2017 Guide: The Best Careers in Business Administration

Did you know that job growth for business administration jobs is expected to grow over the coming years? In an economy where high-paying jobs are hard to come by, you might be surprised at what doors a business administration degree can open for you.

Business Administration Jobs

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Jobs with a business administration degree can net you a salary that is higher than the national average, and it comes with a variety of career options. By selecting a career off the business administration jobs list, you can start your career on the right path.

From financial analysts to marketing managers, there are many options on the business administration careers list. Fortunately, you can obtain these by focusing on the top-paying business majors.

Best Business Administration Jobs

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Business Administration Jobs

The difficult task is choosing the best option from the business administration careers list. The best job on the business administration jobs list for some might not equate to the best business administration job for you. With so many business admin jobs out there, it is not always easy to choose.

When looking for jobs with a business administration degree, chances are that you have many questions in your head, including:

  • What types of careers make the business administration jobs list?
  • What’s a typical business administration degree salary?
  • Are there good jobs for business administration?
  • What are the top-paying business majors?
  • What are the best jobs for a business administration degree?

Throughout this 2017 guide, we will answer the questions you have surrounding the business administration careers list and what you can expect to see for a business administration degree salary. We will explain what the top-paying business majors are and what business admin jobs will be available to you with a degree. Finally, we will provide a detailed review of the six best jobs for a business administration degree.

By the end of this article, you should have a better idea of what the best business administration job for you is and what business administration degree salary you can expect to see.

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Advisory HQ’s List of Top 6 Best Business Administration Jobs

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the jobs for business administration below to go directly to the detailed review section for that business administration job):

Top 6 Best Careers in Business Administration| Brief Comparison & Ranking

Careers in Business Administration

Projected Job Growth through 2024

Median Annual Salary

Entry-Level Education Needed

Financial Management




Bachelor’s Degree

Food Service Management


Below Average


High School Degree or Equivalent

Health Care Administration


Above Average


Bachelor’s Degree

Human Resources Management


Above Average


Bachelor’s Degree

Marketing Management


Above Average


Bachelor’s Degree

Sales Management


Below Average


Bachelor’s Degree

Table: Top 6 Best Business Administration Careers | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Detailed Overview: What to Look for in Jobs with a Business Administration Degree

You might be wondering what the best jobs for a business administration degree are, but the best approach to answering that question is to tell you what to look for in jobs with a business administration degree.

Business Administration Careers

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There are many business admin jobs out there today, and the field is expected to grow through 2024. However, with a job market flooded with options, it can be overwhelming trying to choose just one job from the business administration jobs list. That is why you need to know what to look for in a business administration jobs before you make your decision and start submitting resumes and cover letters.

When looking for the best business administration jobs for you, it is important to consider the following:

  • Median pay & starting salary
  • Projected job growth
  • Location
  • Experience required

If you are just entering school and are looking for the top paying business majors, or you are about to graduate and are wondering what positions fall onto the business administration careers list, the factors above are crucial to consider. Starting salary and median pay are important factors to contemplate, but those are not the only ones to consider.

Projected job growth is also a major player when it comes to deciding what the top business administration jobs are. A high-paying financial management job sounds appealing, but if the job market is shrinking, it can become next to impossible to land a job in your chosen field. Be sure to take a thorough look at the projected job market growth for any business administration job that you are considering.

Location is a more self-explanatory factor, but it should be considered. If you have roots in a certain area, but that area lacks job growth in certain business administration career paths, it is important to know.

Finally, you need to look at what experience is required for certain business admin jobs. If entry-level jobs are requiring 5 years of experience, it can be tough to get a foot in the door. While this doesn’t make following certain careers in business administration impossible, it can certainly make your job hunt tougher.

When you are looking for the best business administration careers, be sure to consider the factors discussed above. Choosing a career is a massive life decision and one that should not be taken lightly.

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking Best Careers in Business Administration

Below, please find the detailed review of each business administration job option on our list of jobs for business administration. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these top paying business majors to score so high in our selection ranking.

Finance Management Review

A financial management job comes in many different forms, with a median pay of $117,990 per year. This equates to approximately $56.73 per hour, which is well above the national average and many other business administration jobs.

Financial managers are important business admin jobs. These managers are responsible for the financial health of the organization that they oversee. Financial management careers in business administration involve detailing financial reports, as well as developing short- and long-term strategies for the organization’s financial goals.

You will need a bachelor’s degree for entry-level financial management positions with at least 5 years or more of experience. Like other business administration careers, it can be difficult to get real-world experience, which is why taking on some related internships while in school can be beneficial.

This field of business admin jobs is expected to grow at 7%, which falls in line with other careers in business administration.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a well-paying job in the financial aspect of business administration careers, a financial management position could be a good fit. Though one third of financial managers reported working more than 40 hours a week, with a six-figure salary, you will be well-off financially.

