Overview: Beepi Review | What You Need to Know about Beepi

Most consumers are deeply frustrated with the general state of the car buying process. Many people are asking, “Is Beepi legit?” because the company has a really unique process to buy and sell cars.

Beepi aims to alleviate much of the habitual stress so often found in selling a used car by taking out much of the grunt work that buyers and sellers generally deal with in the exchanging of cars.

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To answer the straightforward question, “Is Beepi Legit?” we must first understand Beepi’s novel process to buy and sell cars.  Then, our Beepi review will interpret the many Beepi reviews of past customers to get the general pulse of customers’ experience.

First, lets take a look at what makes Beepi fresh in the world of selling a used car.

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What Distinguishes Beepi?

According to its website, Beepi’s selling process appears to be straightforward. Potential sellers begin by registering their vehicles on Beepi. Sellers provide their location and the following information about vehicles to be sold:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Trim
  • VIN
  • Mileage
  • Paint
  • Options

Then, those selling a used car must answer several in-depth questions that describe the state of the vehicles — for example, “Does it look new or have minor cosmetic defects?” or “Do the tires match and have at least 75% tread remaining?”

After such profiling, Beepi takes over — that is, it will send an inspector to a seller’s home and driveway to perform an inspection; essentially, Beepi reviews and certifies a vehicle to ensure it is fit for sale. In short, all vehicles must pass this initial Beepi review before the company allows them to be sold on its website.

What’s more, Beepi inspectors will take photos of vehicles, which will eventually go on the listing pages.

After a Beepi review of a car, and assuming the vehicle passes, the stress is lifted from the seller: Beepi takes over. They promise to find a buyer in 30 days or less; if they fail, they buy the unsold vehicle at the same price they quoted to the seller. Such vehicles will continue to sit in storage until buyers are found.

Also, sellers can continue to drive a listed vehicle until the day Beepi comes to pick it up for delivery to the buyer.

Sounds pleasant, right? After all, sellers don’t really have to lift a finger (unless a vehicle doesn’t pass inspection; then, a customer will have to get the necessary work done to fix his or her vehicle).

However, this Beepi review, to be accurate, needs to focus on the critical aspects of Beepi’s structure. Thus, for the sake of this Beepi review — and to help answer the ultimate question, “Is Beepi legit?” — the following questions should be asked, to ultimately aid people seeking to buy and sell cars:

  • Does Beepi’s standard inspection cover a variety of aspects?
  • How does Beepi price cars? What are the incentives for sellers?
  • What are the incentives for buyers? And are buyers protected?
  • How much does this hassle-free service actually cost?

Once we understand the basic structure of Beepi, this Beepie review will ultimately turn to the Beepie reviews of real customers, to see if the company provides a tangible sense of value to those who use it.

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Does Beepi’s Standard Inspection Cover a Variety of Aspects?

beepi reviews

Image Source: Beepi

This Beepi review considers a high-quality, in-depth inspection checklist to be crucial. If Beepi wants to be considered reliable by people seeking to buy and sell cars, it must first ensure that it sells reliable cars with accurate descriptions.

This Beepi review finds the inspection to have great depth. When Beepi reviews a vehicle, they use a 240-point checklist, which comprises the following categories:

  • A basic visual and functional assessment
  • Combing the exterior with a fine eye
  • Making sure everything works as expected
  • A deeper and more thorough visual inspection (which Beepi claims has more depth than the TSA checklist)
  • Detailed interior inspection
  • Under-the-hood inspection
  • Wheel status and assembly
  • Inspection of the car’s underside
  • Getting behind the wheel for functional tests
  • Vehicle road test

Furthermore, each category inspects numerous aspects. This checklist for the Beepi reviews of cars obviously has depth to it: it does not cut corners. According to Dae Yu, the lead inspector of Beepi, only one out of every three cars is rejected, because the company accepts only high-quality cars.

The answer to the first Beepi review question is a straightforward yes: Beepi’s inspection test applies great detail to ensure that the cars it sells are in great condition. Next, this Beepi review answers the second question of whether Beepi accurately prices sellers’ vehicles.

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How Does Beepi Price Cars? What Are the Incentives for Sellers?

Beepi does not charge potential sellers for the initial inspections and price calculations—an obvious incentive.

Beepi reviews a few aspects when pricing vehicles: mileage, the demand for a particular model, the retail price on Edmunds, real-time market data, and their own data models. They do this to ensure that sellers receive accurate value for their vehicles.

Beepi provides two prices, one pre-inspection, one post-inspection. The pre-inspection price is given to a seller once a vehicle’s initial details have been provided. Beepi, using these details, provide a potential price range for that vehicle.

Obviously, this pre-inspection price range will help sellers determine whether to buy and sell cars on Beepi. If this original price range is unacceptable, sellers need not go through with the inspection.

Once a vehicle passes the initial Beepi review, Beepi will use its pricing methods to give a specific price.

Another incentive to buy and sell cars on Beepi deals with potential returns from buyers: people selling a used car on Beepi don’t have to worry about handling returns. Beepi keeps returned vehicles at their facilities, to be sold at later dates. Once a seller receives payment, he or she no longer has to worry about whether the buyer has specific issues with the vehicle or if the vehicle suddenly breaks down.

As mentioned earlier, if Beepi fails to sell a car in 30 days, it pays the seller the full price originally quoted. Either way, a person selling a used car on Beepi is guaranteed to be paid.

Next, our Beepi review will look at incentives for buyers.

