2017 Guide to Sleeping Better with the Top CPAP Masks Brands

When your doctor mentions that he believes you may be suffering from sleep apnea, it can be a frightening experience. Obstructive sleep apnea ultimately means that your breathing isn’t functioning at optimal levels during your non-waking hours. As a result, your physician may prescribe a CPAP face mask to assist you with getting a good night’s sleep.

CPAP masks may not be the most attractive headgear to don before bedtime, but they could play a critical role in your health. These devices are designed to help air flow continuously into your nasal passages as you sleep. They can do this in a number of ways.

Best CPAP Mask Brands Red Award Emblem

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best CPAP Mask Brands

The best CPAP mask is a personal decision based on what works for you and what you feel the most comfortable CPAP mask will be. There are a number of different types of CPAP masks for sale:

  • CPAP full face mask
  • Nasal CPAP mask
  • Nasal pillow CPAP mask

In our guide to finding the best CPAP mask for you, we’ll cover some of the top name brands and models for these machines. With a variety of models and types for sale, you’re sure to find the help you need to get a reliable night’s sleep time and time again.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best CPAP Masks

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the brands below to go directly to the detailed review section for that best CPAP mask):

Top 6 Best CPAP Masks | Brief Comparison & Ranking

CPAP Masks

Type of Mask



Full face CPAP mask or nasal CPAP mask

1.76 pounds (machine weight – mask weight varies)

Philips Respironics DreamStation

Under the nose CPAP mask

0.81 pounds

Philips Respironics Wisp

CPAP nasal mask

3.5 ounces

ResMed AirFit™

Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

1.6 ounces

ResMed Mirage Quattro™

Full face mask

3 ounces

Sleepnet Ascend®

Full face CPAP mask

4.0 ounces

Table: Top 6 Best CPAP Masks | Above list is sorted alphabetically

What Are the Types of CPAP Masks?

If you have been suffering from obstructive sleep apnea and are prescribed a CPAP face mask, what type should you consider purchasing? The best CPAP mask is often a highly individualized choice based on your sleeping style, medical need, and preferences. In other words, the most comfortable CPAP mask for you may not be identical to what your spouse or friend prefers.

most comfortable cpap mask

Image Source: Pexels

Of all the CPAP masks for sale, how do you decide on which one is going to be the right fit?

To help make your purchase simpler, we want to first cover the various types of CPAP masks: CPAP nasal masks, a CPAP full face mask, and a nasal pillow CPAP mask.

  • CPAP nasal masks: If you tend to breathe through mostly your nose at night, you may prefer the triangular shape of the CPAP nasal masks.According to the Mayo Clinic, this type of CPAP face mask is really ideal for individuals who move around often in their sleep or need high air pressure settings.The downside is that the CPAP nasal masks may cause red marks on the skin, irritation, or interfere with potential sinus issues.
  • CPAP full face mask: While this option can make some users feel claustrophobic, a CPAP full face mask does serve a great purpose.Users who breathe through both their mouth and nose at night can benefit from finding the best full face CPAP mask.
  • Nasal pillow CPAP mask: This is the least obstructive of the three major types of CPAP masks. A nasal pillow CPAP mask fits right at the nostrils in order to give you a greater field of vision.Experts also note that this could be the best choice for individuals who have facial hair as well.

While each of these CPAP masks is designed for a unique purpose and fitting, there is more to consider than simply which one will be the best CPAP mask for you. These apparatuses will become an important part of your daily life over the coming months. As such, they are going to need a level of maintenance to keep your CPAP face mask in optimal condition.

You can purchase a CPAP full face mask or one of the CPAP nasal masks, but you will want to consider the ease with which you can clean it first. Maintenance will need to happen on a regular basis, so select the most comfortable CPAP mask as well as the easiest for upkeep.

From there, price and additional features could be a consideration for the CPAP masks for sale on your list. More “luxury” features that you could find on the best CPAP mask include:

  • Backup battery on the machine
  • Humidifiers and rainout reduction
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Low decibel sound

CPAP masks can certainly be a highly personal choice that is beneficial to your overall health. Once your doctor prescribes you a CPAP face mask, you’ll need to decide and research which models will ultimately be the best fit for you.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking CPAP Masks

Below, please find the detailed review of each brand on our list of CPAP nasal masks. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these CPAP headgear options to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Apex Review

Apex is another selection on our ranking that allows consumers to choose which types of CPAP masks will work best for them. Users can select a CPAP full face mask or CPAP nasal masks to use with their XT Fit machines that are compact yet powerful.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as One of the Top CPAP Masks

Users who are searching for one of the smallest machines to go with a CPAP full face mask will want to consider the XT Fit with corresponding CPAP masks. Combined with its impressive capabilities, this is an ideal model, particularly for individuals who travel often.


The XT Fit model is relatively unique, even among some of the other contenders for the best CPAP mask. Designed to be held directly in the palm of your hand, power source included, these tiny machines are easy to pack in your travel bag. The only downside to these machines is that they must be plugged in at all times in order to use them with your CPAP full face mask or CPAP nasal masks.

