Introduction: How to Find the Best Small Business for Sale and the Best Franchise for Sale

Buying into a franchise is one of the best ways to become your own boss without side stepping the sometimes difficult and frustrating struggle of getting a foot into the competitive business market. 

While starting up a “mom and pop” business still has a certain charm to it and can be profitable if done correctly, franchise sales are a much more common way to own your business. Finding an existing franchise for sale or a recognized small business for sale is a great way to take some of the risk out of starting your own business. 

There are literally thousands of existing franchises for sale, and all of them proclaim to be quality investments. 

From franchises for sale by owner to small franchises for sale to the biggest name franchises for sale, how do you know which business franchise for sale is best for you?

How to Find the Best Small Business for Sale and the Best franchise for sale

Best Franchise Business for Sale

In this brief article, AdvisoryHQ will look at the benefits of finding the best business for sale. We will also look at who should consider buying into a franchise as well as what characteristics to look for in the best franchise business for sale. 

We will then offer advice on where and how to find the best franchise for sale, including restaurant franchises for sale, small franchises for sale, and franchises for sale by owner. For current franchise owners, we will also briefly look at how to sell a franchise.

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The Benefits of Finding the Best Business for Sale

Finding a franchise for sale offers you a head start when it comes to getting your business off the ground. An existing franchise for sale comes with a proven product and methodology and name recognition, often on a national level, that can help to win over customers. 

When you find a quality business for sale, whether it is a franchise business for sale or a well-known local business for sale, you are effectively getting out of the hard work that many entrepreneurs encounter with trying to win over customer loyalty. 

One of the most obvious benefits of finding a small business for sale is that you will already have a sound customer base, and thousands of other potential customers will already know of your existence. 

Franchise sales, then, will allow your business to start making money immediately. Whereas many entrepreneurs face a difficult first year with heavy losses while they try to build a customer base, finding a franchise for sale can help you avoid those early losses that often must be financed through extensive loans. 

While you will pay a hefty one-time franchise fee when you decide to buy a business for sale, that fee can offset potential early losses in your business venture. 

Furthermore, when you find a small business for sale, you most likely will also receive extensive training that will help you develop the necessary skills to manage and run your business successfully. 

Who Should Consider Buying into a Franchise

Searching for a franchise for sale isn’t the best option for everyone. Before buying into a franchise, you will need to do extensive research on market conditions and local demand for the type of franchise you are planning to purchase. 

People who are looking for a business for sale because they think it will offer them a quick return on their investment should probably look elsewhere for potential business opportunities. 

A business franchise for sale requires hard work and dedication to make it work. Name recognition alone won’t replace quality service and products. 

Finding a small business for sale is no guarantee of profitability, and you should only start looking for a franchise for sale if you have the intention of making it a full-time career. 

Furthermore, any business for sale will most likely require a hefty upfront investment. The biggest existing franchises for sale may even require a franchise fee of several hundred thousand dollars. On top of that, you will also most likely have to cover the purchase or rent of a locale and other business operating expenses once you have committed to buying into a franchise. 

You should only consider purchasing a business for sale if you have the necessary credit to get a business loan that will cover the franchise fee and other upfront business costs.

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What to Look for in the Best Franchise Business For Sale

Whereas one franchise business for sale could be extremely profitable, other small businesses for sale might lead you into bankruptcy. Below you will find three essential qualities you should look for in a franchise for sale. 

Business Franchise for Sale with Successful History of Franchise Owners

When looking for a business for sale, pay particular attention to the franchise disclosure document. This document must provide information about the franchise for sale that you want to purchase. You should pay particular attention to whether or not other franchisors  or owners ever had legal or financial troubles.  Business News Daily advises that

“Existing and historical litigation between the franchisor and its franchisees might show a level of dissatisfaction with the system, or it might show that the franchisor is serious about upholding its system standards for the benefit of all franchisees.”

