Is ASOS Legit? What You Need to Know About and ASOS Marketplace

Over the past few years, ASOS has positioned itself as one of the most popular global online fashion and cosmetics shops but many online shoppers are still left wondering: Is ASOS legit?

ASOS sells thousands of clothing, shoe, and accessory products, from over 850 brands, including some from its own private label brands that often target its core audience in the young adult age group. reviews

ASOS Online Shopping Review

Some of the major brands that ASOS online shopping offers include Levi’s, Nike, adidas, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, and more. If you’re looking for super cheap clothing and cosmetics, you won’t find that here, instead, they sell name brands, offering a discount off of retail.

This nearly 20-year-old online retailer promotes diversity and also offers a clothing marketplace featuring independent boutique labels and vintage clothing.

ASOS Marketplace opened in 2010 with just 20 sellers. Since then we’ve become the leading online platform for independent brands and vintage boutiques.

When browsing through the product selections at and ASOS clothing marketplace, you can expect a wide range of trendy clothing, such as ASOS suits, shoes, and jeans.

Customers can see high-quality images of ASOS shoes and clothing, which include detailed descriptions of sizing, material, and measurements.

ASOS’s clothing marketplace offers great features and simplifies discovering new fashion brands, but is ASOS legit? More importantly, is ASOS safe? 

Many customers wonder how easy ASOS returns are if you don’t like what you ordered or how long ASOS shipping and delivery times are. Prices aren’t low at ASOS, so you’re risking more when you buy there than you would be at some Asian-based e-commerce sites.

On the other hand, you may be getting what you pay for in the quality of the clothing and cosmetics. Is that the case with ASOS?

These questions–and more–will be answered through our in-depth ASOS review.

While there are plenty of ASOS reviews around, our ASOS review will take a close look at everything this online shop has to offer, providing shoppers with the information they need to make smart, safe choices when shopping online.

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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing ASOS Clothing & ASOS Shoes

Here are some primary concerns that shoppers have when creating their own ASOS review about the online store and its marketplace:

  • Is ASOS legit?
  • Are ASOS reviews mostly positive or negative?
  • What types of ASOS clothing, ASOS suits & ASOS shoes are available?
  • Does the company offer free shipping?
  • How long is the ASOS delivery time?
  • How easy are ASOS returns?

This review aims to answer these questions for you by providing a review of, including a quick overview of the site and its marketplace of vintage boutiques and indie designers to help you get a better idea of what ASOS has to offer.

We will also look at various ASOS reviews from consumers, providing an expert ASOS review from a shopper’s perspective.

About | Is ASOS Legit? was launched online in June of 2000 as a one-stop clothing e-commerce destination for quality fashion. Yes, ASOS online shop is a legit business.

The company’s founders wanted to have a business that could reach customers worldwide and allow online shoppers to easily get new fashion trends for men and women from the comfort of their homes rather than having to visit a retail store.

Ultimately, ASOS shoes and ASOS clothing are created with individuality in mind. The company believes that fashion thrives on individuality, and that fashion can empower people to look, feel, and be their best selves.

Online Presence

Our ASOS review found that the brand has a strong online presence, which certainly helps to positively answer the question, “Is ASOS legit?” This presence includes:

  • 19 million social media followers
  • 4 million active customers
  • 69% of traffic from mobile devices

​They also have a hashtag they use to promote ASOS online shopping, #AsSeenOnMe, which encourages customers to upload photos of their ASOS style finds and purchases and share them on their favorite social platforms.

For those interested in forming their own ASOS review, you can follow ASOS on the following social media outlets: 

The company has an active social presence, which speaks positively to the question, “Is ASOS legit?” On its Facebook page, the company has the “very responsive to messages” badge, which is a good sign for customers needing assistance with questions or orders.

Corporate Responsibility

Our ASOS review also found that the company has uniquely and visibly outlined their goals to maintain a strong sense of corporate responsibility.

