Get in the Best Shape of Your Life with the Top Fitness Apps

Goodbye french fries, hello fruits and veggies. Eating healthy and staying in shape is growing in popularity. McDonald’s offers salads, and our office wear is slowly transitioning into athletic wear. Never has healthy, active living been so glamorous.

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It has also become easier to get fit. You don’t need to hire an expensive personal trainer or even sign up for a gym membership. Getting started on your weight loss or muscle building journey is as simple as downloading one of the free personal trainer apps available online, putting on your sneakers, and going for a run.

We’ve rounded up six of the best fitness tracker apps. Start with our list and browse our picks to begin your lifestyle transformation today.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Fitness Apps

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the fitness app names below to go directly to the review for section for that fitness tracker app).

Top 6 Best Fitness Tracker Apps | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Fitness Apps

Highlighted Features

C25KAudio coach
Charity MilesEarn money for charity while running, walking
FitocracyTips and article in Knowledge Center
LifesumSocial media integration
MyFitnessPalDetailed exercise database
Nike+ Training Club AppPersonalized plans

Table: Top 6 Best Fitness Tracker Apps | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Fitness Apps Are Helpful, But Don’t Forget Your Diet

Fitness tracker apps are fantastic for getting into shape and staying in shape, but you also want to ensure you’re eating well, too so you don’t simply add back all of the calories you’re burning.

fitness tracker app

Source: Pexels

Overhauling your entire diet overnight will be difficult, so start by eliminating a few unhealthy choices or making some substitutions:

  • Replace juice or soda with water. If you’re not ready to cut out pizza and chips, start with your beverages. Most people know soft drinks are awful for you, but they don’t know that fruit juice is also loaded with sugar. Start drinking water instead.
  • Eat more protein. Having a boiled egg for breakfast or a chicken breast for lunch will make you feel satisfied and less likely to snack throughout the day.
  • Find smart munchies. If you love to snack, start packing some grapes or nuts to take with you to work so that you don’t run to the vending machine each time you want something to nibble on.

Good eating habits combined with using your fitness apps to exercise can help you work towards the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking Best Fitness Apps

Below, please find the detailed review of each of the fitness apps on our list of the top fitness apps. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these fitness tracker apps to score so well in our selection ranking.

C25K Review

Have you ever seen those early morning joggers pass by your window and wish you could be just like them? Committed, disciplined, and—most importantly—fit?

Even people with the best intentions wind up putting it off. A big reason is because of how intimidating it can feel.

C2K is one of those fitness apps that help people who are totally new to running work their way up to marathoner status.

Easy to Get Started

The idea behind C25K is “couch potato to 5K.” It is one of the best fitness apps for first time runners who are trying to get started. This fitness tracker app allows you to alternate between walking and running until you build up the strength to consistently move at a faster pace.

This personal trainer app has an eight-week plan that directs the user to work out three times a week with even breaks between their runs.

This fitness tracker app takes participants through 30- to 40-minute sessions, which include a five-minute warm up and a five-minute cool down.

Free fitness apps like C25K that make becoming a runner manageable and not so intimidating are bound to receive press attention. C25K has been featured in:

  • Forbes
  • Men’s Fitness
  • LA Times
  • Guardian
  • The Huffington Post
  • Mashable
  • The Mercury News
  • Time magazine
  • The Washington Post
  • The New York Times
  • CBS News
  • Glamour


This personal trainer app comes with:

  • Calorie and distance counter
  • Apple HealthKit
  • Google Fit

Another cool feature that is becoming prevalent in today’s free fitness apps is audio guidance. This fitness tracker app provides an audio coach that lets the runner know when to walk or run and for how long. This audio coach also provides the runner with stats like which run they’re currently on.

And if you want to be one of the top fitness apps, you’ve got to be compatible with complementary tools in the fitness world. This fitness training app is compatible with:

  • GPS apps
  • Music apps
  • HealthKit
  • MyFitnessPal

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Charity Miles Review

Feel like running for a cause? Charity Miles has a unique value proposition that stands out from the other top fitness apps on our list of the best fitness apps. Every mile earns a certain amount of money for a charity of your choice. It’s a cool, scalable tech solution to the traditional marathons that raise money for charity.

Move with Purpose

The company’s tagline is “Move with Purpose. Earn Money for Charity.” and it’s a pretty concise description of what this fitness tracker app does. Charity Miles boasts a sponsorship pool, and at the end of their Challenge Term they pay out money to the partner organizations in proportion to the amount of miles people ran for them.

Runners choose which organization they want to run for from a list of partner organizations.

This is more of a fitness tracker app as opposed to a personal trainer app. It’s more suited for people who are looking for a unique motivation to get back into running or those who want to do something for charity while running errands, walking their dog, or grabbing a coffee.

While it does not offer the same interactive features as the other apps for fitness on our list of the best fitness tracker apps, it has definitely earned a spot for its unique approach to encouraging people to get active.

Fitocracy Review

Fitocracy is a personal trainer app and fitness community. They offer both a free subscription and a $1-a-day subscription for those who want a coach and a customized nutrition plan.

Features of Free Version

This is one of the best free fitness apps because of the features it offers and the access to a community of others who are committed to being healthy.