The best small business for sale should have a successful history of cooperation with other owners. Furthermore, you will also want to ask other owners of the same franchise for sale about their experiences. Is the business profitable? Are there any hidden payments or fees that the franchisor charges?

Understand the Charges Associated with the Franchise for Sale

The franchise fee will most likely be the largest expense of the franchise business for sale. However, many franchises for sale also have a number of other fees that may add up and eat into your potential earnings. 

For example, an existing franchise for sale may very well charge you a royalty commission for the business that you do. Also, other businesses for sale may charge you an advertising fee as well as a grand opening fee to help you promote your new business.

While these fees aren’t necessarily bad, you will want to make sure that you thoroughly understand the financial obligations that come with any small business for sale before buying into a franchise. 

How Will You Benefit from Advertising Campaigns by Small Businesses for Sale?

Many existing franchises for sale, especially if they are large, nationally-known franchises for sale, will charge you an advertising fee. As a small business owner, you may benefit from these advertising campaigns helping to strengthen your customer base. 

However, you will want to ensure that the advertising campaigns offered by the franchise for sale you are planning on buying will be directed toward your region. Some of the bigger franchises for sale will have national advertising campaigns. However, a small business for sale that only has 20 branches scattered throughout the state may direct their advertising campaigns only to the bigger city markets. 

If the small business for sale that you plan on purchasing doesn’t advertise on your local TV or radio stations, you should be able to get out of paying any sort of advertising fee.

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Where to Find Existing Franchises for Sale

You can search for franchise sales in a number of different ways. Small businesses for sale might be advertised in your local newspaper. If you are l00king for a larger business for sale with national name recognition, there a number of websites that can help you identify the best franchises for sale. 

small business for sale

Where to Find Existing Franchises for Sale?

Restaurant Franchises for Sale

When looking for restaurant franchises for sale, offers an easy-to-use search tool that will give you a run down on the best restaurant franchises for sale in your region. 

With this simple online tool, you can request free information from any number of small businesses for sale in the restaurant industry. They also offer information on the minimum investment required when buying into a franchise of your choice. 

Small Franchises for Sale

Some of the biggest franchises for sale can cost you upward of a million dollars in franchise fees alone. 

If you are looking for small franchises for sale that will require much less investment while still offering you the possibility of a successful business venture, BizBuySell offers information on the best small businesses for sale. 

This website specializes in low-cost small businesses for sale. You can search for both franchise businesses and other small businesses for sale. 

Franchises for Sale by Owner

Finding franchises for sale by owner is another way to buy into a franchise. There are a number of websites where business owners can post their business for sale. is one of the leading websites with information on franchises for sale by owner and other businesses for sale in California. On a national level, you can check out You can easily search for the top franchises for sale by state and business category with this website.

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How to Sell a Franchise

If you are a franchise owner and want to learn how to sell a franchise that you currently operate, there are a number of options available to you. Taking the time to learn how to sell a franchise is important, because many times the sale of your franchise can leave you with a healthy profit. 

According to the Huffington Post, the sale of your franchise, “could very well account for a healthy portion of the overall return on investment when everything is set and done. Buyers often make investment decisions solely on how fast and how much income a new venture could generate, a fact that doesn’t take into full account the value of the asset that can be built over time.”

To sell a franchise, you can list your business for sale on any number of websites. One of the best is  They offer free advice on how you can best get your business sold for a profit while also fulfilling all legal obligations. 

Finding the Best Franchise Sales Could Lead You into a New, Profitable Profession

Finding a franchise for sale or a small business for sale can lead you into a whole new career. With the right amount of research and dedication, buying into a franchise can allow you to become your own boss and embark on the adventure of being a business owner.  

When you search for a franchise business for sale, make sure that you take into account the recommendations listed above. 

The best franchises for sale should allow you the independence to help your business grow autonomously while also affording you the advantage of name recognition, training, and advertising support. 

Whichever franchise for sale or small business for sale that you eventually choose, you may be on your way to a financially successful future. 

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