For ASOS, this means taking the initiative to reduce its carbon footprint on the world by embracing environmentally-friendly practices and green initiative goals. For example, ASOS ships its merchandise to customers in boxes made of 100 percent recycled material.

The company also boasts that 34% of all fibers used in ASOS brands come from sustainable sources.

asos clothing reviews

ASOS Corporate Responsibility

Along with taking care of the environment, ASOS believes that ethical trading, sustainable sourcing, and animal welfare are all central components to their business model.

Our ASOS review found that not only is ASOS legit, but the company also promotes a strong sense of corporate responsibility.

If you’re looking for a brand that is equally passionate about fashion and ethical practices, then ASOS shoes and ASOS clothing may be worth considering.

Where Is ASOS Located?

Finally, the most basic way to answer “Is ASOS legit?” is to take a look at how the business is registered, and where.

ASOS’s main headquarters is located in London, England. ASOS delivery territory includes over 200 countries worldwide. There are fulfillment centers located in Europe, the UK, and the US.

Recently, there has been aa huge demand for ASOS clothing in the U.S., that the company had a few shipping delays from their warehouse in Atlanta, GA, but has since worked to improve ASOS shipping and delivery times.

The company is legally registered in the United Kingdom by Companies House, which is the U.K.’s official registrar of companies, proving their legitimacy.

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ASOS Reviews: Shoes, Suits, Jeans, & ASOS Maternity

Since ASOS is primarily an online clothing and accessories marketplace, it will be best to break down the ASOS clothing reviews into the most popular categories that its consumers normally purchase.

Trustpilot has more than 8,200 reviews. This includes ASOS reviews of shoes, suits, and jeans. ASOS maternity reviews are primarily derived from

ASOS Shoes Review

ASOS’s product images and quick links to #AsSeenOnMe for ASOS shoes are a trending topic when looking at ASOS reviews.

The company offers customers the chance to view several high-quality images of the shoes on ASOS so they can ensure that they are getting the product that they want before purchasing it.

On the popular review website Trustpilot, consumers who purchased items from ASOS noted that the shoes they bought often matched the image they viewed online.

However, we found a concerning note on a few reviews about shoes looking used. One reviewer that gave a 1-star ASOS shoes review stated,

“I had to return a pair of shies [sic] I ordered from ASOS because they had dirt and scruffs all over them and the sole of the shoes were dirty. Obviously someone had worn them already. Gross. Not the mention the quality of the shoes was bad.”

Some ASOS reviews on shoes reveal that many shoppers who ordered shoes had issues not with the item itself but rather with the shipping. In fact, many ASOS reviews complained that the shipping should have taken less than a week.

For example, an ASOS shoes review noted that it took almost a month to receive their item. Another ASOS shoes review revealed that they never received their item at all.

Other ASOS reviews on shoes revealed that product exchanges were not easy and rather frustrating.

For example, one ASOS shoes review highlighted that when trying to initiate an ASOS return for an item due to not liking the product or having a change of mind, customer service was rude and disrespectful.

The overall consensus of negative ASOS reviews on its shoes involved customers’ shock and dismay regarding a horrible experience with customer service.

However, shoe-buying consumers who left positive ASOS reviews on shoes never indicated any issues with customer service, though happy customers have little reason to contact customer service for assistance.

ASOS Shoes Review Shoes Reviews

Many buyers who ordered shoes from were happy with the packaging. Also, many felt that ASOS’s quality met their expectations, therefore leaving positive ASOS reviews.

ASOS Suits Review

ASOS has a trendy selection of suits that draws many shoppers. ASOS suits include a wide selection of styles, including skinny suits, solid, checked, and floral patterns. On top of that, this online fashion shop also offers suits in tall sizes.

When it comes to buying a suit, it can be rather hard for a client to be confident in making this type of purchase online. However, ASOS suits reviews reveal that the site helps to alleviate this major concern thanks to its high-quality photos from several angles and videos.

Many of the suits show videos with models walking and turning around while wearing it, which allows online shoppers to view the fit of the suit on a model, making it easier to locate the best ASOS suits for your body type and style.

