Is Bellelily Fashion Shopping Site Safe for You to Use? Everything You Need to Know in This 2023 Bellelily Review

Some of the key questions this Belle Lily review article will answer are:

  • Where is Bellelily located?
  • Is Bellelily a legit site? Is Bellelily a real site? Is it safe for customers to use?
  • Is Belle Lily a reputable company?
  • Is it safe for you to enter your credit card information?
  • Are Bellelily clothes as good as they look? Or is the quality of the clothes lackluster when you receive your purchase?
  • Is Bellelily true to size? Or are their sizes too small or too large?
  • Where is Bellelily shipped from? How long do you often have to wait for delivery?

As part of our research, we took a deep dive into Bellelily boutique reviews online to find the answers to those questions as well as others that shoppers most commonly ask. And we also gathered a wide range of consumer feedback. If you have more feedback to share with our editorial team, kindly contact us to let us know using our contact form.

In this article, you’ll find out how safe it is to buy Bellelily dresses and hear what shoppers have to say in their Bellalily customer reviews. We’ll also go through the Bellelily return policy and address any issues that customers may experience while also determining is Bellelily a real site and where is Bellelily shipped from.

Our Belle Lily review will also take a look at shipping times and where you can find a Bellelily apparel coupon to get an even bigger discount. Let’s get into it and find out is Bellelily a safe site?

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What Makes Budget Fashion Websites Like Bellelliy so Popular?

There’s been an explosion of budget fashion websites since online shopping has become so popular. You can find a wide choice of dresses, swimsuits, clothing and accessories online from other countries for a fraction of the cost of traditional malls and department stores.

The catch is that your order ships from across the world (usually from China), and you have no idea whether the site you’re using is legit, safe, and if the products will look like as advertised photo when they arrive.

One of those popular sites with rock-bottom prices that attract fashion-conscious shoppers is Bellelily (also referred to by shoppers as Belle Lily, with a space). This retailer offers deep discounts on Bellelily t-shirts and tops, shoes, Belle Lily dresses, and more, and even offers free shipping for orders over $119.

Bellelily clothing reviews is a popular search term, along with the alternate “Belle Lily clothing reviews” due to the increasing popularity of this budget fashion site. Because shoppers search for the site using both, we’ll refer to it as its standard name “Bellelily” and common alternate, “Belle Lily” in this review.

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bellelily reviewsBellelilyboutique – Reviews for Bellelily

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Should You Search for “Reviews on Belle Lily” or “Reviews on Bellelily” When Searching this Company?

You can do both!

It’s not surprising there is some confusion on how exactly to spell the company name. The company logo at the top of the website used to say “Belle Lily” with a space between the two words, but that has since been updated to remove the space.

Now, everywhere at, the company states their name as “Bellelily”. But, according to search volume data, “Bell Lily reviews” and “reviews for Bellelily” are still used by a lot of consumers trying to find the site.

So, when searching for information, you’ll find both Bellelily boutique reviews and Belle Lily boutique reviews search results, but both refer to the same site, which is officially called Bellelily.

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Is Belle Lily a legit site? Do you have any questions about our reviews? Do you have any information that could make this Belle Lily boutique review even better? Contact us & let us know!

About – High Level Overview

In trying to answer the question, “Is Bellelily legit?” one of the first places to search is for company information. In a review for Bellelliy history, there is not much detail available on their website.

The Belelilly story states, “With more than 10 years offline fashion branch experience and business connections, Bellily has blessed fashion trend finders and high-quality product providers.”

On its website, the company also states that Belleily is a “one-stop online shop featuring the latest in women’s fashion, accessories, home decor, and more“. Belleliy’s affordable collections aim to be the ones to redefine the latest trends, design excellence, and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of any and every individual.

But should we trust this information? It seems that we need to dig deeper to answer two of the most popular questions we get about this company: “Is legit?” and “Is Bellelily a legit company?”

where is belle lily clothing shipped fromBellelily Reviews 2022

Where is Bellelily Located? And Do They Have a Direct Contact Number for Your to Call?

Many customers want to stay away from oversea shipping so it’s only natural to be asking is Bellelily a Chinese company?

