2017 Guide to the Top Big Data Companies

Every business owner or corporate financial manager knows that there is an exact science behind making the best business decisions for your company. Many of those choices can be based on previous experiences.

When you can translate prior experiences into hard data, you have improved decision-making abilities.

Analyzing all of the data that inundates your business on a regular basis is a challenge, which is where big data analytics can play a part.

Big data companies specialize in making sense of all the numbers that flood your business each day, no matter what format they may be in. From social media to sales, you can find out where there is room for improvement in your business with the aid of some of the top big data companies.

Best Big Data Companies

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Big Data Companies

You want to make the most informed decisions possible and ultimately reduce your business expenses. AdvisoryHQ knows that big data analytics companies can help to bridge the gap between monitoring your data and making those future decisions.

If you think that you may need some assistance in finding top big data companies to benefit your business, this ranking is sure to help. We’ve assembled the top six big data companies currently in the market so you could reach this decision much faster.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Big Data Companies

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the data analytics companies below to go directly to the detailed review section for that big data analytics company):

Top 6 Best Big Data Companies | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Top Big Data Companies



AlteryxCloud-based subscriptions from $1,950 up to server-based subscriptions at $58,500Free trial of services

Easy to replicate models again and again

IBMStarts at $1,800 per node per monthFree trial of services

Almost real-time streaming of data

OracleStarter pack starts at $14,400Multiple programs available for purchase individually or in a package
PwCPricing varies, contact customer service for detailsMany different apps available across various industries
SAPCustomer service quote requiredOffers consulting services

Multiple formats available

Splunk$600 to $1,800 per GB on enterprise systemsMany options for big data analytics tools for large and small companies

Real-time monitoring and alerts

Table: Top 6 Best Big Data Companies | Above list is sorted alphabetically

What Is Big Data Analysis?

Companies that are striving to create a better return on their investment and to make more financially-savvy decisions can greatly benefit from the use of big data analytics.

However, some companies may just be entering into the water of researching the top big data companies and be unaware of the benefits. We want to break down exactly what it is that big data companies have to offer so you know what you’re getting.

Many companies may already employ individuals who specialize in taking the raw data and entering it into Excel spreadsheets to see patterns. Performing an accurate analysis this way is time-consuming, and many businesses aren’t satisfied with ultimate outcome or the time it takes. Big data analytics companies enter to fill in the void in the market.

Top Big Data Companies

Image Source: Alteryx

Big data companies design programs, platforms, and software to help your business take the massive amounts of all types of data and transform it into usable chunks. Both structured and unstructured data can be monitored into easily replicated reports that show a detailed analysis of where your business could be improved.

The best big data companies offer multiple platforms and formats to choose from, allowing your business solutions to be as unique as you are. From enterprise solutions to cloud-based subscriptions, top big data companies have both general and industry-specific applications waiting to help.

Pricing for big data analysis from any of the top big data companies isn’t necessarily an inexpensive choice. However, it can lead to lower costs on your production, increased productivity, and overall smarter financial decisions that can greatly benefit your business.

CEOs agree that big data analytics tools are crucial to the success of their business, with 80% making use of the data available.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Big Data Companies

Below, please find the detailed review of each business on our list of big data companies. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these top big data companies to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Alteryx Review

If your company has been considering one of the top big data companies to assist your analytics department, Alteryx is likely one of your first options. Their self-serve approach makes this big data and analytics process simple for every department to use.

Likewise, it also allows them to replicate models and blend data again and again in a simple format to save you time when it comes to generating reports.

Alteryx has its headquarters in California, but its office locations span across the United States and Europe. This best big data company has a number of backers, including Sapphire Ventures, Thomson Reuters, and Veritech. To round out the big picture and demonstrate that Alteryx ranks as one of the best big data analytics companies, it also has well-known clients, including:

  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • Cardinal Health
  • Levi’s
  • Verizon


This self-serve big data and analytics program allows you to process both a high volume of data and a variety of different sources. You can perform predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics at scale with no coding required.

