Top Agricultural Jobs List

Agricultural work is steadily on the rise, and the agricultural jobs list is continuously growing longer. According to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, there are currently 22,500 more open positions in the industry than workers qualified to fill them.  

All of the statistics indicate that agribusiness careers could be a good choice if you’re searching for future job stability.

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The list of agriculture jobs that are most likely to have available openings span the industry. Agricultural jobs require varying skillsets ranging from those that need minimal to extensive education and experience.

Have you been wondering where the best agriculture jobs are found within the industry? AdvisoryHQ has noticed the increase in popularity for sustainable agriculture jobs and wants to make sure consumers are well informed. Agricultural work can offer a satisfying career choice, if you know where to look for the top jobs.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Agriculture Jobs

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the jobs below to go directly to the detailed review section for that agricultural work):

Top 6 Best Agricultural Jobs | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Agricultural Jobs

Average Salary

Education Requirements

Agricultural Education


Degree from four-year university
State certification to teach
Farm Laborer


On-the-job training
Food Science


Bachelor’s degree

May require advanced degrees

Horticultural Science


Bachelor’s degree

May require advanced degrees

Sustainable Food Production


Bachelor’s degree

May require advanced degrees



Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Must pass licensing exam

Table: Top 6 Best Agricultural Jobs | Above list is sorted alphabetically

What Do Agricultural Jobs Look Like?

The opportunity for graduates in fields related to agricultural jobs is consistently increasing. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that there will be “ample career opportunities” for those who earn degrees in related fields.

By the year 2050, they are estimating that agricultural jobs will be responsible for feeding more than nine billion people. With statistics like those, it seems highly likely that there will continue to be a pressing need for qualified candidates when it comes to agriculture jobs.

The list of agriculture jobs projected to be available in the near future ranges from laborer all the way to educator with all agriculture jobs in between. Agriculture careers don’t necessarily have to be the back-breaking labor associated with a traditional “farmer.” Instead, the best agriculture jobs now involve science, mathematics, and higher level education in addition to the more traditional skilled laborer.

Agriculture Jobs

Image source: Pexels

It is estimated that close to half of the available 57,900 job openings are in fields related to agribusiness careers. Business and management take precedence among the modern-day jobs in agriculture.

The next largest segment of agriculture jobs features STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), which comprises an estimated 27% of the available job openings. These types of agriculture jobs are not often associated with the industry but are vital to food production and more.

The two remaining agriculture jobs categories, one involving food production and the other relating to education, government, and communication will make up a respective 15% and 12% of the openings.

As you can see, there is extensive variation in the types of agriculture jobs currently available. Extensive agriculture jobs growth is expected in prominent areas for candidates who have the proper education and requirements.

If you’re interested in one of these best agriculture jobs, it’s recommended that you begin to seek out the necessary qualifications to take advantage of the tremendous growth that is expected in coming years.

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking Best Agriculture Jobs

Below, please find the detailed review of each job on our list of agricultural jobs. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these agriculture careers to score so high in our selection ranking.

Agricultural Education Review

Agricultural education is a key area that is expected to see continued growth opportunities in the coming years. Continuing to advance the knowledge of up-and-coming students in the industry is key to seeing agriculture jobs growth endure over the coming years.

Agricultural Jobs

Image Source: NAAE

Education within the agriculture jobs sector tends to cover a variety of different job titles:

  • High school agriculture teacher
  • Agricultural education professor
  • Farm business management instructor
  • Young farmer instructor
  • Agricultural literacy coordinator

The National Association of Agricultural Educators states that there are three major responsibilities for educators in these agriculture jobs: classroom and laboratory instruction, experiential learning, and leadership development.

Requirements and Salary

When you apply for this choice for best agriculture jobs, you can plan for higher education. Some universities and colleges will offer agricultural education as a potential major. This usually begins with a degree from a four-year school but may lead to advanced degrees as well.

You must also become licensed to teach within your state, which could mean additional requirements.

According to the National Association for Agricultural Educators, the starting salary for these best agriculture jobs comes in just slightly under $40,000. Most teachers’ salaries will vary depending on the state, your specific job-related duties, and your level of education.

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Farm Laborer Review

A farm laborer is one of the more common careers in agriculture that comes to mind first. While it may not be one of the highest paid positions among jobs in agriculture, there is plenty of job availability with minimal education requirements.

Farm laborers often make it onto a list of agriculture jobs because their job responsibilities can ultimately be so all-encompassing. Job responsibilities typically involve lots of manual labor, and it is great for someone who has a strong work ethic and a love of the outdoors. Duties could include:

  • Harvesting and inspecting crops
  • Irrigating the soil and maintaining pipes or pumps
  • Operating and servicing farm machinery
  • Feeding and caring for the livestock

These workers in agricultural jobs are responsible for the direct care of the livestock and crops. They are often the first ones to feed the livestock and notice illnesses, as well as to perform basic maintenance tasks for the crops. You may know these jobs in agriculture more specifically with titles such as nursery or crop workers, general laborers, or livestock care.

Requirements and Salary

One of the reasons a farm laborer qualified as one of the best agriculture jobs is because it does not require the extensive education associated with some positions. Most places of employment do not even require a high school diploma.

On-the-job training is common with these types of agriculture jobs, making them easily accessible for individuals who have a strong and consistent work ethic.

Salaries are relatively low compared to those with higher education requirements, but workers are not often saddled with expensive student loan debt to repay. Annual salaries range depending on your specific job duties within these jobs in agriculture. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that these agriculture jobs pay roughly $20,090 annually, or $9.66 per hour.

