2017 Guide & Ranking of the Best Business Laptop

Being able to access all of your documents and projects without being tied to a desktop is critical to business productivity.

When you know that you need to move on from your slow and clunky laptop, it’s time to start figuring out where you can go to purchase good laptops. A business laptop is an even more difficult purchase to make than one for personal use.

Leading manufacturers are all competing to produce the best laptops for business. This competition has led to a number of products that could all be considered some of the top business laptops, depending on your industry and your particular needs.

best business laptops

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Business Laptops

How do you know which computers are going to be good laptops for business? Unless you stay current on all of the new technology releases, chances are you’ll want to refer to some business laptop reviews. AdvisoryHQ makes it easy to find the best business laptops by compiling our own ranking of the top six laptops for business all in one convenient location.

If you need to find a good business laptop that will last, you’ll want to let this ranking provide a starting point for your research. We’ll cover the basics of each model and manufacturer to help you decide which option will be the best business laptop for your unique needs.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Business Laptops

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the business laptop names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that business laptop):

Top 6 Best Business Laptops | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Laptops for Business

Starting Price


Apple MacBook Pro


  • Available in two different sizes
  • Intuitive Touch Bar to replace function keys
  • Better graphics and faster graphics processing
Dell Latitude E5570


  • Reinforced exterior for durability and spill-resistant keyboard
  • Lots of upgrade options
  • DDR4 memory for faster processing
HP Elitebook Folio G1


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable exterior with polished diamond-cut CNC aluminum
  • Enhanced security features
Lenovo Thinkpad T460


  • Military-specification tested for durability
  • Excellent display and audio systems
  • 18-hour battery life
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga


  • 360-degree flexibility for laptop and tablet usage
  • Rechargeable pen included
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Windows Hello for biometric authentication
Toshiba Portégé® Z30


  • Tested for extreme durability
  • Very lightweight model
  • Optional touchscreen upgrade

Table: Top 6 Best Laptops for Business | Above list is sorted alphabetically

What Do You Consider in a Laptop for Business?

If you’re going to invest in new technology for your company, you want to make sure that you’re purchasing a good business laptop. With so many different specifications available, how do you really know what you should be searching for when it comes to laptops for business?

best business laptops

Image Source: Pexels

In this section, we’re going to outline a few of the key features that you’ll want to keep an eye out for as you browse through different business laptop reviews. Each one is likely to be marketed as the best, but only you can determine which features would help it to qualify as a good business laptop for your purposes.

  • Battery Life: Do you need to have your laptop for business working from the start of the day until late in the evening? A long battery life ensures that you won’t be stuck at your desk all day, dependent upon a charger.
  • Lightweight: Chances are, you’re considering purchasing laptops for business because you want your information and work to be portable. A clunky and heavy model doesn’t make it easy to take your work with you on the go. The top business laptops will all be incredibly lightweight with a decent screen size.
  • Durability: When it comes to transporting your business laptop, it’s true that accidents happen. You want a model that is durable enough to stand up to an accidental drop or spill on the keyboard.
  • Security: A lot of the good laptops for business that are now coming onto the market include enhanced security features such as biometric authentication. Particularly if the work you do includes lots of sensitive data, you may want to consider paying slightly more to gain access to the security features available on these best laptops for business.
  • Memory: Depending on what kind of work you’ll use it for, you may need more memory than others. Look for the top business laptops that have plenty of room for you to store your files for the foreseeable future.

Of course, one of the other biggest factors to consider when purchasing a laptop for business is the cost. You want to be sure that you’re receiving all of the very best features at the lowest possible cost to ensure a good value. While no one can tell you which model will be the most valuable for your business without knowing your specific needs, you should know that the most expensive model isn’t necessarily the best fit for your company.

Pay attention to the details and specifications that are included with each of the best business laptops. These will be your ultimate guide when it comes to determining if they are the right fit for your work.

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking Best Business Laptops

Below, please find the detailed review of each computer on our list of top business laptops. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these business laptop reviews to score so high in our selection ranking.

Apple MacBook Pro Review

Apple is widely recognized as one of the top producers of quality computers in the industry, so it’s no surprise that their Apple MacBook Pro would be considered one of the best laptops for business. Available in two different sizes, this business laptop gives users flexibility to determine which option suits their needs.

macbook pro best laptops for business

Image Source: Apple

The newest model of the Apple MacBook Pro comes with the revolutionary Touch Bar feature. This removes the function keys from the top of your keyboard and replaces them with an intuitive bar that adjusts depending on your activity. These best business laptops make it more convenient than ever to change system controls with just a touch of your finger.

Likewise, the Apple MacBook Pro also has Touch ID to grant access to your logins and increase the security of these top business laptops.


These top business laptops easily qualify as some of the best in the industry because of their impressive specifications. Graphics can process up to 130% faster and the flash storage is 100% faster compared to other business laptops.

