Introduction: Bank Deals, Bank Offers, and Bank Promotions (Chase vs. Wells Fargo vs. Bank of America Bank Promotions )

Let’s face it, when it comes to finding the best bank account, there is not going to be a whole lot of difference between a 0.9% interest rate and a 0.95% interest rate.

Unless you have hundreds of thousands dollars stored away in an account, these minute percentage differences will most likely amount to mere pennies accumulating in your account.

While many bank offers and checking account offers may try to entice customers with a slight advantage in annual percentage yield on the accounts they offer, searching for other bank promotions and new account bank deals may make more economic sense.

While most bank promotions and bonuses are only one-time offers, the best of these bank promotions may leave you with a healthy financial reward that will make up for any “loss” you encounter in a slightly lower interest rate.

Since many people change banking accounts every couple of years anyway, finding the best bank offers may be a perk you could benefit from periodically throughout your life.

But how do you know where to find these bank deals and checking account offers?

In this brief article, AdvisoryHQ will explain why banks and credit unions offer bank promotions and checking account offers. We will then look at when and where you can find the best bank offers and bank deals on the Internet.

We will then go on to review some of the best Chase Bank offers including Chase Bank promotions, Chase new account promotions, and the Chase checking bonus.

Besides these Chase offers, we will also look at Bank of America promotions and some current Bank of America offers as well the top Wells Fargo promotions.

Why Do Banks Offer Bank Promotions and Checking Account Offers?

The banking industry is one of the most competitive industries out there. The financial sector of our economy is constantly expanding, and banks understand that the best way to maintain a solid growth is through adding new clients.

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To draw new clients into their doors, many banks find that bank promotions and checking account offers are often what new customers most appreciate.

With so many different options to choose from, many banks find that offering a cash back bank promotion or bank offers with special perks and rewards might be all a potential client needs to choose their bank.

Furthermore, many banks will often offer the best checking account offers and cash back rewards for other accounts if the client agrees to set up a direct deposit from their employer. This ensures that the bank will receive a steady cash flow into the account over time and thus allows them to offer quality bank offers.

For example, Chase Bank offers quality rewards for clients who open a new Chase account, deposit $25, and set up a direct deposit. We will review in more detail some of the best Chase offers below.

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When Can You Find the Best Bank Offers?

To receive the best bank deals and bank offers, you need to know when banks are most likely to offer quality bank promotions. There are a number of websites that provide valuable information on the best bank promotions on a month-to-month basis.

Banks are constantly analyzing the trends of clientele percentage between them and their competitors. If, for example, you hear of news that Bank of America has increased its clientele by 5% in the past quarter, you can almost be assured to find Chase Bank offers and Wells Fargo promotions in the coming month.

Banks don’t like to lose clients, so you may also find the best checking account offers when a certain bank has gone through a rough time and lost customers. Furthermore, when a new bank comes into town, chances are that they will offer quality bank deals and checking account offers during their first months of operation in order to build up their clientele base.

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Where Can You Find the Best Bank Deals?

Instead of driving around town and stopping in at every bank you find to inquire about their current bank offers, there are a number of websites that have already done the research for you.

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While these websites may not have information about the checking account offers given by your local banks, they do have information on the best bank promotions offered by large banks with a national presence. These websites will most always include information on the top Chase Bank promotions, Wells Fargo promotions, Bank of America promotions, and other bank offers by the top banks around the country. is one website that offers concise, up-to-date information on the best bank promotions, checking account offers, and other bank offers. This website also offers important information on how to combine the best bank promotions for both checking and savings accounts.

Regarding the best Chase Bank promotions, found that you can easily make $350 in cash back through Chase new account promotions for a savings account and a Chase Checking Bonus.

According to the website, “you can combine the above $200 cash bonus with a $100 deal on a Chase savings account. The terms of the $200 checking are the same as above. As for the savings account, you can earn a $150 bonus when you open a Chase savings account, deposit a total of $10,000 or more in new money within 10 business days, and maintain a $10,000 balance for 90 days.”