Weighing just under two pounds (1.76 pounds total), this is a super portable option for consumers.

These are relatively quiet devices as well, with decibel levels just slightly below that of a quiet residence. It has ramp starting pressure and leak compensation, as well as compliance reporting. One major disadvantage to using the XT Fit with your CPAP mask is that it does not record data.

The CPAP masks that accompany the XT Fit are wonderful:

  • WiZARD 210: A lightweight, CPAP full face mask with forehead pad and quick-release headgear buckle
  • WiZARD 220: CPAP full face mask with forehead pad, quick-release headgear buckle, and a wider area for the nasal bridge
  • WiZARD 230: Lightweight and comfortable CPAP nasal masks with headgear design that can accommodate wider faces

These CPAP masks are quiet, lightweight, and flexible to allow you to sleep in peace with your XT Fit each night. Whether you wanted the best full face CPAP mask or a CPAP nose mask, this gives you plenty of options.


While the water chamber for the built-in humidifier on this machine is dishwasher-safe, the manufacturer recommends washing it by hand with mild detergent and water. The filter should also be cleaned approximately every two weeks and replaced at six month intervals. 

Maintenance for the CPAP masks themselves will vary, based on whether you select the CPAP full face mask or the nasal pillow CPAP mask.

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Philips Respironics Dreamstation Review

The DreamStation CPAP masks from Philips Respironics are another great contender for the best model on today’s market. Awarded a coveted iF Gold Award in 2016 for their product design, these models boast some impressive features that all sleep apnea patients want in their devices: comfort, advanced settings and history, and easy maintenance.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as One of the Top CPAP Masks

What exactly qualifies these CPAP nasal masks as one of the top choices on the market? Their unique construction and their very advanced features will leave you feeling better rested by the morning.


When it comes to construction, the DreamStation is completely unique in the way the mask is designed to fit over the user’s face. Unlike a CPAP full face mask, it is designed to be less restrictive. Fitting just under the nose, it combines the best features of both a nasal CPAP mask and a nasal pillow CPAP mask.

Philips Respironics Dreamstation - cpap nasal masks

Image Source: Philips Respironics

This nasal CPAP mask is then hooked into the DreamStation itself, another award-winning design from this manufacturer. It is relatively lightweight and sleek, which makes it ideal for travel and everyday usage. The weight of this best CPAP mask is difficult to find online, but one user places it around 0.81 pounds.

Advanced features on the system itself include:

  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Easy-start functions as well as SmartRamp
  • Integrated Bluetooth®
  • DreamMapper setting to help set goals and provide feedback
  • Progress reports each morning


What does the upkeep look like on these CPAP nasal masks? When you consider how difficult it can be to clean machines that feature a humidifier, the design of the DreamStation is truly ideal. It features only one chamber, which makes it easy to keep clean on a regular basis.

The mask itself is also not composed of many pieces, which means that you won’t have many excuses for not maintaining your device.

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Philips Respironics Wisp Review

Philips Respironics produces some of the most popular machines and CPAP masks on the market. As a result, it should come as no surprise that their Wisp CPAP masks are another excellent candidate for the best CPAP mask on our ranking. A lightweight feel and minimal contact make this mask super comfortable to help you better manage your sleep apnea.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as One of the Top CPAP Masks

You can understand more of what qualifies the Philips Respironics Wisp as a contender for the best CPAP mask in the detailed review section below.


Much like the DreamStation, the Wisp model combines the best of both worlds with CPAP nasal masks that mimic the best features of a nasal mask and a nasal pillow mask. Designed to be the ultimate in comfort, the unique and natural fit of these CPAP masks are said to fit over 98% of all patients.

How does this best CPAP mask actually fit onto your face? It has a cushion that rests on the tip of your nose along with an auto-seal groove. With these two features, you receive a superior seal with minimal contact for ultimate comfort.

It features two different frames: one side being soft and cushioned suedette and the other a silky sateen. It has a very open field of vision to allow you to watch television, read, and wear glasses right up until you fall asleep each night. Overall, the convenience factor of these Wisp CPAP masks are a large part of why consumers love them.

Not to mention, they are very lightweight at just 3.5 ounces.


The Wisp CPAP nasal masks are designed to have as few parts as possible to keep your maintenance relatively simple. You should wash the non-fabric portions daily in warm water with liquid dishwashing detergent. The fabric parts should be washed once weekly in the same manner, allowing both to air dry.

Be sure to always wash your face prior to putting these CPAP masks on. No lotion or moisturizer should be used on the hands or face.

Philips Respironics Wisp - cpap masks

Image Source: Philips Respironics

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ResMed AirFit™ Review

ResMed is responsible for creating a number of popular products when it comes to the top CPAP masks on today’s market. Their CPAP headgear covers all three of the major categories, but the AirFit™ line seems to be quite popular among consumers for all of the different styles they carry. In particular, their AirFit™ P10 nasal pillow CPAP mask seems to be far and away a top pick for comfortable wear and minimalist design.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as One of the Top CPAP Masks

The AirFit™ CPAP masks have been extensively reviewed by consumers as one of the best choices for those who suffer from sleep apnea. Find out what makes these CPAP nasal masks so compelling in the detailed review section below.