Battery life is proven to last up to ten hours for those long nights when you need to work on your laptop for business. Business laptop reviews frequently make mention of the improved graphics on the MacBook Pro. These best laptops for business feature brighter LED backlights and can support wider color ranges than previous models, great for graphic design and other artistic endeavors.

The two size options are both thinner and lighter than many of the top business laptops available on today’s market:

  • 13-inch model: 3 pounds
  • 15-inch model: 4 pounds

Prices will vary depending on the size and features included. However, the 13-inch model with the Touch Bar and Touch ID will start at $1,799 and the 15-inch will cost $2,399.

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Dell Latitude E5570 Review

More affordable than some of the other best laptops for business, the Dell Latitude E5570 provides a solution from a well-known and supported name brand. Recognized as the TechAeris Top Pick for 2016, this laptop is marketed to be one of the best business laptops because of its thin and lightweight design.

The improved design of this model made the Dell Latitude E5570 more durable and is partly what allowed it to qualify as one of the best laptops for business. It may not provide a super sleek and flashy appearance, but it does have a matte black finish made with structure-enhanced carbon fiber reinforced polymer cover for enhanced durability. Likewise, business laptop reviews should mention that the keyboard is designed to be spill-resistant to keep your business laptop in great shape for years to come.

The hinge on this model allows you to lay both the monitor and keyboard completely flat on any surface. The extra flexibility provided here is inherent to any of the good laptops that are built for durability. It can prevent unfortunate accidents where screens are bent too far in the wrong directions.


It’s important to understand the specifications that allow this to qualify as one of the good laptops for business purchases. The screen is relatively large at 14.8 inches. This Dell model still remains lightweight with just 4.61 pounds put into its construction.

The battery life is fairly long at 47 W/hr or an upgraded 62 W/hr option. These good laptops also come equipped with the new DDR4 memory to process data faster than ever and reduce the amount of power required to do so. Choose from the 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i or Core™ i vPro with quad core processors and other unique features to make your business laptop completely your own.

Pricing starts at $729, currently featuring the upgraded option on sale. Regularly, the base price starts at $1,098.57 for the basic model.

HP Elitebook Folio G1 Review

Thin and lightweight laptops for businesses are highly sought after, which is part of what qualified the HP Elitebook Folio G1 as one of the top business laptops. Based on HP’s own internal analysis of the market, this is the self-proclaimed thinnest and lightest business-class notebook on the market.

Similar to the Dell Latitude E5570, the unique hinge on the HP Elitebook Folio G1 allows the laptop to bend flat for easy sharing and collaboration. This feature makes it ideal and durable for workplace situations, while also enhancing the functionality to make it one of the best laptops for business.

business laptop reviews for HP Elite Book Folio

Image Source: HP

Security is paramount when it comes to laptops for businesses, which is why they included a few additional features to help. HP Sure Start with Dynamic Protection protects your business laptop from BIOS attacks, while the Windows 10 Pro allows multi-factor authentication to secure access to business resources. The biometric authentication feature (Windows Hello) helps to ensure security and prevent access from unwanted users.


This best business laptop is easy to tote around, even on the most tiring work day. It comes in at an incredibly lightweight 2.2 pounds. This model has been tested to withstand Arizona road dust for six hours and 26 different drops onto plywood over steel and concrete to make sure it was durable from every angle.

The exterior of these good laptops for businesses are incredibly sleek, stylish, and durable for a winning combination. They are formed with polished diamond-cut CNC aluminum for increased strength and durability over the long haul.

These best laptops for business make good use of Intel’s most recent Core M-series processors (starting with the Intel® Core™ m5 processor) and a long battery life. The HP Elitebook Folio G1 also comes outfitted with a minimum of 8 GB of memory.

Pricing for the HP Elitebook Folio G1 begins at $1,029 for the most basic model and then increases for upgraded features.

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Lenovo Thinkpad T460 Review

With impressive features and high standards set, the Lenovo Thinkpad T460 was a natural choice for one of the best laptops for business. Designed to be both functional and portable, this model combines flexibility and power to make excellent laptops for businesses.

The security features included standard with the Lenovo Thinkpad T460 are a huge contributing factor to why it is one of the best laptops for business. You can choose to upgrade this model to include a biometric log-in that requires your fingerprint instead of a password. It also comes with a Trusted Platform Module chip to encrypt sensitive data.

Other quality features that rank this as one of the best business laptops include:

  • Testing to military specifications for durability
  • Nearly 180-degree viewing angles
  • Quality speakers and volume output without distortion
  • Low-light sensitive web cam with wide-angle viewing
  • Anti-glare display


The Lenovo Thinkpad T460 may not be the lightest model on the market when it comes to laptops for business, but it is certainly very close. With a 14-inch screen, this Lenovo laptop for business weighs 3.8 pounds and comes in at 0.83 inches thick. It designed to nestle right into a briefcase or tote so you can take your laptop for business wherever you go.

