The Importance of Reliable Sources for the Latest Health News

The internet is a fantastic resource for information, whether it’s current events, travel, finance, or beauty tips. But it can also be difficult to determine what the most reliable sources of information are when it comes to things like interesting health articles or interesting health topics.

Top 6 Best Health News Websites

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Health News Websites

To make staying up-to-date with health news less of a chore, we’ve rounded up a few of the top sites that provide news on health current events, daily health tips, and more.

Read the reviews below to find your favorite health news sites and bookmark them for convenient future reference.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Sites for Health News Today

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that health news site.)

Top 6 Best Websites for Health News Today | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Top Health News Sites

Highlighted Feature

Everyday HealthMeal Planner
Health.comWeight Loss section
Mayo ClinicAccess to Clinical Trials Database
MedicineNetArticles on Pet Health
NIHMonthly newsletter
WebMDInsurance directory

Table: Top 6 Best Sites for the Latest Health News | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Easy Ways to Digest the Latest Health News

With so much information to absorb, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with all of the health current events that are happening. So, what can you do to keep up with daily health tips and health news today?

  • Set Up a Google Alert for a Specific Topic: Maybe you don’t want to read everything happening in health current events. Perhaps you just want to read health news articles on diabetes. This is a great way to filter out the rest.
  • Follow Your Favorite Sites on Twitter or Facebook: Following your favorite sites for news about health means you don’t even have to visit the site until you spot something in your social media feed that interests you.
  • Subscribe to Newsletters: Is there a site with great health news articles? Subscribe to their newsletter if they have one to receive their best articles straight to your inbox.

How to Consume Online Information Intelligently

Remember that these health news sites are not meant to be a replacement for the advice of a medical professional. They are simply meant to help you understand your own body and the information that your doctor presents you with.

Best Health News Websites

Image Source: Pexels

When you are reading the latest health news, check to see whether:

  • Relevant sources or industry experts are cited. If you are not getting your information directly from a government website or the website of a research institution, double check that the sources of those interesting health articles are credible.
  • Ask your doctor about what you read. Your doctor should be your number one source of information, and reading up on the latest health news should serve as a way to start a dialogue with your doctor so that you feel more involved in your healthcare.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Sites for Interesting Health Articles

Below, please find the detailed review of each of the top sites for health news articles on our list of the best sites for today’s health news. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these health news sites to score so well in our selection ranking.

Everyday Health Review

Everyday Health is a digital media company that provides a platform for companies to organically engage with healthcare consumers and professionals. Their site includes health statistics, blog posts on interesting health topics, and several resources to help readers make smart decisions about their health.

Symptom Checker

When you’re experiencing something funny with your body, it can be difficult to determine whether it warrants seeing the doctor or not. Even if you’ve booked an appointment, the curiosity can be too much to bear.

Everyday Health provides a symptom checker in addition to its interesting health articles. Visitors to the site can simply type their symptoms in and read information on what they may possibly have.

Drug Finder

Interacting with doctors can be an intimidating experience since it is assumed that they know what is best and shouldn’t be challenged. Health news sites like Everyday Health empowers customers with information about different conditions and, perhaps just as importantly, different drugs.

Patients can use this site’s drug finder to conduct their own research and become comfortable with a prescribed medication.

Meal Planner & Calorie Counter

Looking for an article on health and fitness? This site provides both a meal planner and calorie counter for readers who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle. These kinds of interactive tools allow readers to apply the daily health tips they learn from sites like Everyday Health.

Healthy Recipes

You read one article on health and fitness and then spent three hours binge-reading blogs on interesting health topics. Now, you want to start applying some of the daily health tips you learned, but you’re uncertain where to start.

Everyday Health provides healthy recipes in addition to today’s health news to help you start making nutritious dishes and improve your diet.

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Health.com Review

Health.com is purely for health news and daily health tips. Unlike the other sites on our list, this site does not provide symptom checkers or insurance directories, but it is great for those who want a light way to absorb the latest health news.

Fitness Tips

It’s easy to find an article on health and fitness on this site. Moreover, you’ll actually enjoy reading these interesting articles because the site has a very casual, magazine-like layout.

Their fitness section includes blog posts with daily health tips on how to perform specific workouts, on postpartum ab workouts, on cardio workouts, and on yoga poses to get better sleep.

Weight Loss Section

Specifically interested in daily health tips related to weight loss? Health.com has a section devoted to weight loss with articles on nutrition, exercise, and more.

Their weight loss articles cover topics like why you’re always feeling hungry, motivational stories of how people dropped a significant amount of weight, and tips on how to move forward when your progress starts to plateau.

Health A-Z

Health.com may not have symptoms checkers, but they still have an A-Z index that categorizes blog posts based on specific illnesses and conditions. Unlike other health news sites that may be dry in the delivery of medical information, individuals can read more engaging blog posts to become informed about different conditions.

Mayo Clinic Review

The Mayo Clinic is recognized across the country as one of the best hospitals for research and tertiary care. It is also a fantastic resource of health statistics and news about health.

Access to Clinical Trials Database

The Mayo Clinic conducts a lot of clinical studies to further their goal of helping patients live longer and healthier lives. As a site that provides health statistics and news about health, they provide access to their database of clinical trials.