Hustler Money Blog is another website that scours the Internet for the best bank promotions and checking account offers available. They also complete information about the terms and conditions of these bank offers so that you can easily find out if you qualify.

Nerd Wallet also offers a complete rundown on the top bank promotions out there. While this website does list promotions by some of the bigger name banks such as Chase offers and Bank of America offers, it also has information on bank promotions by lesser-known banks such as Amboy Direct, M and T Bank, and Santander Bank.

Furthermore, many of the best bank offers are accompanied by link to a complete review of the services offered by these banks.

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Chase Bank Promotions, Chase New Account Promotions, and the Chase Checking Bonus

Chase Bank offers some of the best bank promotions, bank deals, and checking account offers out there. As one of the largest banks in the nation, they obviously always want to continuously add more clients, and many of their newer clients are drawn by the irresistible bank promotions they offer.

Chase Bank promotions are offered on both checking and savings accounts. The Chase checking bonus is one of the most sought-after checking account offers on the market. By switching banks, Chase Bank offers a $200 cash back reward as long as you set up a direct deposit with your new account within 60 days. This $200 Chase checking bonus will then be deposited into your account within only 10 days after the first direct deposit is received.

Furthermore, you can also open a savings account with Chase Bank and get an additional $150 that Chase offers. To benefit from this Chase bank promotion, you will need to deposit at least $10,000 and maintain that minimum balance for 90 days. If you have that money available and can set up direct deposit with your Chase checking bonus, then you have an easy path to an extra $350.

Another of the Chase new account promotions that receives less fanfare than the other two mentioned above but could land you with a $300 bonus is the Chase Premier Plus Checking Account. The list of prerequisites for this bank offer is a bit more detailed. The account comes with a $25 monthly fee unless you maintain an average daily balance of $1,500. Furthermore, this checking account offer requires you to have a direct deposit set up within the first 60 days.

Bank of America Promotions and Bank of America Offers

Bank of America is another of the leading largest banks in the country. As a direct competitor with Chase Bank and other mega banks, they too offer quality bank promotions as a way to attract potential customers. Bank of America offers a number of different checking account offers depending on the type of account you open and how much you deposit.

The Bank of America promotion that most catches people’s interest is a$300 cash back reward for opening a new checking account. This checking account offer is valid until the end of 2016.

To qualify for this Bank of America promotion, you need to open one of two different types of Bank of America checking accounts and receive qualifying direct deposits more than $4,000 during the first 90 days of having opened your account. 

If you own a small business, you can also open a Bank of America business checking account and receive a special checking account offer. Bank of America offers a $350 bonus for qualifying businesses. To apply you must open a business checking account and make deposits of at least $1,000 in the first 60 days. Additionally, to benefit from this checking account offer, you will also need to pay two bills through online bill pay in the first 60 days and get approved for a small business credit card and make $500 in purchases on that card.

These Bank of America promotions come with plenty of requisites, but if you can fulfill them, you are on track for healthy cash bonus.

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Wells Fargo Promotions

Wells Fargo is another large, national bank that offers quality bank promotions on their various accounts. One of the best Wells Fargo promotions is a $150 coupon for new checking accounts. This checking account offer doesn’t require any sort of direct deposit to be set up, and you get a coupon code from using an ATM.

According to, to benefit from this Wells Fargo promotion “you must visit a Wells Fargo branch and make a transaction using a non-Wells debit card at the ATM machine. Simply use a debit card from a different bank to withdraw your money and then you will get a $150 coupon. Select ‘yes’ and it will print your offer coupon with a unique coupon code.”

Also, in order to qualify for this checking account offer, you need to inquire at a Wells Fargo Branch what type of checking accounts apply for this special bank offer.

Conclusion: How the Best Bank Promotions and Checking Account Offers Can Improve Your Banking Experience

When you are searching for the best bank promotions and checking account offers, it is also important to read the fine print on the different bank offers.

A $100 coupon won’t be as rewarding if you signed up for an account that charges a $35 monthly fee that you can’t get out of. By thoroughly researching the best bank offers and bank promotions, however, you can find great promotions that will reward you for your business.

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