One of the major benefits of using the Alteryx model for big data and analytics is the ability to try the Alteryx Designer software for free. This program generally costs $5,195 per year on a subscription-based service. The price includes a desktop-based program to prepare and blend data according to your needs without coding.

For businesses that require a little bit more, you can also opt for a server-based program from this best big data company ($58,500) or a cloud-based subscription ($1,950) to make it available to more users. Prices are based on the number of users you intend to register with their big data companies as well as the number of years you intend to subscribe.

Discounts are offered if companies opt to use Alteryx for their big data & analytics for the next three years.

IBM Review

The software from IBM offers a solution to your analysts’ needs that has the potential to name IBM one of the best big data companies on the market. They claim their new architecture for big data & analytics has the potential to increase your business insights while reducing the cost of maintenance and the amount of storage space required.

IBM has long been known for its role in the technology sector, so it isn’t surprising to see their name pop up as one of the top big data companies as well. Their big data companies look at five major criteria to help businesses better manage the numbers that come in:

  • Systems
  • Privacy and security
  • Storage
  • Governance
  • Cloud-based storage

They feature a number of innovative solutions that easily allow IBM to qualify as one of the top big data companies. Programs include the Hadoop system to allow insight on both structured and unstructured data, stream computing to see your big data analysis process almost in real-time, and better organization of information.


The cloud-based subscription from the IBM BigInsights on Cloud comes with different levels of pricing, only available through their customer service department. Financing can help to make the price affordable based on the unique needs of your business. However, you can try out this service from the big data companies during a free trial.

Pricing for cloud-based subscriptions will start at $1,800 per node per month.

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Oracle Review

Oracle offers a great cloud-based program for big data analysts who need a monthly subscription and comprehensive big data analysis. While it is pricier than some of the other subscription services, Oracle is well-known in their field for being one of the top big data companies that businesses can rely on.

Businesses who are looking to bring Hadoop and Spark on board to help with their big data analysis will trust these secured and encrypted Hadoop clusters. The cloud-based service from this best big data company offers dedicated instances, networks, and direct attached disk in addition to optimized configuration.

Big Data Companies

Image Source: Pixabay

Unlike some of the other top big data companies, Oracle has come up with many products to assist data analysts when it comes to four main functions:

  • Aggregating data
  • Experimentation
  • Management
  • Analysis and Action

Under each of these larger umbrellas are two or more product options to give you greater flexibility. The best big data companies are aware that each business and need is going to be completely unique. Selecting the big data analytics tool that offers the most specific need can give you greater access to the information your company needs to boost sales and increase productivity.


Oracle’s big data companies offer several plans for businesses with various needs. Their basic plan includes a starter pack that begins at $14,400 on a hosted environment per month. These big data analytics come with several programs from the Oracle line-up, including data integration, R distribution, spatial functions, and graph functions.

If you find that you need fewer fancy features and a more cost-effective self-service big data analytics tool, you can opt for some of the other cloud-based services. For example, data visualization will cost just $75.00 per user per month (five user minimum). The non-metered big data analytics preparation service runs $600 per user (10 user minimum) on a monthly basis.

PwC Review

When it comes to big data companies, PwC makes a number of analytic apps that allow businesses to optimize the data and analyze it in a way that makes sense. Their business model is simple and easily actionable, making this one of the top big data companies out there today.

Their funnel model makes it easy to understand why business owners enjoy using the big data analytics tools available through this big data company. It consists of four main pillars to allow big data analysts to come to more reliable conclusions:

  • Discovery: Find value in both internal and external data sets.
  • Insight: Big data analysis of data helps you reach valuable conclusions.
  • Actions: Uncover specific ways to build your brand and increase productivity and quality.
  • Outcomes: Pair your insight and action to see financial and operational metrics and increase the value of the company.

