you’ll quickly find an online freelance job in software development.

Build Extra Technical Skills

Programming and software development is one of the top freelance jobs for workers who are truly passionate about building on their technical skills.

Programming becomes one of the highest-paid freelance jobs when you can provide better quality work for your clients.

This includes taking on freelance work that involves building websites from scratch, coding from an open source, or participating in coding contests. 

The more self-motivated you are with your freelancing jobs online, the better your pay will be with programming.

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Translator Review

There are a multitude of online freelance jobs available for bilingual individuals who are able to transcribe between languages.

Online freelance work associated with a translator includes being well-versed in both languages that you plan on translating between.

If you happen to be skilled in more than one language, you can find great success in translator freelance work.

Translator online freelance work qualifications include:

  • Proficiency in 2 or more languages
  • Proofreading & editing skills
  • ATA-certification (encouraged but not mandated)
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word
  • Ability to work CAT tools

Detailed Overview of a Freelance Translator

Certification Pay Raise

Although a certification is not necessary to qualify for some of the top freelance jobs for translators, it does help to get into the high-paying freelance jobs.

An ATA-certified freelance translator can make an average income of $72,000/yr.

On the other hand, income for online freelance jobs for an uncertified translator have been reported at $53,000/yr.

Language Pair

The amount of online freelance work that you’ll find available as a translator depends on the language pair that you intend to translate.

Certain languages are more in demand for the top freelance jobs. Less common languages such as Vietnamese or Danish can be open to more of the best freelance jobs.

The direction in which you intend to translate can make a difference in your freelance opportunities as well. The more niche languages you can translate, the better your online freelance job as a translator will be.

Video Editor Review

In the current world of viral video sensations, the position of video editor is one of the best freelance jobs.

As a freelance video editor, you can create your own video masterpieces for clients whose projects intrigue you. Video editor freelance jobs require the ability to bring sight and sound together to create engaging video content.

Video editor job requirements include:

  • Knowledge of editing software (Lightworks, Premiere, Final Cut)
  • Experience with 3D and special effects
  • Ability to input music, dialogue, etc.
  • Create logical sequences

Detailed Overview of Freelance Work for a Video Editor

Salary Advantages

Video editing falls into one of the highest paid freelance jobs currently available.

The demand for video editing is high, and experienced freelance video editors can find some of the best freelance jobs.

While the annual wage falls around $44,000/yr, the best freelance jobs can pay a yearly salary up to $100,000 or more.

Career Growth

The number of online freelance jobs for video editors is expected to increase in all film and video sectors.

The current estimate of freelance jobs for video editors is a projected increase of 18% from 2014 to 2024.

Video editing is one of the best freelance jobs to step into as you’ll always be able to find top freelance jobs.

Voice Actor Review

Best Freelance Jobs

Photo Courtesy of: MyGaming

Voice acting has become an incredibly profitable freelance work choice as it falls into the bracket of some of the highest paid freelance jobs.

If you happen to be particularly skilled in using your voice and can perform imitations, then you’ll find some amazing freelance opportunities in voice acting.

Detailed Overview of Freelance Work for a Voice Actor

No Education Necessary

While a background in acting or stage experience can be helpful, it is not at all necessary to be successful in this line of online freelance work.

Although you can take vocal courses for this line of freelance work, you can still find success without any formal education.

Natural talent trumps in finding the best freelance jobs for a vocal actor or actress.

Growing Demand

The current U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that 10% job growth is expected to take place in this freelance work.

Voice actors generally get paid an average of $18.80/hr, making it one of the highest paid freelance jobs that require no education and rewards you based on talent and hard work.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Highest Paid Freelance Jobs

Choosing to start a career by looking into freelancing jobs online can be an incredibly successful move, both financially and personally.

Many of the highest paid freelance jobs offer workers the flexibility to set their own hours, be their own boss, and decide on their own projects.

Depending on your personal skill set, you can find a variety of the best freelance jobs to apply to and begin your online freelance work.

With this comprehensive guideline of the highest paid freelance jobs, you can begin to narrow down your prospective freelance jobs.

Bigger and better freelance opportunities will come your way when you decide on the freelance jobs that work best for you.

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