As one of the best free fitness apps, Fitocracy offers the following at no cost:

  • Free workouts for any goal and experience level
  • Points for every workout logged
  • Badges for unlocking special achievements
  • Interactive charts to monitor progress
  • Support and motivation from Fitocracy’s online community
  • Daily articles and tips from the Knowledge Center

Features of Paid Version

If you are a little further into your fitness journey and want to access the paid version of the fitness tracker app, you can benefit from the following features for only $1 a day:

  • Everything included in the free version
  • A dedicated coach to help you reach your goals
  • A customized nutrition plan
  • Personalized workouts
  • Daily accountability to keep you on track
  • Anytime assistance from your coach

Ability to Save Workouts

When you wake up in the morning, all you want to do is hit “snooze” and go back under the covers. The last thing you want to do is haul yourself to the gym. But this personal trainer app helps you make your workouts automatic so that thinking about your workout is one less thing to worry about.

You can add your exercises once and make them recurring by going to your Options and hitting Save as Routine.

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Lifesum Review

Lifesum is one of the comprehensive fitness apps that helps people work toward whatever their specific goals are. Whether someone want to lose weight, put on some bulk, or simply start eating healthier foods, Lifesum is one of the ideal apps for fitness.

Focus on Fitness and Food

What makes Lifesum stand out as one of the best fitness apps is its combination of diet and exercise. As most people know, your diet is an important factor when it comes to achieving fitness goals.

Lifesum - top fitness apps

Source: Pexels

Recipes are included in this fitness pal app as well as motivational tips. Both of these work together with fitness plans to help users either put on muscle, burn off fat, or live a more balanced lifestyle.

In fact, you customize your plan by picking from three different streams:

  • Be Healthier
  • Lose Weight
  • Gain Weight

Like most apps for fitness, this tool tracks your meals and physical activity, offers a cheerful user interface to keep users positive and motivated, and the ability save recipes, previously entered meals, and more.

There is also an A through E guide in this fitness tracker app that ranks foods based on calories, saturated fats, sugar, and sodium. An A rating is the best while E is the worst.

This full fitness app also provides meal suggestions based on your calorie intake for the day, helping you make healthy decisions even if you’ve had a not-so-nutritious day.

Social Media Integration

Sometimes, you need outside motivation to get yourself moving toward your goals. We’re more likely to get things done when we are held accountable. Good apps for fitness offer social media integration so that users can update their friends and family on their progress and encourage others to join them.

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MyFitnessPal Review

Think of MyFitnessPal as your food and fitness diary. The most proactive way to maintain your progress and push yourself further is to record and monitor your activities. This lets you know where you can cut back in your diet and how you can push yourself harder during your workouts.

Calorie Counter

MyFitnessPal is genuinely a fitness pal app—it acts as your friend by letting you know when you’re not eating nutritious foods.

And entering food is exceptionally easy. For straightforward foods like an apple or a boiled egg, this fitness tracker app easily pulls the calorie data from its database and plugs it into your log.

Entering purchased foods into this fitness pal app is just as easy. If you have a bowl of oatmeal in the morning you can simply type the name brand in. What’s more, you can scan the barcode on the side of the box, and the exact nutrition information is pulled and entered into your log. It’s as easy as pulling out your phone while you’re chewing on your breakfast.

Fitness Tracker

Users can also easily enter their fitness information. Workouts, steps walked, and more can be entered into this fitness tracker app. You can keep track of how many calories you’ve burned a day, which is synced up with your profile where you age and weight were entered when you first downloaded this top fitness tracker app.

Detailed Exercise Database

MyFitnessPal has a detailed exercise database that makes it easy for users to easily enter their workouts into the fitness pal app.

The database has choices as detailed as “dancing, ballroom, fast” and “dancing, ballroom, slow.” You can find bicycling, basketball, and even backpacking. It’s a very detailed fitness tracker app that helps individual log all aspects of their diet and exercise in one place.

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Nike+ Training Club App Review

Free fitness apps are a fantastic alternative to pricey personal trainers. The Nike+ Training Club app serves as “your ultimate personal trainer.” It’s a standout among fitness apps.

Hundreds of Pre-Loaded Workouts

This personal trainer app comes loaded with more than one hundred workouts. It also helps people who are new to working out become familiarized with the exercises through audio and visual guidance.

As a full fitness app Nike+ Training Club also comes with quick, 15-minute workouts so users can squeeze in some exercise even on extremely busy days. The workouts are updated regularly, and they are provided by Nike trainers in addition to professional athletes.

The Nike trainers on this fitness training app star in instructional videos demonstrating the workouts so that users can master the moves and feel comfortable with the exercises by knowing they are doing them correctly.

Personalized Plans

One thing that makes this fitness training app stand out among other top fitness apps is its ability to monitor your workouts and progress in order to create a personalized plan.

Even after this fitness pal app has created a plan for you, it continues to monitor your needs in order to provide you with a tailored program that will garner the best results. 

Another factor that makes this program one of the best fitness tracker apps is its ability to incorporate your other physical activities. If you go for a swim or take a group fitness class, you can manually enter the details in this full fitness app and it will use this information to make further adjustments to your program.

Conclusion—Top 6 Best Fitness Tracker Apps

Even the most motivated individuals need a little help jumping into an active lifestyle. Not everyone can afford an expensive personal trainer, but that does not mean they should avoid physical activity altogether—especially when there are free fitness apps available!

The number of top fitness apps out there eliminate virtually all excuses about pursuing a healthy lifestyle. These fitness tracker apps make it easy to track your food and plan workouts with limited knowledge of nutrition science or kinesiology.

Most of these fitness apps on our list of the best fitness tracker apps are free. That means you’ve got nothing to lose from downloading a couple and giving them a shot. 

The great thing about these personal trainer apps is that your confidence grows while your body improves and your diet gets healthier. This confidence allows you to pursue harder workouts and challenge yourself further.

Sooner or later, you’ll be signing up for that swanky gym membership and considering personal trainers. But until then you’ve got these free fitness apps on our list of the best free fitness apps to get you where you need to be.

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