Introduction: Everything You Need to Know About Dog Health Insurance Cost

Owning a dog has never been more expensive. Apart from the cost of food, grooming, dog sitters, and the like, if your best friend ever gets sick, you know that your wallet is bound to take a pretty hard hit.

While many may recoil at the dog insurance cost, the truth of the matter is that the cost of dog insurance is actually quite reasonable when compared to potential veterinary bills should your pet get seriously sick.

For millions of people, a dog is a member of the family — someone who deserves the best possible treatment. Veterinarians today offer a complete array of health services for your dog.

While these services can be fundamental in getting your companion the treatment that he or she needs, without dog insurance plans, you could very well find yourself in financial trouble.

dog insurance cost

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Paying a minimal dog health insurance cost can help you rest assured that your dog will always have access to the best quality treatment in the event of a sickness.

In this brief article, AdvisoryHQ will explain everything you need to know regarding dog medical insurance. Since the idea of dog insurance prices is foreign to many people, we will begin by explaining what dog insurance plans and dog liability insurance is. We then turn our attention to the different types of medical insurance for dogs.

Next, we answer the question “how much is dog insurance?” and look at the overall cost of dog insurance.  We then analyze the prices of certain veterinary procedures to see how much you could potentially save through paying dog health insurance costs. Finally, we also offer advice on what to look for in dog medical insurance and dog insurance prices.

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Can You Really Get Dog Medical Insurance, Dog Insurance Plans, or Dog Liability Insurance?

Many people would probably affirm that the love of a faithful dog is priceless — until they take their dog to the vet, that is. Veterinary services are increasing in price every year it seems, and without finding out how much is dog insurance, you are likely to be stuck with some pretty hefty bills.

According to Pet Care Rx, the cost of taking care or your pet can cost thousands of dollars. For older dogs, geriatric screening, which should be done at least once a year can cost $110 for each trip.

Doggie dental work can regularly cost as much as $400 and any type of blood test will run you at least $300. If your pup does get very sick and needs some sort of surgery, you are looking at a bill that could easily be $10,000 or more.

Instead of having to decide whether to pay that bill or watch your dog slowly waste away, dog insurance plans can help you cover the expenses. We will look below at the specific dog health insurance cost, but let it suffice to say that dog insurance prices are incredibly reasonable for what you plan to save in the long run.

Though there might not be any government-run Medicare plan for your dog, there are dozens of private companies that specialize in offering medical insurance for dogs. Some of the top companies offering quality services for a reasonable dog insurance cost include:

  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation: This leader in medical insurance for dogs covers everything from regular checkups to major surgeries. The dog insurance cost that they offer is also reasonably priced, with some plans starting at just $18.89 a month, which is one of the lower dog health insurance costs.
  • Trupanion: This insurance company also specializes in medical insurance for dogs. All of the policies that they offer will cover 90% of your actual veterinary bill. They also have sliding premiums, which makes for a reasonable cost of dog insurance.
  • Pet Plan: With plans starting at just over $25 a month, this company offers a slightly more expensive dog insurance cost than their competitors. However, this higher cost of dog insurance comes with unlimited annual coverage. If you have a sick pup, this option will save you major money.

While dog medical insurance is the most common type of insurance for pets, you can also get dog liability insurance. Even if your dog is one of the most well-behaved animals in the neighborhood, you never know when something might suddenly set him or her off.

Dog liability insurance protects you as an owner from any sort of expensive medical or legal bills that might come from a dog attack on an unsuspecting jogger or neighbor. There are a number of companies offering dog liability insurance. Dog Bite Quote offers the most reasonable price for this type of dog insurance cost.

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What Types of Medical Insurance for Dogs Can You Get?

If you want to make sure that your dog will always have access to quality veterinary care, you will need to know the different types of dog medical insurance that are available. Obviously, there will be varying dog health insurance costs depending on the amount of coverage and protection that you opt for.

dog health insurance cost

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According to WebMD:

“Basic plans offer reimbursement for accident or illness expenses only. But there are plans that cover such routine needs as vaccinations. Coverage on some plans may include dental care, flea prevention, prescription medicines, and common medical screening tests, such as blood work, fecal examination, and urinalysis.

