2017 Guide: Make a Living from the Comfort of Home with Freelance Job Sites

Are you aware that only 25 percent of employees were “extremely happy, motivated, and stimulated” with their jobs last year?

Working a nine-to-five job is already a tough pill to swallow, before adding in your commute during rush hour traffic and closet chock full of business casual outfits. Then add in a temperamental boss or co-workers who always try to steal the limelight, and you might seriously start considering another job.

Has becoming a freelancer ever crossed your mind? If the idea of working for yourself, setting your own schedule and hours, and even working from home in comfy clothes sounds appealing, becoming a freelancer might be something to consider.

Before you brush off the idea of freelancing, thinking freelance work won’t provide enough to support you, take into account the fact that some freelance writers with experience and skill can average a dollar per word, with some earning more. When you get into higher skills jobs, such as coding and market analysis, you can earn substantial amounts, too.

However enticing the idea of freelancing sounds, the essential part is actually landing freelance jobs. That is where freelance work websites come into play. With the top freelance websites, you have the ability to build a portfolio, browse jobs, and interact with clients in the hopes of landing freelance gigs.

Best Freelance Websites Red Award Emblem

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Freelance Websites

Unfortunately, there are many different freelance sites on the internet. You must keep in mind that not all freelance websites are created equally, and only the top freelancing sites will provide a platform that allows you to profit substantially.

The trick then, is deciding what the top freelance websites to work through are. With your own unique set of skills and resources, you will be looking for different features in freelance sites than others are. When you are looking for the top freelance websites, you are likely curious about many things, including:

  • Can you actually earn money through online working sites?
  • Is it free to use freelancing sites?
  • What types of jobs can you find on online working sites?
  • Is there a top freelancing websites list?

Throughout this 2017 guide, we will cover certain questions regarding freelancing sites and how the top freelance websites can help you earn money from home. We will also list some tips for using freelance sites and what to look for in the top freelance sites. Finally, we will provide a detailed review of six sites on our best freelancing websites list.

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Advisory HQ’s List of Top 6 Best Freelance Job Sites

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the freelance work websites below to go directly to the detailed review section for that freelancing site):

Top 6 Best Freelance Websites | Brief Comparison    

Best Freelance Websites

Types of Freelance Jobs

Platform Fee

CraigslistWeb design, marketing, writing, etc.None
FiverrGraphics & design, digital marketing, music & audio, writing & translation, advertising, programming & tech, etc.20%
FreelancerMobile phones & computing, websites & software, design & media, writing & content, etc.3% or $3.00, whichever is greater
iFreelanceArchitecture, writers, design, programmers, etc.None
SimplyHiredCustomer service, writing, business, web design, construction, etc.None
UpworkMarketing, translations, writing, website design, business, etc.20% for first $500 billed with a client, then 10%
Table: Top 6 Best Freelance Job Sites / Above list is sorted alphabetically

Detailed Overview: How to Earn the Most with Freelance Websites

Using freelance sites to generate income is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you want to earn legitimate money online with freelancing sites, you will need to be legitimate yourself.

That means putting in the time to present a professional profile and portfolio. It also means that you will likely need to work your way up. The best freelance websites are widely known, which means that’s where the best freelancers flock to earn their living.

Freelance Job Sites

Image Source: Pixabay

You will be competing against the best freelance writers, coders, marketers, and translators in the business when you use the top freelance job sites. It might seem impossible to compete with established freelancers, but if you put the time and effort in, one day, you could be one of those top freelancers.

It can be difficult starting out, but keep these tips in mind when you begin using freelance job sites:

Look at platform fees: Some freelance websites charge fees for using them; this can cut into your profits. A job paying $17 an hour on a platform with no fee is better than one that pays $20 an hour but has a 20% fee.

Read job descriptions: Clients don’t want to waste time with those who don’t take things seriously. They love detail-oriented freelancers who read the job postings – which they take the time to write and post on freelance job sites – in their entirety. They often include keywords in these descriptions, and if you don’t notice the cues and include them in your job proposal, your application will go right into the digital recycling bin.

Take the jobs seriously: Just because you can complete these jobs from home in sweatpants, doesn’t mean that they are not legitimate. These are real companies and businesses that are posting jobs on the top freelance sites, and if you don’t take it seriously, they will move on to someone who does.

Use an updated resume: Some companies require a resume or portfolio that includes examples of your past work. Update your resume and cater it to the type of freelancing jobs that you are applying for. Including examples of your past work is a great idea, although don’t provide so many that they become overwhelmed.

Double-check everything: Grammar or spelling mistakes in your resume can prevent you from getting a freelance job, and mistakes in a final document that you submit might keep you from being rehired by a client. That is why you need to proofread everything – no matter how big or small the job – before it goes out to a client.  

Above all, it is crucial to present a professional front to clients and to be sure that you are submitting top-quality work on the top freelance sites. From smaller and simpler jobs to larger tasks, always put forth your best effort. You never know when a quick job can lead to a lucrative project down the road.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Freelance Websites

Below, please find the detailed review of each freelance work websites option on our list of best freelancing sites. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these online working sites to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Craigslist Review

Craigslist is not just for buying and selling locally anymore. This veteran website has developed into one the top freelance sites.

Most freelance job sites don’t consider location, but Craigslist does. This means that you will only see jobs listed in the area that you select. This can limit your options and might require you to search around a bit more.

Craigslist - Top Freelance Websites

Image Source: Pixabay

The real drawback with Craigslist is that you need to make the distinction between which jobs require a physical presence and which jobs can be completed online. With other freelance job sites, you can generally assume that they are online jobs.