Food Science Review

When you think of the food that is produced for your consumption, science is hardly the first thing that comes to mind. Yet food science is a growing field that promises a bright outlook for candidates who are pursuing the necessary qualifications for employment in these jobs in agriculture.

The primary job responsibility associated with these jobs in agriculture relates to improving the efficiency and safety of current farming practices. Sustainable agriculture jobs in this field may aim to create new procedures and improved products in:

  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Food production facilities
  • Colleges and universities
  • Manufacturing

You can really choose what type of work environment you want to work in when you choose to be employed by these best agriculture jobs. There is a lot of flexibility in job positions for these agricultural jobs.

Requirements and Salary

As with most of our best agriculture jobs, there is an education component associated with food science. A bachelor’s degree is considered a minimum standard, but many workers opt to pursue higher levels of education to increase their potential wages and employment opportunities for agriculture jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statics, the job outlook for food scientists and related agricultural jobs is expected to grow by 5% over the coming years. As it stands, these best agriculture jobs currently score workers a higher than average salary.

The median pay for 2015 came in at $62,470 per year or $30.03 per hour, according to their research.

Horticultural Science Review

Horticulture science is one of many agriculture jobs that isn’t often mentioned when it comes to the list of agriculture jobs that most people pursue. However, there could be plenty of missed opportunities in this field for candidates who have a particular interest in plants and soil.

Scientists who take these types of agriculture means they can research in a number of areas, depending on their interest:

  • Plant genetics
  • Plant diseases
  • Cross-breeding plants and vegetation
  • Effects of pests and weeds

Similar to food scientists, horticultural scientists can work through a number of employment opportunities when it comes to jobs in agriculture. They may find themselves working for research and development companies, colleges and universities, and technical services.

Requirements and Salary

The most common educational requirement for horticultural scientists would be a bachelor’s degree in horticulture if possible. Other areas of study that prove to work well for horticulture science could include biology or botany.

Agricultural and food scientists, including horticulture scientists, are predicted to have a steady increase in agriculture jobs opportunities by the United States government. Jobs in agriculture in these and related fields are expected to grow roughly 7% between now and the year 2024.

The median salary, last evaluated in 2015, was calculated to be $60,050 annually.

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Sustainable Food Production Review

Sustainable food production is key in helping the industry to feed the almost nine billion people in our world today. Those employed within this industry are responsible for creating new ways to handle situations that arise so that we can continue to grow food for years to come.

According to SciDev.net, agricultural jobs contribute to roughly 13.5% of the global greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Controlling greenhouse gases, along with keeping the soil and earth healthy, is significant to maintaining the ability to harvest food.

Sustainable food production and other sustainable agriculture jobs can work toward two broad categorie

  • Extensification: This involves making the most of the land available to us by clearing out grasslands, forests, and more for additional room to grow crops or care for livestock.
  • Intensification: This focus forces scientists to consider how they could improve the yield on land already designated for agricultural jobs.

However, they can also look at sustainable nutrition alternatives, planting methods, and pest control. The specific focus of the research will be highly dependent upon the employer and research facility undertaking the task.

Jobs In Agriculture

Image Source: Payscale.com

Requirements and Salary

Education for sustainable food production can vary depending on your desired research focus. Many different bachelor’s degrees are available if your specific university does not offer a degree in sustainable food production.

Resources for salary and education requirements are difficult to find, likely in part because they encompass a number of job responsibilities and focuses. According to one source, a sustainability coordinator or manager would be responsible for climate planning, energy and water efficiency, and sustainable food systems on a college campus. The salary would range from $45,000 to $62,000.

A sustainability manager would make an estimated $73,337 annually according to Payscale.com.

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Veterinarian Review

Veterinarians don’t often come to mind as an available position when it comes to careers in agriculture. However, caring for livestock is a vital component to keeping a farm up and running.

Veterinarians who want to look for jobs in agriculture may find themselves caring for any number of large and small animals. Cattle, sheep, horses, dogs, and cats are all common animals for those who run a farm or have a large property. While many veterinarians choose to practice only with small animals, there are plenty of agriculture jobs available for large animal workers.

Of the 3,000 veterinarians that graduate each year, only 8% are specifically trained to handle food animals (cows, pigs, and chickens, for example). An additional 7% of those graduates have training that includes but isn’t limited to food animals.

Careers In Agriculture

Image Source: The Balance

Requirements and Salary

The requirements for these jobs in agriculture require a much greater degree of higher-level education than some of the other best agriculture jobs. Professionals must graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from one of the thirty accredited schools in the United States. They must be able to pass the licensing exam post-graduation.

A general veterinarian has a median salary of $87,590 according to research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For those who are set on jobs in agriculture, the salary could be much higher for those who focus exclusively on food animals. The median salary for this type of veterinarian came in much higher at $103,000 according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Agriculture Jobs

Our agricultural jobs list has included only a handful of the top positions that are sought after within a rapidly growing industry. The job outlook appears to be promising for jobs in agriculture, particularly within the industries and areas listed in our ranking.

The best agriculture jobs do tend to require higher education, ranging from bachelor’s degrees to more advanced and specific certifications. Agribusiness careers are certainly growing beyond the typical labor positions of years past, though there is still plenty of agricultural work in this field.

Agriculture careers allow you to work toward improving our food and farming industry in years to come. If you have an interest in leading research and development or being hands-on with the care of livestock and crops, you may be well suited for some of these agribusiness careers.

Consider what your passions are to find out which of these best agriculture jobs is likely to line up with your education, experience, and expertise. Careers in agriculture can take on many different forms, so which of these best agriculture jobs will you pursue? 

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