Rejuvenate Your Relationship with These Cheap Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples

Are you looking for a way to breathe some life back into your relationship? Maybe the stress of working two nine to five jobs, or maybe it’s the household of children that has you feeling drained.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from your loved one, it’s time to look into some cheap romantic weekend getaways for you both. How nice does it sound to hire a babysitter, pack some overnight bags and head to one of several cheap couple getaways?

You surely will not regret having some time to yourselves to get back into sync and spending a few days relaxing. Is there a better way to do that than cheap vacation getaways?

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Award Emblem: Best Cheap Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples

The tricky part is choosing just one destination out of the many cheap weekend getaways options there are for couples. A simple internet search will reveal pages and pages of locations claiming to have the best cheap getaways for couples — but not all cheap romantic getaways are created equal.

That is why AdvisoryHQ is here to help you choose from a litany of cheap vacation getaways. Finding the best cheap getaways for two is important for ensuring that you have a peaceful, relaxing time with your partner.

However, looking into cheap getaways for couples is no small task, especially with so many options. That is why when you are researching cheap couple getaways, you likely have many questions swirling around in your head, including:

  • Are cheap romantic getaways for couples actually affordable?
  • Are cheap romantic weekend getaways worth the hassle?
  • What should you look for in cheap vacation getaways?
  • Where do you find the best cheap weekend getaways?

Throughout this 2017 guide, we will answer the questions you have surrounding cheap getaways. We will explain why they are important, and what to look for in cheap weekend getaways. Finally, we will provide a detailed review of the six best cheap couple getaways to help make the process run as smoothly as possible for you!

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Advisory HQ’s List of Top 6 Best Cheap Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the cheap romantic getaways for couples below to go directly to the detailed review section for that cheap weekend getaway:

Top 6 Best Cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples 

When to Visit

Average Temperature


Austin, TX

Sept – Nov &  Mar – May


Live music, culture, & unique restaurant scene
Las Vegas, NV

Sept – Nov &  Mar – May


Vivid nightlife, casinos, & shows
Nashville, TN

Apr – Oct & December


Music, history, & delicious food
Pompano Beach, FL

Dec – Apr


Sandy beaches, warm weather, & low-key vibe
Portland, ME

Jun – Aug


Arts, seafood, & outdoor adventures
Portland, OR

Jun – Aug


Unique culture, outdoor adventures, & food

Table: Top 6 Best Cheap Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples / Above list is sorted alphabetically

Detailed Overview: Features to Consider in the Best Cheap Weekend Getaways

There are many options for cheap romantic getaways, which might have your head swimming when you do a quick search online. Many locations boast being affordable or one of the top cheap getaways, but the term is quite relative.

The best cheap getaways for two in one person’s mind might not be the same best cheap getaways for you. That is why you need to consider many factors when you are deciding between cheap weekend getaways for couples.

When looking into cheap romantic weekend getaways for couples, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • Location
  • Affordability
  • Availability
  • Type of attractions

Location is obviously a big factor when booking cheap romantic getaways. Factoring airfare into a weekend getaway may not only put it out of your price range, but it can also cut down on the relaxing time that you have together. Looking for cheap romantic weekend getaways for couples within driving distance might be a better route.

cheap weekend getaways for couples

Source: Getty Images

Also, be sure to consider the budget when you look into cheap romantic getaways. What some consider cheap getaways are not affordable to others.

Availability is also an important factor, and that can depend on the season. If you want a nice weekend away in the mountains, winter might not be the best time to do that if they are covered in snow. The same can be said for hitting up Disney World when school is out.

Finally, be sure to look into what type of attractions are around the cheap weekend getaways for couples. Do you want a big city feel, or something low key where it is just you and your love? Those are questions to ask yourself when going through the decision process.

Overall, be sure to take the time to consider several cheap romantic weekend getaways for couples before making your decision. Don’t make a rush decision just because something seems like a great deal. You don’t get to take cheap romantic getaways often, so make sure it’s worth it!

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples

Below, please find the detailed review of each cheap getaway for couples on our list of best cheap weekend getaways. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these cheap romantic getaways for couples to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Austin, Texas Review

Austin, Texas is a vibrant city that has recently come onto the cheap romantic getaways scene. With live music, a growing restaurant scene, and a plethora of events, there is always something to do in Austin.

Live music greets those who walk through the Austin airport, but it can be found throughout the city, too! You can find musicians in grocery stores, city meetings, coffee houses, bars, and outdoor festivals that take place year-round. Can you imagine stopping to dance with your partner in the middle of a park at any other cheap romantic weekend getaways for couples?

The best time to visit this romantic getaway is September through November or March through May, before the scorching Texan summer takes over. Though there might be some competition for rooms if you head to this cheap weekend getaway destination during peak times, there are hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, resorts & spas, and even camping locations. Unlike some cheap weekend getaways for couples, you can always find somewhere to crash in Austin.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for some great food, and even better music, Austin is one of the best cheap romantic getaways that you will find. If you can beat the steamy Texan summer, it might be a good weekend getaway for you.