Visitors to the site can run a search of their database by condition, treatment, or drug name. They can also limit their search to clinical trials that are currently recruiting participants. 

The types of clinical trials the Mayo Clinic runs include:

  • Observational studies
  • Clinical trial (interventional study)
  • Medical records research

Comprehensive Database on Diseases and Conditions

In addition to reviewing today’s health news, people visit health news sites to read up on different diseases and conditions. Perhaps they know a friend or family member who is suffering from a particular disease and want to learn more in order to support them. Maybe they are at risk of developing a disease, through genetics or lifestyle, and wish to learn more about how to prevent it.

The Mayo Clinic site’s database is filled with articles on hundreds of conditions that visitors to the site can search by keyword.

Interesting Health Articles on How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

This health news today site provides several articles on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, its articles on healthy living are grouped in categories that are relevant to an individual reader’s life.

They have healthy living articles specifically for men, women, adults in general, caregivers, tweens and teens, children, infants and toddlers, women trying to get pregnant, women who are pregnant, and women who are about to give birth or are postpartum.

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MedicineNet Review

MedicineNet offers accessible and authoritative information and news about health. Its team includes executives, healthcare professionals, internet technology experts, and more. The site was acquired by WebMD in 2004, but it still operates as its own website covering interesting health topics.

Slideshows on Health Topics & Extensive Images Gallery

MedicineNet offers slideshows on topics ranging from addiction to cancer, the nervous system to digestive disorders. The slideshows present the facts in easy-to-consume tidbits with helpful visuals.

Their site also includes an extensive images gallery. While it may not be the most pleasant resource, these images are extremely useful for people who want to put a name to a rash or skin conditions before going to see a doctor. But it’s probably best not to do this kind of health news research in a public place.

Test Your Knowledge of Interesting Health Topics

In addition to interesting health articles, this health news today site has dozens of quizzes visitors can take to test their knowledge of interesting health topics. They can also find interesting quizzes that gauge their happiness by assessing their emotional IQ.

Healthy Lifestyle Resources

If you are looking for an article on health and fitness, you can find several on MedicineNet. Their lifestyle section includes interesting health articles on diet and weight management, exercise and fitness, nutrition, food, recipes, disease prevention, and wellness.

Section on Pet Health

A distinctive feature that sets this latest health news site apart from other sites providing health news today is their section on pet health. People interested in reading interesting health articles on their furry friends can access information on dog health and cat health through MedicineNet.

NIH Review

NIH is a research facility in Maryland. It is part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and is the hub for U.S. government’s biomedical and health-related research. It also provides a detailed health news website with the latest health news, resources, and information.

Health Highlights

On the main page, NIH provides a feed of health highlights. This feed prominently displays interesting health articles and health news today. Interesting health topics they cover include eating disorders, health risks from the environment, and ways to handle seasonal allergies.

Advice on How to Talk to Your Doctor

There are Americans who feel uncomfortable expressing their needs to their doctors or asking for clarification. In addition to providing health news today, NIH provides information on how to effectively communicate with your doctor, understand your treatment plans, and prepare for appointments.

Monthly Newsletter

NIH offers a monthly newsletter for those who want to receive interesting health articles directly to their inbox. Their NIH News in Health is available for download in PDF form on their website. Individuals interested in the latest health news can read articles on healthy joints, reducing underage drinking, and how cancer cells proliferate in the body.

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WebMD Review

WebMD is one of the most popular symptom checkers on the web. In 2015, it became the leading health publisher in the country due to the unprecedented number of unique visitors it met each month. People visit the site to read the latest health news articles and information.

Family and Pregnancy Center

WebMD is a health news site that provides a comprehensive resource for families and parents who are expecting. They offer what they call “a complete guide to raising a family.”

They have interesting health articles related to pregnancy, newborns, babies, children’s health, fitness for kids, fitness for teens, general interesting health topics on parenting, and a section on Healthy Pets.

In addition to these helpful health news articles, their family and pregnancy center also includes several tools and resources for expecting women, including:

  • Ovulation calculator
  • Due date calculator
  • Fetal development timeline
  • Kids’ height predictor
  • Vaccine guide

Physician Directory

Sometimes, finding a doctor is the most difficult part about going to the doctor. WebMD provides a physician directory for people who need to find a new doctor or wish to switch doctors.

Individuals who use this health news today site for general information can use their directory to search for physicians by name, specialty, procedure, condition, city, and zip code.

Insurance Directory

Another reason that people often turn to health news sites is to learn more about the different insurance products available. WebMD offers an insurance directory that allows site visitors to find commercial plans and those available through Medicare or Medicaid. They can search by state in addition to plan name.

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Conclusion – Top 6 Best Health News Sites

The internet is a crowded place stuffed with information. Finding daily health tips and the latest health news you can trust can be a challenge. These sites provide readers with information and articles from medical authorities who can help you gain the knowledge you need to make confident decisions about your health. Keep in mind, however, that these sites are meant to be informational and to supplement the care you receive from a health care professional.

Top Health News Websites

Source: Pexels

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