A major benefit that qualified PwC as one of the best big data companies is their customized programs that are industry-dependent. For example, businesses in the health care, financial services, consumer, industrial, or technology industries have unique Analytic Apps to help come up with creative solutions based on the big data analysis.


Because there are so many products available from data analytics companies such as PwC, you will need to reach out to customer service in order to find pricing. Each industry included under their specific umbrellas has at least eight different tools available for your big data & analytics needs.

Big Data Analytics

Image Source: PwC

Consider whether the data you need structured should help with pricing, globalization,

balancing portfolios, and more to determine which program best suits your needs.

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SAP Review

SAP is considered to be one of the top big data companies according to research by Forrester Research Inc. Their big data company spans across a number of industries to allow business owners flexibility and choices when it comes to their big data analytics.

Pricing through data analytics companies such as SAP is highly dependent upon what services you believe you may need. Unlike some of the other top big data companies, SAP understands that making a custom solution to meet your business needs can be challenging.

There are so many intricacies involved with selecting the appropriate tools that any of the best big data analytics companies can offer.

This is why SAP also provides consulting services to help you find out where your priorities are and meet your needs. Workshops and assessment services teach you what you need to know while this best big data analytics company can assist you with big data analysis, design, and architecture.

All of this can be done in the format that works best for you:

  • On-premises
  • Cloud
  • Hybrid


Their most innovative system to date, the SAP HANA, allows businesses to access the very best that big data companies have to offer. You can use in-memory processing to reach a detailed report and analysis. It also allows you to embed data virtualization and make more flexible apps.

The SAP HANA 2 pricing will vary depending on the format in which your business desires to purchase it. Their customer service department can provide a quote based on what your business needs in terms of licensing, editions, and more.

Customer service can assist you with any questions you have relating to the purchase of software from their best big data companies.

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Splunk Review

If you’ve been searching for the best big data companies, Splunk is almost certain to have already crossed your radar. This big data company offers software that can extend to many different types of data stores, including Hadoop, NoSQL, and others. However, it also offers a popular software program that provides integrated and end-to-end solutions for machine data.

Splunk is known for its real-time monitoring for patterns and alerts that accompany specific scenarios. You can generate reports and perform a detailed analysis of what the number sets mean with their software. Not to mention, the app is powerful and flexible to help you run all of your big data apps.

Their best big data companies have already proven to be effective with a number of top companies across different industries. You’ll recognize some of the name brands that are already naming Splunk among the top big data companies:

  • Cricket Communications
  • NPR
  • Salesforce.com


The price for Splunk Enterprise will ultimately depend on how much information your company needs to index each day. Unlike the other best big data companies, Splunk has only a handful of programs. Pricing will be dependent upon the amount of work you expect it to perform daily.

Prices range from $600 per GB to $1,800 per GB when it comes to an annual term license. Businesses can qualify for the reduced costs whenever they sign up to index more than 100 gigabytes daily, with some other price breaks in between. A perpetual license is also available on a per gigabyte basis, with prices for this category ranging from $1,500 to $4,500 per GB.

A cloud-based subscription is also available, with pricing ranging from $8,100 per year to $24,000 per year or more. It does include 90 days’ worth of storage for indexed data on this subscription pricing, a very generous length of time from one of the best big data companies.

Splunk Light also provides separate pricing for smaller environments. 

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Big Data Companies

For when you feel your business could benefit from a better big data analysis, you’ll want to know that your software comes from one of the top big data companies. Missing out on key elements, types of data, or analysis can cost your business money in costs and productivity over the long run.

Understanding which of the top big data companies provide self-service solutions for your big data analytics can be a tricky undertaking. The perfect program and the ideal big data analytics company will be highly dependent upon your business’s structure, the amount of data it needs, and your hosting capabilities.

Keep in mind that each situation will be different when it comes to deciding which of these best big data companies can help you the most.

Take a look at a few of the programs offered on our ranking from top big data companies. With the vast selection available from these big data companies, you can be confident that one of them will provide you with the insight your business needs to make wiser financial decisions moving forward.

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