ASOS suit

ASOS Suits Reviews

ASOS suit reviews via Trustpilot lacked complaints about the quality of ASOS suits, which is a good sign. However, negative reviews dealt with customer service, as we’ve seen previously.

For instance, one ASOS suit review claimed that customer service was awful and made them not want to do business again with the company.

On Styleforum, we did find posts from several reviewers that said ASOS suits were poor quality and did not fit well. One person that had purchased a suit at ASOS stated,

“I bought one for a fancy dress party actually. Perfectly suited to that occasion, but they are really very poor quality.”

On Reddit in the subreddit r/malefashionadvice, a reviewer also agreed that ASOS suits are “pretty poor quality” but said that he felt they were fine for casual wear and looked great because of all the different colors and styles.

ASOS Jeans Review

The consensus of ASOS clothing reviews on jeans involved a healthy mix of positive and negative comments. Many Trustpilot ASOS reviews regarding jeans approved of the quality of the clothing.

However, one ASOS jeans reviewer commented on their need to return a pair of jeans because it was too small. Other ASOS clothing reviews on jeans by shoppers highlighted the horrible customer service experiences they had when trying to initiate ASOS returns.

A review at mentioned that ASOS was a favorite place to shop for jeans due to all the sizes and the fact that they have videos with the models walking in the jeans, so you get a good idea of how they’ll look.

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ASOS Maternity Reviews

Although ASOS is a popularly reviewed brand on Trustpilot, it lacked specific ASOS maternity reviews. However, the consensus on involved positive ASOS reviews regarding product quality.

The adverse ASOS clothing reviews on its maternity wear are centered on — once again — customer service. ASOS clothing reviews also reveal that customers can expect delays in shipping.

Over at BabyCenter the moms on their forum praise ASOS maternity dresses but don’t love the additional ASOS shipping/customs fees to some countries. Some of the reviews for their maternity wear include:

“I have only ordered a formal maternity dress but it was great quality and true to size.”

“I ordered 6 maternity dresses from ASOS – love them, fit to size. Did not, however, love the surprise fees I got upon delivery (to Canada). Order was $99, paid $53 on top of that for duty/brokerage fee on delivery. Never again.”

ASOS maternity clothes

ASOS Maternity Reviews

Overall, ASOS online shoppers give positive reviews for ASOS maternity wear, with complaints stemming from poor customer service and expensive surprise ASOS delivery fees, rather than the clothing itself. Review Consensus

After examining ASOS reviews regarding clothing such as suits, maternity wear, jeans, and ASOS shoes, the biggest disadvantage of buying from the company seems to be its customer service and shipping delays.

Long ASOS shipping times seem to also be a common thread among ASOS reviews, although these times will differ from one country to the next.

On the other hand, the company’s sustainable practices in its supply chain and shipping discounts, as well as low-cost shipping options (to some countries), provide advantages for shopping at

When it comes to the quality of ASOS clothing, it’s a mixed bag. The jeans and maternity wear get great marks for good quality, but ASOS suits are consistently mentioned as low quality in multiple online reviews.

As an additional benefit for younger online shoppers, the company also offers a 10 percent student discount on its clothing.

What About the ASOS Marketplace?

ASOS Marketplace The company’s vintage and independent marketplace sells the same product categories as ASOS and also offers the advantage of discovering new brands that may not be offered anywhere else. 

Many of these labels also come in a variety of sizes and price points, making it easy to shop both high and low. Amazingly, you can get clothing from more 750 boutiques from around the world.

ASOS online shopping through their marketplace gives the consumer the chance to buy global looks in one place, and their boutique directory makes it easy for customers to see what is available that might catch their eye.

Our ASOS review did find that a potential disadvantage to the boutique is that customer service and order fulfillment is handled by the boutique, and not by ASOS.

Unfortunately, you cannot apply a student discount to the marketplace. However, ASOS does assist if the boutique is not responsive or if the buyer is unsatisfied with the ordering process.