YES! Bellelily location is an office address in Hong Kong and it’s listed on the company’s Contact Us page.

However, it’s clearly noted that it is not the address for returns. The fact that the company lists an address on its site is a good sign when asking, “Is Belle Lily legit?”, “Is Bellelily a legit site?” or “Is Bellelily a legit company?” because many other fashion sites are not as forward with this type of information.

Our reviews of the contact methods show that the company doesn’t provide a phone number, just an email address (or Facebook Page to use for contacting the company. The company notes that it’s available to answer questions about Belle Lily dresses and clothing 24/7.

However, the fact that Belle Lily shop does not list a contact number is a cause for concern. This is much different from firms like which proudly list their customer service number online so customers can get in touch with them quickly and as often as needed.

amazon bellelily

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Do you have any more information about Bellelily location or Bellelilyboutique contact number? Please reach out and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Bellelily Clothing Reviews | What Type of Fashion Does Belle Lily Boutique Sell?

While some boutique online fashion sites cater to the 16 to 30-year-old, Bellelily dresses, Bellelily tops, and other women’s clothing are suitable for all ages. So, if you’ve ever thought the low-priced fashion sites like Showpo weren’t quite your style, you may want to review Bellelily clothes.

Bellelilyclothing covers a wide range of everyday fashion, like Bellelily t-shirts, classic work or party dresses, and wide-leg pants. While looking into Bellelily fashion reviews of style types, you’re going to see lots of florals, plenty of leggings, and all many different types of Bellelily dresses, Bellelily tops, and Bellelily t-shirts.

While not all of the fashion will be in your style, there’s such a wide variety of well-categorized Belle Lily clothes that everyone is bound to find something that suits their style.

You’re not going to find anything too outrageous here. We put Belle Lily dresses and Belle Lily tops in the “everyday wear fashion” category. We do have to note in our reviews of Bellelily’s different clothing categories, that some (like Activewear) only have a handful of items. reviews

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Is Bellelily a legitimate website? Are Bellelily clothes the right choice for you? Read on, to find out if Bellelily clothes should be a part of your everyday wear.

Bellelily Review | What Does Bellelily Boutique Really Sell?

Belle Lily fashion is divided in many categories so it’s easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for in just a few clicks.

Belily offers women’s fashions and accessories of the following types:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Sweaters & Cardigans
  • Bottoms
  • Denim
  • Lingerie & Sleepwear
  • Activewear
  • Swimwear
  • Jackets & Coats
  • Two-Piece Sets & Matching Outfits
  • Plus Size
  • Maternity Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Accessories

Bellelily Dresses, Bellelily Tops, Bellelily shoes, and Bellelily Swimwear categories are by far the most popular categories on the site. Each of these categories is divided into further subcategories to make the experience of browsing and shopping on belle even easier.

So, what kind of deals can you find Belle Lily clothes as compared to other retailers?

You can find deals such as a full-length Belle Lily dresses for less than $25, Bellelily shoes and boots in the range of $35-$50, and Bellelily swimwear for less than $10.

Do you have any questions about our Bellilly review? Did we successfully answer questions such as: ” Is Bellelily a legitimate website?”  or “Where does Bellelily ship from?” Reach out and let us know!

Bellelily Shipping Reviews – Is their Shipping Worth it? Delivery Times & Costs

If you’re shipping all the way from China, does that mean the shipping costs will eat up the savings you get on the clothes? Not for this site. A big benefit of Bellelily is that it offers free standard shipping worldwide for all orders over $119.00 USD.

You can get free expedited shipping on all Bellily fashion orders over $159.00 USD.

One improvement we’ve noted when comparing past Belle Lily fashion reviews and current Bellelilly reviews is that they now offer flat rate shipping options for orders that don’t qualify for free shipping.

Bellelily Shipping – Flat Rate:

  • Standard: $6.99 USD
  • Expedited: $9.99 USD

Belle Lily Canada and U.S. have similar shipping times. U.S. standard is 10-18 business days, Canada is 10-21 business days. Both Bellelily Canada and U.S. expedited is 3-7 business days.

bellelily review

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Belle Lilly Reviews | Delivery Times

Be prepared to be patient when it comes to delivery. On top of the Bellelily shipping time is the processing, which is typically about 2-4 business days, but can take as long as 5 to 10 business days.