Furthermore, the battery life is another component that allowed us to include the Lenovo Thinkpad T460 as one of the best business laptops. It can last up for up to 18 hours, allowing you to work from sun up until sun down without hunting for your charger. Power Bridge Technology allows you to combine an internal battery with an external battery to swap them out without turning off your computer and wasting valuable minutes.

These are good laptops for business, in part due to their reasonable pricing. The web price for these best business laptops comes in at $859.00 to start but includes instant savings. This brings the starting price down to $773.10 while the more advanced model will come in at $1,448.10 after instant savings.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Review

Completely unique among all of the models included on our ranking of the top business laptops, the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga literally offers extremely flexible solutions. One of the key features that must be noted first on business laptop reviews of this model is that it provides 360-degree flexibility.

For businesses that are torn between purchasing one of the best laptops for business and one of the best tablets for business, the Thinkpad X1 Yoga provides a hybrid option to satisfy everyone. The keyboard is fully functional when needed or can be folded away for tablet usage. Keys lock themselves when folded back and rotated for tablet mode.

lenovo thinkpad x1 laptops for business

Image Source: Lenovo

This best business laptop also comes with a built-in rechargeable pen to help you take notes directly on the screen or make sketches. You can sign directly on the screen of these good laptops or annotate business documents quickly.

You also receive the enhanced security that comes with biometric authentication in the Windows Hello feature. Choose to use the fingerprint scanner or the infrared camera to log in versus remembering your passwords like you did on a good business laptop of the past. The business laptop reviews your features to add an extra layer of security like never before.


Most people are concerned with how the dimensions and weight of the best business laptops can rank alongside one another. In the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga, consumers will find a 14-inch screen that weighs just 2.99 pounds. Opt to receive this best business laptop in a black or silver color for sleek appearances that match your preferences.

This good business laptop comes equipped with up to 16 GB of memory, an impressive amount compared to some of the other best laptops for business. Based on MobileMark 2014 testing, it also has a battery life that can last up to 16 hours for all-day usage. Other key features that users love about the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga include:

  • An optional infrared camera
  • Dolby® Audio™ Premium
  • Optional Integrated Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics 640

Not currently available for purchase through the Lenovo website, we had to venture elsewhere to find pricing on these best business laptops. Amazon has them listed at $1,349.00. The reviewed price according to CNET is listed at $2,289.

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Toshiba Portégé® Z30 Review

The Toshiba Portégé® Z30 best business laptop combines security, durability, and productivity into one computer for maximum impact. Its polished and professional appearance make it an attractive option as well as a functional choice for the best business laptop available on the market today.

How does the Toshiba Portégé® Z30 laptop stack up when it comes to durability? Here are a handful of the features that allowed this to qualify as one of the best business laptops for durability:

  • Magnesium alloy chassis
  • Shock absorbing design
  • Honeycomb reinforcement structure
  • Spill-resistant backlit keyboard
  • Spill, drop, and accelerated life testing (also known as HALT)

In addition, this model of the best business laptop comes equipped with cooling technology to keep the computer from overheating. All of these features combined ensure that this laptop for business is going to be durable and last your company for the long haul.

For those who want to find the most secure laptops for businesses, this model has a lot to offer. It comes equipped with a Trusted Platform Module to encrypt sensitive information and SmartCard technology. This business laptop reviews your with biometric authentication.


The Toshiba Portégé® Z30 is easily one of the lightest options featured on our ranking of the top business laptops. With a 13.3-inch screen, the computer itself is incredibly light. Its total weight comes in at just 2.6 pounds for a super thin and highly mobile design.

The screen itself has two resolution options, HD or FHD, for crisp pictures and true details. Additionally, a key feature to note in business laptop reviews is that upgraded models will also have a built-in, 10-finger, multi-touch display, so you can move things around as necessary without the use of a mouse or touchpad.

Pricing for the Toshiba Portégé® Z30 series starts at $1,2799.99 for the Z30-C1310 options. The upgraded option, the Z30-C1320 model starts at a slightly higher price tag of $1529.99.

Conclusion—Top 6 Best Business Laptops

New technology is constantly being unveiled, and manufacturers are constantly working to create the best laptops for business. How can you possibly keep up with all of the good laptops for business that are on the market today?

Searching for business laptop reviews is a key way to find the best business laptops that will work for you. In our ranking of the top six models to consider when it comes to the best laptops for business, we’ve broken down the important elements. Weigh which features will be the most critical for you to have when your company makes their next business laptop purchase.

Your profession and your budget can easily help to determine which of the best business laptops is going to meet your needs. Do you need enhanced graphics, an extremely durable exterior, or the longest battery life? The choices are endless between the various best business laptops and their upgraded options, but you have to know what the business laptop reviews say about each feature.

Learn what the newest technology has to offer your company with these top business laptops that are both functional and affordable.

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