Food Service Management Review

Food service management jobs fall on the lower pay end of business administration careers, but they come with fewer requirements.

Food service managers manage the daily operations of restaurants and other businesses that prepare food and beverages. They hire, train, and oversee employees, maintain inventory, schedule staff, and even manage budgets and payroll records.

Though food service manager positions come with a median salary of $48,690, or $23.41 hourly, you only need a high school diploma for a requirement. You will be hard-pressed to find other careers in business administration that do not require a college degree.

This type of business administration job also require less than 5 years of work experience, and if you worked in restaurants through school, this experience can actually help you.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in business administration jobs that do not require you to go to college, this could be a good fit. Though you generally won’t see a six-figure salary like other business administration careers, less work experience and education is required.

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Health Care Administration Review

Health care administration is one of the fastest growing careers in business administration. At 17% growth through 2024, this is much higher than the average. With more jobs available, there will be increased competition for the best candidates, which can mean higher salaries and even signing bonuses.

Healthcare administrators, also called Medical and Health Service Managers, direct, plan, and oversee medical and health services. They may be responsible for one clinic, an entire department, a group of physicians, or an entire facility. This is one of the more complex careers in business administration, as they have to adapt to changing healthcare laws, reforms, best practices, and technology.

With a median salary of $94,500, these are highly coveted business admin jobs. You will need a bachelor’s degree, but less than 5 years’ experience can get you in the door.

Bottom Line

Perhaps the most enticing thing about healthcare business admin jobs are the job growth outlooks. A strong median salary doesn’t hurt either, though!

Human Resources Management Review

Human resources managers are responsible for the people aspect of an organization. These business admin jobs involve recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and firing of employees. It also involves managing those in the organization, concerning health insurance, retirement plans, and even worker’s comp.

A business degree is sufficient to land these $104,440 business administration jobs, but a master’s degree will give you higher chances of success. You will need more than 5 years of work experience in related fields.

Human resources management jobs also have a good outlook in the future. With a projected 9% growth through 2024, this is one of the growing business administration careers.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for business administration jobs that involve working closely with and managing people, human resources might be a good fit. The median salary is quite appealing, but you will need to build up some work experience first.

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Marketing Management Review

Marketing management sees annual salaries averaging $124,850. That’s more than $60 an hour, which is impressive for business admin jobs that require only a bachelor’s degree.

Marketing managers plan programs to generate interest in the services or products that their company offers. The people who find themselves in these business administration careers often work with art directors, financial managers, and sales agents to plan promotional campaigns, negotiate advertising contracts, and conduct market assessment studies.

The great thing about these business admin jobs is that the field is projected to grow at 9%, which is higher than the average. Through 2024, about 20,000 marketing manager jobs will be added.

Bottom Line

Overall, marketing management business administration careers are a great option. These business admin jobs allow you to get in touch with your creative and analytical sides while also working with people on a daily basis.

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Sales Management Review

Sales management positions can claim a salary around $113,860. That’s more than $54.74 per hour and falls above several other business administration careers salaries.

Typically, these types of business admin jobs involve organizing sales teams and efforts. These managers set goals, analyze reports and data, and develop plans for sales representatives to meet these goals.

You will need at least a bachelor’s degree and less than five years of work experience in a related occupation to land the top-paying sales manager positions.

The only drawback is that a 5% projected job growth through 2024 falls on the lower end of all careers in business administration. This is something to keep in mind.

Bottom Line

If you are a detail-oriented people person, a sales management position could be a good fit for you. These business admin jobs have strong salaries, though you might need to work more than 40 hours a week to fulfill your obligations.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Business Admin Jobs

Deciding what business administration careers are best for you is no easy task. There are so many options that the business administration jobs list might seem endless to you. While there are limits to the business administration jobs that you can obtain with your degree, the potential is endless.

With median salaries that fall above the national average for median salaries, careers in business administration are becoming increasingly popular. Coupling that with an increasing demand over the next 10 years for business admin jobs, and you have endless potential.

The tricky part is finding the best jobs for a business administration degree that are available to you. There are many options, and it is quite easy to become overwhelmed while sorting through your options.

Business Admin Jobs

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With so many choices presenting themselves to you in the form of business admin jobs, it is important to consider the following:

  • Projected job growth
  • Median pay & starting salary
  • Location
  • Experience required

Starting your career off on the right path is crucial, which is why you need to consider the top-paying business majors and determine if they align with your goals and desires. Remember that a high-paying job does not automatically grant you happiness.

Take the time to consider a few of the business administration careers listed here before you make a final decision. With your career path on the line, a little bit of extra research can’t hurt. Good luck and happy job hunting!

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