A review for Bellelily shipping times identified the following shipping ranges globally:

  • Bellily Shipping (Standard)
    • Bellelilly US: 10-18 business days
    • Bellelily Canada: 10-21 business days
    • Bellelily UK: 8-14 business days
    • Bellelily Australia: 10-16 business days

bellelily shipping reviews

  • Bellelily Shipping (Expedited)
    • 3-15 business days depending on your location
    • Free with Bellelily Canada, US, Belle Lily UK, and Bellelily Australia orders

With Bellelily tracking, you can keep track of your Belle Lilly fashion order once it leaves the warehouse.

Have you ordered anything from Bellelily Australia or Bellelily UK? We’d love to get your Bellelily Canada reviews, Belle Lily UK, and Bellelily reviews Australia. Contact us here

Bellelily Review | What Countries Does Bellelily Deliver to?

Consumers are able to order from the website, but need to be aware that Belle Lily boutique does not ship to every country.

Belle currently only delivers to 29 countries worldwide: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Norway, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Netherlands, Mexico, Latvia, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Austria.

A helpful feature we found while doing a Belilly review was a currency selection drop down.

If shopping Bellelily Canada, Bellelily Australia, US, or Bellelily UK you can easily change your currency by using the drop-down menu at the top right side of the site. 

bellelily clothes reviews

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Belle Lily Fashion Reviews | Where is Belle Lily Clothing Shipped From?

If you have been wondering where does Bellelily ship from, we have you covered. Belle Lily clothing is shipped from its warehouse and distribution center in China.

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Do you have any information about Bellelily Amazon? Is there a Bellelily Amazon seller at all? We’d love to hear from you if you’ve purchased any Bellelily Amazon fashion in the past!

Bellelily Clothing Reviews from Customers | Is Bellelily Legit?

Belilly caters to a wide range of women, but what about the clothing quality? Is Bellelily legit and is it safe to shop there? Is Bellelily reputable? What do Belle Lily reviews say about this fashion brand?

You’re about to find out as we bring you the highlights of Bellelilly reviews from multiple sites. First, we’re going to tell you what we found after some research on ratings and reviews sites. This will include a lot of Bellelily reviews from US customers but also Bellelily UK reviews, Bellelily reviews Canada, and Bellelily reviews from Australia.

Bellelilly reviews aren’t listed at the BBB, however, the website is mentioned in a listing about, which has an F rating. Belilly is noted as an alternate business name for (another budget online clothing site).

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Reviews of Bellelily – Belle Lily Outfits

Have you ever ordered Bellelily shirts or any other Belle Lily fashion? How was your Bellilly shopping experience? We’d love to hear from you!

Bellelily Review | Overall Customer Ratings:

  • ResellerRatings reviews on Bellelily – 3.32/5 out of 10 (443 reviews)
  • Sitejabber reviews on Bellelily – 3.3 out of 5 (2085 reviews)
  • Bellelily Trustpilot reviews  – 3.5 out of 5 (1618 reviews)
  • Bellelily reviews BBB – No accredited Bellelily reviews on BBB
  • Belle Lily reviews Facebook (official page) – No Belle Lilly reviews Facebook

So, is Bellelily reputable? The ratings from Bellelilly reviews are mixed. Bellelily Trustpilot customers gave it the best ratings (3.5/5) in their Belle Lily reviews.

Surprisingly, in our past Belle Lily review, we found that there was a discrepancy between the Bellelily review ratings, but this time around all three popular customer review sites, rated Bellelily fashion shopping similarly.

On ResellerRatings Belle Lilly reviews page, we found that most customers gave this shop either a 1-star or a 5-star review.

bellelily reviews uk

Belle Lilly Shop Reviews on ResellerRatings

While we were looking into the Belle Lilly shop reviews, we also found that Trustpilot had recently removed some fake reviews for Bellelily boutique from its platform.

bellelily boutique reviews

Belle Lilly Shop – Bellelily Trustpilot Reviews

Belle Lily Reviews Facebook

While the company maintains its official Facebook page, Bellelily Facebook reviews are almost entirely missing. There are a few comments and reactions on the company’s daily posts, but no actual company reviews which may look a bit shady. If the company allowed Bellelily reviews on Facebook, customers would potentially feel more comfortable about making the order.