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Does ASOS Offer Free Shipping?

One main advantage of shopping online at is that it offers free shipping. However, you must spend a certain amount to get it.

ASOS has multiple websites based on geographical locations around the world. Country-specific websites include:

That means that if you are in the United States, prices would be listed in U.S. currencies. However, if you don’t see your currency listed, you’ll have to select the appropriate currency in the drop-down box at the top right-hand corner of the page.

ASOS shipping costs are also based on your products’ final destination. For our purposes, our ASOS review will focus on US-based shipping costs.

  • Standard Click & Collect Shipping: $4.99 or Free for orders over $50
  • Express Click & Collect Shipping: $7.99

One important thing to note is that to get accurate shipping costs, you will need to double-check the currency settings to ensure that you are on the right page.

Our ASOS review found that, although the site is fairly intuitive by automatically assigning the correct geographical location, there are times where this is not consistent.

How Long Do I Have to Wait for ASOS Delivery?

In many reviews for ASOS, we found shoppers complaining that ASOS delivery times were longer than promised. The company itself has acknowledged some issues with long shipping times in the past but says it’s worked out the warehouse problems.

ASOS states that it delivers generally in 3 to 6 business days. It also offers a service called “Click & Collect.”

ASOS Standard Click & Collect states that you “can have your order delivered to a UPS collection point.” The timeframe for standard ASOS delivery is 6 business days.

Their Express Click & Collect is delivered within 2 business days.

To learn more about those UPS collection points and shipping timeframes, check out ASOS Delivery FAQ, as it breaks down how long you might have to wait to obtain your items. 

For frequent shoppers, our ASOS review found that it may be beneficial to consider the Premier Delivery program. For $19, this program offers unlimited two-day shipping for an entire year.

Tips for Ordering on

ASOS clothing reviews on Trustpilot overall have a poor rating, with just 1.9 out of 5, mainly due to poor customer service. Many of these issues occur when customers are trying to initiate an ASOS return and have a problem or are calling about a shipment that’s never arrived.

You can reduce the chance you’ll need to deal with ASOS returns by making sure you understand that their “large” might be considered a “medium’ by other retailers because their fashions are designed for 20-somethings.

It’s also a good idea to take time to watch the product videos, as they’re really helpful in seeing how the ASOS suits, dresses, and other clothing look in real life.

Keep in mind that ASOS might not be the best site if you are just buying clothes to try them out, based on customer ASOS reviews regarding processing exchanges and returns.

While ASOS returns policy has recently been extended to allow more days, it also can be a point of frustration if you don’t understand when you can and can’t get your full refund.

If you return an item within 28 days, you can get a full refund back to your payment methods.

If you do an ASOS return between 29 and 45 days after you’ve received the item, they give you an ASOS gift voucher instead.

Finally, ensure you know your size and use the sizing and visual tools the company provides.

This was a major issue that ASOS clothing reviews revealed, as many individuals ordered without being sure of their sizes. Taking these tips into consideration, you have a better chance of avoiding adverse customer experiences.

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Conclusion: Is ASOS Legit? Is ASOS Safe? 

So, is ASOS legit? Is ASOS safe? ASOS certainly is legit and safe to use for purchasing fashionable clothing, shoes, and even maternity wear. It also provides the advantage of finding unique labels that may not be accessible from anywhere else in the world.

Shoppers can also find clothing, shoes, and accessories from local makers or choose to use ASOS’s brands and visual shopping tools for an enhanced experience.

However, if anything goes wrong with your order or you plan to do an exchange or refund, it is entirely possible that you might encounter an unsatisfying experience with its customer service.

When it comes to determining whether ASOS shoes, clothing, or accessories are right for you, the best method is to thoroughly research the company. Read ASOS reviews to get a handle on their shipping policies, customer service record, and product quality. 

Ultimately, ASOS offers some great quality products, depending upon the brands and styles you shop, and can ship to you almost anywhere in the world, making this online retailer worth a second look.

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