However, with the ability to sort jobs by category, ranging from business, finance, and marketing to media, web design, and writing, you can find something that fits your unique skill set.

Fiverr Review

Fiverr is another one of the best freelance websites on the web. The site is newer, but it is gaining traction in the freelance space.

There are so many categories to choose from that Fiverr has something for almost anyone. You can choose from advertising, programming & tech, music & audio, writing & translation, fun & lifestyle, business, graphics & design, and more. The variety of jobs is one reason that Fiverr makes our list of top freelance sites.

Fiverr is a great place for freelancers to get started. You can post – and promote – your gigs that cater to your unique talents. Aside from that, you can also submit bids for jobs that are posted in real time.

Pricing for a gig can fall anywhere between $5-$10k, but as with any of the top freelance sites, you’ll want to start out with lower price points. This is a good way to generate buyers and attract positive reviews while you gain more experience and credibility on the platform–which, in turn, encourages higher price points.

For example, a quick search for sellers within the Articles & Blog Posts category using the “New Seller” filter has most gigs are listed between $5-$10. On the other hand, apply the “Top Rated Seller” filter to the same category, and you’ll see higher gig prices, easily falling between $35-$75.  

If you’re looking to turn freelancing into a full income, frequent action and high ratings are key to making some solid cash on Fiverr.

In fact, according to a Fiverr representative, the platform currently has thousands of people making a six-figure income, with three sellers even exceeding $1 million. 

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Freelancer Review

Freelancer is another one of the best freelance websites. Millions of small businesses post jobs onto Freelancer with the ability to make their freelance dreams a reality.

With over 10 million projects posted, Freelancer is one of the best freelance websites available. There is also an app that makes finding and completing jobs easy. Taking Freelancer with you on the go keeps you connected to your clients at all times and ensures that you’ll never miss an opportunity.

With categories from mobile phones & computing, websites & software, design & media, writing & content, and more, you can find something on this freelance site.

The most interesting aspect of Freelancer is the contests that clients can post. This enables you to compete against other designers, writers, or programmers to submit the best work. If you win, you’ll reap the prize money, which makes this one of the best freelance websites for competitive freelancers, or those just starting out.

iFreelance Review

iFreelance is one of the top freelance sites that allows you to find freelance jobs online. These jobs can range from architecture and website design to photography and marketing.

One nice thing about iFreelance is that there are two methods to obtain freelance jobs. You can either bid on jobs that are posted by clients, or you can advertise your services on the site to be contacted by clients directly. Some other top freelance sites only offer one or the other, but iFreelance gives you options.

Perhaps the best thing about iFreelance is that you keep 100% of your profits. Other top freelance sites take anywhere from 3 percent to 20 percent, but iFreelance allows you to keep all of your hard earned money.

SimplyHired Review

SimplyHired is one of the top freelance sites when it comes to a variety of jobs.

This site allows you to search by location, which means that some jobs will be location-based. While this does not always mean face-to-face interaction with clients, it can. That is something to keep in mind, since most other freelance job sites are all web-based.

There is a wide variety of jobs posted on this site, which is why it is one of the better freelance job sites. Since some jobs are location-based, you can find jobs ranging from blog writing to construction.

Another great thing about SimplyHired is that the costs fall solely on the clients. The client pays to post their jobs, which means that you will keep what you earn. Well, you’ll keep whatever the government doesn’t take after the fact, at least!

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Upwork Review

When it comes to the best freelance websites, Upwork falls toward the top of the list. The user interface is simple to use, and it is extremely easy to navigate through the website and mobile application. With over 1.5 million clients, Upwork has a vast variety of jobs for you to apply for.

You can create a profile that also serves as a portfolio – complete with client feedback and work examples from past jobs – that allows clients to search for you. Similar to other freelance job sites, you can also be proactive and submit proposals for jobs that you qualify for.

The categories range from translation and copywriting to advertising, programming, and ghostwriting. The great thing about Upwork is the variety.

One drawback is that Upwork recently changed their fee structure. They used to take 10% of hourly and fix-priced jobs, but now they take 20% of your profits until you hit $500 in billing with a client, where it drops to 10% again. If you make $10,000 from a client, the fee drops to just 5% — but it takes quite a bit of work to reach that threshold.

This 20% is higher than other top freelance sites, but it is important to note that Upwork has higher earning potential than other less established freelance job sites.

Conclusion – Top 6 Freelance Job Sites

Whether you are looking to earn some extra money online during your spare time or are seriously considering becoming a full-time freelancer, knowing the top freelance sites is crucial to reaching your goal.

Not all freelance websites are equal, and some are better for those with certain skill sets than others are.

While choosing the best site from the freelancing websites list is important, how you present yourself to clients on those top freelancing sites is even more important. You could be utilizing the best freelancing sites on the web, but if you come across as lazy or unprofessional, you will be passed over for other freelancers.

When you are utilizing the best freelancing sites to showcase your skills and generate income, be sure to:

Always be professional: Make sure that you have relevant work examples to offer, as well as some references that you can provide interested clients.

Build relationships: You might need to take lower paying jobs at first to build report with a client before they trust you with more meaningful – and lucrative – jobs.

Ask questions before taking a job: It is important to make sure that you are on the same page with a client before you agree to do a job for a certain amount. Differing expectations can lead to the rapid decline of a working relationship.

Double-check and spell-check everything you submit: From resumes and first drafts to final documents, be sure to reread it thoroughly. If you want to get and keep jobs, you need to be submitting quality work consistently.

When using the top freelance sites to generate income, following the tips above will help you make lasting impressions. This will help you land quality jobs and make the biggest profits possible.

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