Now, we’ll get into the specifics of some of those Bellelily clothes reviews and find out what people liked or didn’t like about this online store and its products.

Bellelily Reviews Reddit

Apart from taking a look into Bellelily reviews on Facebook, we also took a look into Bellelily reviews on Reddit. We found quite a few threads that share Bellelily discount coupons but Bellelily reviews Reddit with actual customer experiences were harder to find.

We were hoping to find some is Bellelily legit Reddit threads, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. So, if you’re looking for further insight from the Reddit community, you may have to start your own Bellelily reviews Reddit thread.

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Reviews of Bellelily | What Did People Like About Shopping on

  • In a Bellelily review on Sitejabber the customer felt the products were worth the low price. Though Bellelily tracking wasn’t available, the package arrived within the estimated timeframe. The suit they ordered was cute, even though the material was a little cheap.
  • Another happy customer that wrote Bellelily UK reviews said the product arrived in 3 weeks and that it fit perfect, and they were impressed with the quality for the low price.
  • In this Bellelily clothing review, the customer ordered six Bellelilyclothing items and said that it only took 12 days for them to arrive, and they were “extremely happy” with everything, and it fit well.

bellelily fashion
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Are you interested in seeing how Belly Lily fashion compares to other fashion brand? Such as Bellylily vs Shein? Or Belllilly vs Rotita? If so, let us know you’re interested! 

Reviews of Bellelily | What Did People Dislike About Shopping on

  • One unhappy shopper said in her Bellelily review that the clothing sizes were way off, and some colors were inaccurate. They also said customer service was poor, and that other Chinese shopping sites weren’t as bad as this one.
  • Another of the negative Belle Lily shop customer reviews has a lot to complain about. They said the item did not look like the photo and the size was far from the sizing chart, additionally when they tried to return the item, the return shipping ended up costing too much and all they got was a 15% Belly Lily coupon for a future order.
  • In one of the reviews on Sitejabber, the reviewer bought a pair of shoes and checked the size conversion chart in advance. But when they arrived, the shoes were 2 sizes off and the site refused to give them a refund.
  • Wrong sizes on two different items were the reason for a 1-star Belle Lilly review we found on Trustpilot. After explaining the size chart was off, they were offered a discount instead of a refund, and the next item they bought also did not fit.

So, is Belle Lily legit? Some shoppers would say yes, but others, say no. We went through a lot of Bellelily reviews UK, Bellelily reviews US, Canada, and Australia and it seems that the customer experience can differ widely. 

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Bellelily Clothing Reviews | Bellelily Size Reviews Warning

During our assessment, we’ve encountered many unhappy Bellelily fashion reviews from paying customers that mentioned receiving clothes or shoes that didn’t fit. Even from people that used Bellelily size conversion chart.

bellelily size reviews

Bellelily Apparel – Bellelily Size Reviews

Is Bellelily True to Size? Does Bellelily Run Small?

While going through multiple Bellelily size reviews, we found that, as per usual, sizes on clothes from China do run smaller than US sizes. However, there were also Bellelilly size reviews in which reviewers said over and over again that the size charts on were wrong, and items received were either too small or too big.

So, is Bellelily true to size? Probably not. You should enquire about the specific items you’re interested in purchasing or you’re risking it by guessing your size. For cheaper items such as Bellelily tops, you won’t be risking much money so maybe start with a smaller purchase to test out the service and still not break the bank.

If you’re happy with your test purchase, you’ll feel more comfortable with splurging out a bit and getting more Bellelily clothes.

If you’ve received a wrong size item and you want your money back, getting a Bellelily returns and refunds are not automatic. We’ll take a look at Bellelily return policy next.

Does Bellelily run small? Do you have a past experience with Bellelily returns because of the size inconsistencies? We’d love to get your Bellelily size reviews! Get in touch

Bellelily Returns | What is Bellelily Returns Policy?