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What Are the Incentives for Buyers? And Are Buyers Protected?

As mentioned, Beepi reviews all vehicles by using its 240-point inspection. According to an article by SFGate from 2014, “Beepi cherry-picks newer cars in good shape. They must be 2006 models or newer and have fewer than 60,000 miles.” This stringent filtering — the combination of the inspection and “cherry-picking” — helps buyers rest easy that the vehicles they purchase will meet expectations.

Beepi does not offer test drives — a potential deal-beaker to people considering buying and selling cars on Beepi. However, Beepi makes up for the lack of test drives; it provides a 10-day trial period, in which buyers can return the vehicle and receive their money back in full. The driving limit for the trial period is 1,000 miles.

This 10-day trial allows buyers to determine whether the original Beepi review missed something or if other aspects of a vehicle grate on their nerves, such as how a car feels when sitting in congested traffic, or even whether the rest of the family likes it.

This Beepi review wouldn’t be complete without considering deliveries. Beepi provides coast-to-coast deliveries. A small charge is added for this service and depends on the distance between sellers and buyers — but don’t worry, this charge is clearly specified to customers on Beepi’s website before they checkout.

This Beepi review also noticed that the company advertises haggle-free pricing. For most people trying to buy or sell cars, Beepi believes that price negotiations generally result in customers getting ripped off, rather than the other way around.

Buyers can rest easy, however, that they are getting a fair price. Beepi calculates the sale prices of vehicles by using the same in-depth data and analytical tools that they use to buy the vehicles from sellers.

As extra incentive, Beepi posts an AutoCheck report for every vehicle listing, and the company will provide CarFaxes upon request.

How Much Does This Hassle-Free Service Cost?

It costs nothing to sellers.

For buyers, however, Adam Griffith, the content manager at Beepi, mentioned that Beepi adds 3 to 9 percent to a vehicle’s listing price (based on the original sale price) to help cover Beepi’s costs.

This is often where people trying to buy and sell cars raise the question, “Is Beepi legit?” because an obvious point pops up: How can Beepi charge so little and still continue to make a profit? This is an important question that our Beepi review must answer.

The answer is rather quite simple. According to Griffith, Beepi uses narrow margins; they can do so because they don’t maintain dealer showrooms, have hordes of employees to deal with customers, and their physical inventory is small in comparison to the cars on sale.

buy and sell cars

Image Source: Beepi

In short, because Beepi has removed the typical haggling, for the sake of people seeking to buy and sell cars peacefully, the company has cut down on its own overhead costs. If customers don’t need to waste time haggling, neither does Beepi.

This Beepi review, thus far, has aimed to provide a solid understanding of how Beepi works. It’s structure is unique — a novelty in the realm of buying and selling used cars — but for this Beepi review to be complete, to look beyond the promises, we must consider the Beepi reviews of real customers.

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Customers’ Beepi Reviews

The Beepi reviews on Yelp are consistently high. Beepi has been on Yelp since 2014 and has amassed a total of 759 Beepi reviews. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Five stars: 684
  • Four stars: 32
  • Three stars: 13
  • Two stars: 7
  • One star: 23

The high number of five star reviews implies that Beepi delivers on its promises. What’s more, many of the Beepi reviews echo the same praise. Umar S. said, “I sold my car through Beepi and the experience was as good as it gets…What they paid me for the car was close to the private-party price.”

Jeremy N. said, “Hands down the best car selling experience of my life. I thought CarMax was low pressure, but this was no pressure and a way better deal. Gave me what I felt was top dollar and with no haggle.”

Of course, there is a small share of negative reviews. These center on problems like unsolicited communication and low ball offers. You can read more about them here, but the fact that favorable reviews vastly outweigh the negative ones indicate that Beepi is doing at least something right.


For everyday people, to buy and sell cars seems to be a daunting task, especially because car dealers so often appear to be untrustworthy.

Beepi has stepped in to handle the frustration, to remove the stress that inundates people when they try to buy and sell cars.

Beepi promises a lot, which this Beepi review has covered in detail. The company seems to value the trust of its customers, so it provides detailed inspections to ensure that vehicles are in excellent condition. After all, the selling and buying of cars would likely come to a halt if the vehicles are in constant need of repair.

Thanks to these inspections, Beepi can provide decent prices to sellers, and buyers can rest easy by knowing that a car listed on Beepi is accurately portrayed.

What’s more, buyers do have a chance to return a vehicle, thanks to the 10-day trial period. The “no-questions asked” policy is favorable as well; buyers may wish to return vehicles for a variety of reasons that go beyond the vehicle’s condition.

However, this Beepi review finds potential danger in this same 10-day trial, which includes a 1,000-mile limit. Most people are busy working or raising families or going to school — that is, more pressing needs may prevent new buyers from driving their new vehicles enough to see if the vehicle is in tip-top shape or essentially likeable. This 10-day trial period and the 1,000 mile limit may be too short to allow buyers adequate time to assess their purchase.

However, this Beepi review maintains that the company’s consistent, high-quality service makes up for the potential shortcomings of the 10-day trial. The enthusiastic praise found in Beepi reviews shows that Beepi delivers on its promises. Customers, according to the Beepi reviews, have loved the simplicity of the process, and they feel that they have seen accurate pricing, both during sales and purchases.

We would conclude this Beepi review by saying that Beepi is a trustworthy site. Is Beepi legit? Yes. For people looking to buy and sell cars, Beepi does its best to provide a reliable and haggle-free medium.

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