Specifications of the P10

With the AirFit™ line carrying so many different models, we’ve decided to focus intently on the specifications of their P10 CPAP nasal masks. This particular model of the best CPAP mask promises to give you approximately 40 extra minutes of sleep each night.

When it comes to product design, these CPAP masks received global recognition with a highly prestigious Red Dot Award. It makes a quick seal with plenty of flexibility to allow for comfortable movement throughout the night. Their flexi-tube construction is still durable enough to withstand plenty of use.

The company claims that compared to the previous model, this updated version of the best CPAP mask they offer is 50% quieter and lighter than before. Exhaled air is quietly directed away through their venting system to make it less noticeable while you rest.

It features a lightweight construction as well, at just 1.6 ounces.

When it comes to customer reviews, this model of the best CPAP mask consistently receives high marks. According to more than 100 consumer reviews on key sites such as Amazon, it has a 4.4 star rating with close to three-quarters of all reviews giving it five stars. 


Keeping up with the care and maintenance of the AirFit™ P10 nasal pillow CPAP mask is relatively easy. There are only three pieces to disassemble, fit, and clean. The pillows themselves are also color-coded with sizing and marked for easy orientation of the left and right sides.

ResMed Mirage Quattro™ Review

Another popular selection from ResMed, the Mirage Quattro™ has unique capabilities that make it an ideal choice. These masks are ideal devices for managing your sleep apnea in tandem with one of their other products. With this device, you get a CPAP full face mask with more flexibility to adjust, similar to a CPAP nose mask.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as One of the Top CPAP Masks

See more of the detailed specifications for the Mirage Quattro™ models below to uncover just a few of the reasons these devices should be considered the best CPAP mask.


One of the best features of the Mirage Quattro™ models is the sheer number of advanced features that you’ll find within the masks. While they all come with a few standard issue features, they ultimately have an extensive list of customizable functions that make them one of the best options:

  • Dual-wall cushion with spring air technology
  • Accomodates jaw drop during sleep
  • Micro-fit dial adjusts forehead support in 24 different positions
  • Quiet performance

It is still relatively lightweight for the mask itself, coming it at just over three ounces.


Maintenance on these CPAP masks is incredibly easy, with the entire mask being taken apart in just twelve simple steps. For a full face option, this model certainly ranks as easier to use than some that may have additional pieces. Maintenance can only be completed through hand washing in mild detergent.

Headgear on this best CPAP mask should be washed once per week with the rest being washed daily.

Sleepnet Ascend® Review

Consumers who want a very comfortable CPAP full face mask may want to consider the Sleepnet Ascend®. Making it easy to maintain this mask through the months and years ahead, this name brand for the best CPAP mask is featuring innovative solutions that can make managing your sleep apnea easier than ever.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as One of the Top CPAP Masks

See a few of the inventive functions that are possible with this best full face CPAP mask in the detailed review section below.


While most users are bound to be concerned with the overall fit and seal of their CPAP full face mask, there’s no need with the Ascend® model. Created with their AIRgel® technology, the cushion distributes weight and pressure across your face for a more comfortable fit and minimized pressure points.

The cushion itself is very ergonomic and even replaceable — the first CPAP full face mask from Sleepnet to offer that ability. This can significantly prolong the lifespan of your CPAP masks by replacing only the cushion as necessary.

Other key features to note on this CPAP full face mask include:

  • Rotating swivel to position the tube comfortably
  • Quick release headgear
  • Active Headgear Connector™ to move with you as you sleep

While the weight of these CPAP masks is difficult to find, one sales website lists the actual weight for the mask at just 4.0 ounces.


Maintenance appears to be relatively easy for this best CPAP face mask. All you need to do is clean it daily with warm water and mild detergent. Air drying is optimal.

It should also be noted that washing oils from your face prior to usage of these CPAP masks helps to prevent excessive wear.

Sleepnet Ascend® - cpap full face mask

Image Source: Sleepnet

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Conclusion — Top 6 Best CPAP Masks

Sleep apnea patients searching for the top brands when it comes to their CPAP masks may find it difficult to determine which to choose. In our ranking, we aimed to highlight some of the key brands as well as their top products. This should give you an excellent starting point to finding the right CPAP headgear to get a better night of sleep.

The most comfortable CPAP mask will be highly dependent upon your personal preferences. While a CPAP nose mask and their full face CPAP mask counterparts are great choices, you’ll ultimately need to decide which type of CPAP mask for sale isgoing to best suit you. Your sleep style, face shape, and therapy needs may all play a role in determining the best CPAP mask.

Take some time to consider the options when it comes to these CPAP masks. You’ll find that the right option for you is likely right under your nose.

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