With all plans, there can be caps or limitations on coverage. For instance, a company may pay only up to a certain amount per incident of illness or per accident.”

Another important thing to consider when researching dog health insurance cost is whether or not pre-existing conditions are included in the coverage.

Even if you get a plan that is on the lower spectrum when it comes to the cost of dog insurance, you might end up paying heavily if your dog’s pre-existing condition is not covered. Before settling on any plan, make sure to ask if preexisting conditions are covered in the cost of the dog insurance plan you choose.

How Much Is Dog Insurance, and What Coverage Do You Get for Different Dog Insurance Costs?

The exact cost of dog health insurance will vary widely depending on a number of factors including the amount of coverage you receive, whether your dog has preexisting conditions, your deductible, and where you live.

In most cases, the cost of dog insurance is paid as a monthly fee. Some plans advertise a dog insurance cost that is as low as $8.99 a month, while more complete coverage options can up that dog insurance cost to as high as $72 dollars a month.

Another important feature that will affect your overall dog health insurance cost is whether or not your monthly quote or deductible will go up as your dog ages. In most cases, if you begin paying for dog insurance costs when your pet is young, your monthly quote will stay the same and your deductible should also not change.

However, if you sign your dog up for dog medical insurance when he is seven years old or older, plans might charge you a higher dog health insurance cost due to the fact that your dog is more likely to need expensive veterinary care in the near future.

If you want to search for different quotes on the cost of dog insurance, Money Super Market offers a good place to begin your comparison. This website will help give you a pretty good idea of what your cost of dog insurance might be. Nerd Wallet also offers a quality review of some of the top pet insurance companies on the market.

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How Much Can You Save Despite the Cost of Dog Insurance?

Let’s imagine that you have a 10-year-old dog who has been covered by dog insurance plans for the last 8 years. If you have been paying a reasonable $35 per month during the last 8 years, that means that you have paid $3,360. You might have saved around $150 a year from regular checkups and/or dental cleanings.

However, if your dog does get sick and needs a surgery that costs around $5,000, you would end up saving much more than what you paid over the 8 years. For usually less than $50 a month, dog insurance cost is extremely reasonable and can save you major money in the long term.

What Should You Look for in Dog Medical Insurance and the Dog Insurance Prices?

When you are looking for the best dog medical insurance, you need to consider more than just dog health insurance cost. To make sure that you are getting the best deal for your personal needs, you should also take into account the following factors:

  • Your dog’s age: Make sure to ask your provider if the dog health insurance cost that they advertise change as your dog ages. Also, if your dog is already seven years or older, find out if there are any sort of limitations on coverage.
  • Coverage options: If you get a quote for a seemingly inexpensive dog insurance cost, make sure to find out what is and is not included. Many plans don’t include dental insurance, which can be prohibitively expensive.
  • Accidents versus illness: Some dog insurance plans will only cover veterinary costs after accidents such as getting hit by a car or eating something poisonous. If your dog is in a relatively safe environment, you will want to find a policy that also covers routine illnesses.
  • What extras are included: Some insurance plans for dogs will also cover certain extras. According to Nerd Wallet, “Some companies also offer coverage for routine care, such as annual vaccinations and wellness visits, and extras such as coverage to pay for finding a lost pet.”

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Conclusion – The Cost of Dog Insurance Could Save You Thousands

If your dog is a part of the family, they deserve the best protection and care that you can give them. Instead of waiting until illness comes up and having to fork over major money that you might not have on hand, it is best to find dog insurance plans that will keep your loved one covered.

Though no one likes adding an extra bill to their financial slate, the cost of dog insurance is relatively inexpensive when compared to the potential cost of having to pay upfront for a major surgery on your pet.

Taking the time to find out how much is dog insurance and which type of dog medical insurance is right for you can potentially save you thousands of dollars. And after all, you know that your pet deserves the best care no matter what the cost of dog insurance. Having your loved one around for a couple more years more than offsets the cost of dog insurance.

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