Finding the Best Couponing Websites and Deals

Now more than ever, people are trying their hardest to find resourceful ways to stretch their dollar.

With the advent of popular television shows that feature extreme couponing as a way to save your hard-earned money, couponing websites have become a cultural phenomenon. Deal sites abound, so how do you know which ones are the best coupon websites to help you save?

Coupon deals can come in many different forms. You can find scenarios specifically for online shopping, printable coupons to take with you to the grocery store, or earn cashback on purchases you’re already making.

The best coupon sites create a combination of all these styles to give you the top coupon deals at any one time.

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Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Coupon Sites

If you’ve been trying to find savvy ways to spend less, the best coupon apps and websites can come alongside you to boost your knowledge. With these couponing websites behind you, you’ll be able to find incredible ways to make your savings grow in no time at all.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Coupon Websites

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the websites below to go directly to the detailed review section for that coupon site):

Top 6 Best Coupon Websites | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Coupon Sites

Type of Coupon Sites


Coupons.comDigital coupons and cash back
  • Manufacturer and store coupons
  • Cashback deals for local restaurants
EbatesCash back and digital coupons
  • Promo codes for online shopping
  • Cashback for online shopping purchases at many retailers
GrouponDaily deals site
  • Discounts on local goods and services
  • Steep discounts on other items and classes
Hip2SaveMatch-up sites
  • Deals with coupons and steeply discounted items at popular retailers
Mambo SproutsManufacturer coupons
  • Coupons for natural and healthy products, including organic items
RetailMeNotDigital coupons
  • Coupons and promo codes for online shopping
  • Buy and sell unwanted gift cards

Table: Top 6 Best Sites for Coupon Deals | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Types of Coupon Deals

We would be remiss if we didn’t first give you a crash course in all of the popular ways you can save money using these best couponing sites.

Each of the coupon apps listed in our ranking will feature different ways you can start to save money at the supermarket, on clothing, or technology and household items. You should know what type of coupon websites and coupon apps you need to keep an eye out for the most.

The most common type among the best coupon apps are those where you can print digital coupons.

These best couponing websites compile savings directly from manufacturers to allow you to print online coupons from the convenience of your home. A vast improvement over the age-old idea of clipping coupons from the newspaper on Sunday afternoons, these coupon websites are relatively easy to find. 

coupon deals

Images Source: Pinterest

In a similar vein, you can also find some of the best coupon websites that offer promo codes and deals specifically for online retailers. You won’t need to print and cut any of these digital coupons. Instead, you can copy and paste the promo codes into the specified boxes during checkout.

You can also find couponing websites that allow you to find coupon deals through different avenues. There are two major types that would fall into this category: daily deals sites and match-up websites or coupon apps.

Daily Deal Sites:

A daily deals site is one of the most prevalent and best coupon websites for finding local deals on excursions, restaurants, and more. Deals are posted for a limited amount of time and in small quantities, making their coupon deals more exclusive and providing discounts on unusual items.

Match-up Websites:

These types of best coupon sites allow you to see sales and coupon deals at retailers and through online shopping. They can provide promo codes for discounts or shipping deals to help you find obscure coupon deals without ever leaving your home.

Some consumers prefer to bypass the idea of using some of these best couponing apps in favor of earning money back on their purchases. Similar to coupon websites but in reverse, rebates websites allow you to earn money back in set percentages for purchases made through your online shopping account.

This allows you to save money without ever having to clip a coupon or search for promo codes on the best coupon apps.

The ways you can save money using these best coupon websites are almost infinite. For a closer look at which of our best coupon sites can offer you the type of coupon deals you’re searching for, see the detailed review sections below. 

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Coupon Sites

Below, please find the detailed review of each site on our list of the best coupon apps. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these coupon sites to score so high in our selection ranking.

Coupons.com Review

Coupons.com is a simple to use website for individuals who are searching for online coupons to avoid purchasing a newspaper each week. They offer digital coupons that are both from manufacturers and made for specific stores. While some of the digital coupons they offer are regional (based off of your zip code), others span the entire country.

Of the best couponing sites, Coupons.com tends to be one of the most well-known for its easily remembered moniker. However, it also represents more brands than many other best coupon apps with more than 2,000 companies represented thus far. It can also offer coupons and loyalty codes specifically for individual stores when you filter a certain way.


Coupons.com easily qualifies as one of the best couponing apps and sites because of its many ways to save. Beyond the manufacturer’s and retailer’s online coupons, it also offers cash back deals from local restaurants.

If you’ve been dying to try a local hot spot, you may want to investigate a little further to see if Coupons.com can help you save a few dollars on your bill.

Using their best couponing apps, you can even search for ways to save while you’re right at the table. A “nearby deals” function allows you to spot savings whenever you’re close by, if your phone can track your location. You can view grocery coupons, featured offers, and online and in-store deals all from one of the best coupon apps available on today’s market.

Their coupon app is available through iTunes, the Google play store, or for Windows phones.

Best Coupon Apps

Image Source: Coupons.com

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Ebates Review

Ebates has become a hot new phenomenon among the best coupon websites with its unique draw for consumers looking to save money. If you do a lot of online shopping, Ebates makes it worth your while by offering cashback on every purchase you make through participating retailers.

They advertise that they have received mentions in popular publications and media outlets including:

  • The New York Times
  • CNN
  • Good Housekeeping
  • The Wall Street Journal

Ebates can offer consumers up to 40% cash back from more than 2,000 stores. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that this is one of the best coupon sites because it also offers online coupons to use at various retailers. Keep in mind that their digital coupons can change from time to time, so you will want to check the rate of cashback before placing any orders.