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Las Vegas, Nevada Review

Las Vegas, Nevada is another location to make our list of best cheap romantic weekend getaways for couples. Whether “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is up to you. This is one of the best cheap weekend getaways for couples who are looking to add a little spice to their life.

With sensational shows, the enchantingly romantic fountains at the Bellagio, and the unlimited alcohol flowing in the casinos and nightclubs, this is one of the best cheap weekend getaways for couples who are looking to reconnect and add some romance to their lives.

Vegas might seem a bit cliché or overbearing for a weekend getaway, but a getaway is what you make of it. Spend some time at the romantic Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas, or take a stunning night ride on the gondolas at The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian.

Bottom Line

Las Vegas is one of the top cheap romantic weekend getaways for couples because there is always something to do. Take in a show, stroll through romantic avenues, or simply spend time cozying up in one of the thousands of cheap hotel rooms.

Nashville, Tennessee Review

Nashville is known as the Music City for a reason. It’s best to visit between April and October when the weather is nicer, or in December if you are looking to take in the romantic holiday decorations sprawling throughout the city.      

This is one of the best cheap romantic getaways in the United States, and a great place to take in live music, 365 days a year. That’s right! No matter when you get the chance to sneak away for your romantic couples getaway, you can find live music throughout the area.

Even better is something known as Free Nashville, which is fantastic for couples seeking cheap romantic getaways. Free Nashville is the city’s way of attracting more tourists: while Nashville boasts free live music 365 days a year, it offers free admission to some art galleries, events, and attractions through this program. You can check out the link above to see what Free Nashville has to offer for your romantic getaway weekend.

Bottom Line

When you think of cheap romantic getaways, Nashville has to come to mind. Located in the heart of Tennessee, there is always something to check out in Music City. With Free Nashville, this might be king of the cheap romantic weekend getaways for couples.

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Pompano Beach, Florida Review

The quaint little beach town of Pompano Beach in southern Florida is one of the top cheap romantic getaways. Can you think of anything more romantic than watching the sunset over a white sand beach?

This is an especially great romantic getaway between December and April, when those in states slightly north of Florida are battling snow and frigid temperatures. It’s time to shrug off those winter coats and slip into a bikini on the beautiful beaches of Pompano Beach, Florida.

Known for excellent boating and fishing, this is one of the best cheap weekend getaways for those on the east coast. With over 50 public parks, this is a great way for active couples, or those on a budget to take advantage of free attractions.

Bottom Line

Pompano Beach is a sleepy little beach town located outside of Miami. You can take time to relax on the sandy beach, or those looking for cheap romantic getaways to heat things up can head to some popping Miami nightclubs.

Portland, Maine Review

When you think of cheap romantic getaways, does food, beautiful scenery, and an abundance of recreational activities come to mind? If so, you need to check out Portland, Maine!

This place is a mixture of history, art, and cutting-edge cuisine, tucked along the waterfront. With stunning ocean views while you dine on succulent seafood and stroll hand-in-hand through history-laden streets, Portland easily makes the list of best cheap weekend getaways for couples.

This region is best visited between June and August if you are into shorts and tank tops instead of winter coats and boots. If you’re looking for cheap vacation getaways during that time, you won’t be disappointed with a trip to Portland, Maine.

Bottom Line

Overall, Portland, Maine is a great little spot for foodies who love the beach and cheap romantic getaways.

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Portland, Oregon Review

Not to be confused with the Portland located in Maine, Portland, Oregon is almost a world of its own. With stunning waterfalls and hiking trails, this is one of the top cheap weekend getaways for active couples.

With the stunning Columbia River Gorge and waterfalls, Sauvie Island, the Oregon coast, and the colossal Mount Hood, there are many free attractions around Portland. 

This top weekend getaway destination is best visited between June and August when the temperatures are warmer. If you are looking for cheap weekend getaways for couples that are warm year-round, this may not be the destination for you.

Bottom Line

Portland, Oregon is a breathtakingly beautiful destination for anyone looking for cheap romantic getaways. It’s great for active couples who want to reconnect while connecting with nature.

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Conclusion – Top 6 Best Cheap Romantic Getaways

Sometimes you need a break from the real world, and that’s okay. Cheap couple getaways are a fantastic way to spend some time with your partner to relax or breathe new life into your relationship.

However, sometimes the stress of deciding between cheap weekend getaways for couples can cause you to push off the vacation. Don’t let the stress of choosing a destination keep you from an amazing, relaxing, and romantic weekend.

cheap romantic getaways

Source: CBS San Francisco

At AdvisoryHQ, we want our readers to have stress-free, cheap weekend getaways, without the hassle of hours of research. That’s why we narrowed the list down to six fantastic cheap couple getaways.

Remember that the best cheap weekend getaways won’t break the bank, won’t make you waste time and money in an airport, and will have the vibe you are looking for.

Take the time to consider a few cheap romantic weekend getaways for couples before making your final decision. Once you do, be sure to pack those bags, leave the stress behind, and enjoy your fabulous romantic weekend getaway!

AdvisoryHQ (AHQ) Disclaimer:

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