A pretty big red flag to be aware of is that Belily doesn’t really have a clear return policy. In the Bellelily returns and refund policy review on the company’s site, we found that all returns must be approved by customer service, and a return is not guaranteed.

Shoppers have to initiate a return within 7 days of receipt of the product.

Not being able to return an item for a refund or exchange it was a big complaint among Bell Lilly reviewers. They may offer you a discount, as they did with some reviewers, but refunds sometimes seem to be hard to come by.

There were also many Belle Lily reviews that noted return shipping for an unwanted item (which the customer is responsible for) ends up costing more than the price of the Belleliky item, so sending it back for a refund would cost them more overall.

Bellelily Apparel Coupon

If you’re reading Belle Lily clothing reviews, then you most likely are also looking for a Bellelily apparel coupon you can use.

There are several coupons for Bellelilyclothing out there if you want to try the site and risk as little money as possible. On average Belly Lily coupon will offer a discount of 15-20%.

Bellelliy always has some type of discount campaign going so we’d recommend checking Belilly website before moving to any third-party coupon sites. Coupons coming from the shop itself are usually the most trustworthy ones.

Last Call for Huge Savings on – Clearance Down to $0.99bellelily saleBellelily Fashion Reviews 2023 

Bellelliy Reviews | Bellelily Wholesale

Those who want to sell Belly Lilly fashion in their own online shops will be happy to know that there’s a Belle Lily wholesale project. It provides attractive discounts for bulk Bellylilly purchases.

If you participate in Belle Lily wholesale program, you’d be buying larger quantities of Bellelily apparel at lower prices that you’d then sell in your shop. Our review of Bellelily wholesale project found the following Belle Lily wholesale discounts are currently being offered for bulk purchases.

Belle Lily Wholesale discounts:

  • 12% Off on Belleily orders over $100 
  • 13% Off on Belleliy orders over $200 
  • 14% Off on Belleily orders over $300 
  • 15% Off on Bellylilly orders over $400

The more you order, the greater the discount will be. Belleliy wholesalers are able to use products’ details, pictures, and size info from which gives them a great chance to present Belly Lily fashion in the best possible light and earn money while doing so.

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Are you a part of the Bellelily Wholesale Project? We’re always looking to learn more about Belllily! If you’ve been doing Bellelily wholesale, we’d be very excited to get more information from you. Get in touch with us & share your Bellelily wholesale story with our readers.

AdvisoryHQ’s Conclusion | Bellelily Reviews 2022-2023

Reviews on Bellelily are quite mixed. Depending upon the Bellelily boutique reviews you look at, they can either be majority positive or majority negative. With many potential customers still wondering is Bellelily real, it’s time to conclude this conversation.

In answer to questions, “Is Bellelily real?”, “Is Bellelily legit?”, “Is Bellelily a legit company?” we would have to say, yes, but you should proceed with caution. There are enough Belle Lily clothes reviews by shoppers with negative experiences to cause anyone to think twice before using the site.

But it’s also worth noting that many customers are happy with the products they receive, and feel like they got a great bargain, giving 4 and 5 stars in their Belle Lily reviews.

Among the biggest issues with Belle Lily clothes is that they either don’t fit, can’t be returned, or that they never arrive at all, but no refund is given.

Belle Lily reviews about their customer service are spotty. Most say they get no help from customer support. Some Bellelily reviews Australia and Bellelily reviews US mention they are responded to and offered a discount if they have an issue with an order.

Missing shipments were another problem we found in our AdvisoryHQ review of Bell Lily, with only partial orders being received or all items never arriving.

When compared to other similar international shopping sites we’ve seen, Bell Lilly looks to have an equal amount of satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

While the company is upfront about refunds policy and are transparent about Belly Lily office address, shoppers should do their due diligence and weigh all the positive and negative ratings and reviews for Bellelily clothing.

belle lily clothing

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Have you purchased something from Is Bellelily a legit website? Is Bellelily a good company in your opinion? If you have any personal reviews of Bellelily that you’d like to share with our readers, contact us.

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