Signing up for these best coupon websites is completely free, but you even get an incentive to try Ebates. Consumers who sign up now can select either a free $10 Walmart gift card or Ebates cash bonus. In order to qualify, you must be a new member who spends at least $25 within the first 90 days.

You can also filter by their current “hot deals” to see what these best coupon websites are currently offering. Selection on this page will be a combination of promo codes, online coupons, and higher cashback percentages.

Groupon Review

For consumers who are interested in receiving discounts and bargains on local deals or goods, Groupon has a unique offering for them. Specializing in heavy discounts on experiences such as activities, beauty and spa treatments, restaurants, and travel arrangements, you can find discounted deals in limited quantities for a short period of time.

Local companies can use Groupon to help boost their sales or find new customers who have been hestitant to try committing to their business. Popular options for deals include local specialties such as:

  • Gym memberships
  • Home cleaning or service calls
  • Beauty and spa treatments such as haircuts, styling, or waxing
  • Restaurants from fine dining to casual

Each Groupon will only be allotted to sell a specific quantity and will disappear once they are sold out. Consider checking back here every day or two to find more deals that are available in your area.


Besides the local appeal that makes Groupon one of the best coupon sites, it also sells merchandise at steeply discounted prices. Even easier than hunting for promo codes and online coupons, you can purchase fine wines, dining décor, clothing and more through this daily deal site.

Additionally, you’ll find unique offerings such as discounts on online classes or local certifications. Some of these classes are discounted up to 80% off so it makes sense to look to these best couponing sites to learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby.

Hip2Save Review

Hip2Save offers the best of all the types of best coupon sites and best coupon apps with its deal matching scenarios. It scans the internet for deeply discounted and highly sought-after items, as well as promo codes and online coupons that correspond. From health and beauty products to children’s toys, Hip2Save has a match-up that can help you save money in the blink of an eye.

This site allows you to view online coupons that stack with store sales, promo codes for online shopping, and some of the best all-around deals. It keeps in mind the popularity of particular items, often sharing highly-rated items on Amazon or popular children’s toys.

Their compilation of deals from others among the best coupon websites keep Hip2Save near the top of the list when it comes to everyday deal-hunting.


Do you have a favorite place to shop? Hip2Save’s easy-to-use interface allows you to sort the results by a particular store. This feature alone easily allows it to qualify as one of the best coupon sites because you can find coupon deals for places you’ll head to around town without hours of searching.

Not only does it demonstrate tons of coupon deals both in-store and online, but it also occasionally features articles about additional ways to save money. Frugal recipes and solutions to expensive holiday traditions are easy to find on these best coupon websites.

Hip2Save - best coupon sites

Image Source: Hip2Save

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Mambo Sprouts Review

Mambo Sprouts has a unique stance on helping consumers to find digital coupons for their shopping excursions. Finding coupons that focus on healthy and organic options is challenging at best. That’s why Mambo Sprouts decided to make an entire site (now one of the best coupon sites and best coupon apps) to target consumers who prefer to select natural and healthy products.

Finding coupon deals for products we use every day, many of them processed foods, isn’t particularly difficult. However, when we make the decision to eat better and healthier items, the cost tends to increase and discourage many consumers from sticking with their commitment. Mambo Sprouts can help consumers in a variety of ways:

  • Online coupons
  • In-store coupon books
  • Direct mail coupon deals
  • Email coupons


Beyond their unique offering of digital coupons, Mambo Sprouts assists consumers with a variety of other items. You can enjoy free cookbooks and entries into contests and giveaways that could save you additional money.

For those who love to fill out surveys and share their feedback, Mambo Sprouts has a specialized research panel (Mambo Track) to help you share your thoughts with companies. You can be eligible for free samples, coupons, and more just for participating. Signing up for an account in Mambo Sprouts can help you get started quickly with all of the deals these best coupon apps have to offer.

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RetailMeNot Review

Similar to Ebates, RetailMeNot helps consumers to find the best coupon sites and best coupon apps for online shopping. They offer advertising for steeply discounted clearance items or seasonal sales, as well as coupon deals. Their digital coupons can range from percentages off of a total purchase all the way to a specific dollar amount when you spend at a certain threshold.

RetailMeNot spans the globe, and they easily have one of the most popular and best coupon apps. More than 47% of their site traffic is accessed from a phone or other mobile device. Their best coupon apps, recognized by Good Housekeeping, make shopping on the go or price comparison possible with just a few taps of the screen.

Brands and consumers alike can benefit from the resources that they offer, including webinars and e-books on optimizing stores and saving a few extra dollars.

RetailMeNot - couponing websites

Image Source: RetailMeNot


RetailMeNot also has a separate part of their best coupon sites that can help you to save additional money on the purchase of gift cards. Giftcard Zen has now teamed up with these best couponing websites in order to give consumers a place to buy and sell unwanted or unused gift cards. In doing so, you can purchase popular gift cards at steep discounts from the tag price.

You can also use their best couponing websites to filter the coupon deals you see by their most popular options and other special categories. They even have sections labelled “Christmas deals” and “free shipping” to help you find the specific type of coupon deals that you’re looking for.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Coupon Websites

Finding the best coupon apps and the best coupon websites can be challenging with so many different options available today. With the increased popularity of frugal lifestyles, the number is only likely to increase over the coming months and years. Develop a few favorites among the best coupon sites and best coupon apps now to stay ahead of the trend.

You can stretch your dollar significantly further with many of the best coupon apps, even if you aren’t at home. From digital coupons to online shopping codes, these best coupon sites give you alternatives to paying the full retail price ever again.

Whether you’re searching for digital coupons to help cut your grocery bill in half or trying to afford luxury items off your wish list, we think you’ll find just what you’re looking for with one of these best coupon websites. Click through a few or find a few new favorites that you can frequent on a daily basis.

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