Ashley Stewart Clothing – Esssential  Information

Ashley Stewart clothing has been a fixture in the crowded women’s retail fashion market since the early 90s.

Though it doesn’t operate on quite the scale of some of its competitors, Ashley Stewart clothing has developed a dedicated following.

This following has helped the company endure difficult financial times. The company has changed over the years; Ashley Stewart plus size clothing is now the primary focus of the brand, which helps cement its dedicated following.

ashley stewart clothing

Image Source: Ashley Stewart

It remains to be seen, however, just what the experience of shopping for Ashley Stewart dresses or Ashley Stewart shoes is like for the customer now.

Numerous Ashley Stewart reviews online show a variety of experiences to consider as part of a closer look at their services and products. Some areas to think about in detail include:

  • Ashley Stewart plus size dresses and shoes
  • Ashley Stewart coupons and discounts
  • Ashley Stewart bill pay options
  • Ashley Stewart clothing reviews

Given that Ashley Stewart is a thriving online business as well as a line of brick-and-mortar stores, it is important to consider a range of factors when examining Ashley Stewart reviews.

Below is a detailed examination of customer experiences buying Ashley Stewart clothing, including reviews, complaints, and analysis of their procedures.

Considering these factors will help customers determine what makes Ashley Stewart stand out, and whether or not the company is for them.

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About Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart clothing lines were first released in 1991. They were initially sold exclusively in stores that were operated in historically deprived neighborhoods. Founder Joseph Sitt was also the CEO and founder of Thor Equities, a real estate company.

He opened the chain in hopes of reaching a market that was too often ignored. Each store was staffed entirely with people from the local communities. Sitt sold his share in Ashley Stewart in 2000, and the brand has been directed under a few different CEOs since then. Some of these CEOs oversaw considerable downsizing.

There are two main areas for the sale of Ashley Stewart clothing: the physical stores that made the brand famous, and the increasingly important online store.

As we’ve already established, Ashley Stewart plus size clothing was originally sold only in physical stores. Recently, however, the company has gradually moved away from this avenue and the number of these outlets nationally has been cut by more than half. Nevertheless, Ashley Stewart shoes and clothing continues to benefit its communities this way. That said, the degree to which this is the case, given the company’s recent downsizing, is questionable.

Ever more vital to the Ashley Stewart brand is the online store. Alongside its regular line, the online store also sells exclusive Ashley Stewart plus size dresses. It also features other items not availaible in their signature neighborhood stores.

Ashley Stewart coupons and discount codes for use online further demonstrate the company’s commitment to this market. Despite the lower overheads and attempts to boost their online presence, however, it is unclear if Ashley Stewart dresses are consistently cheaper online than in the physical stores. Customers report varying results in their Ashley Stewart clothing reviews.

Our review will focus on:

  • Ashley Stewart clothing products and services
  • Offers and discounts, including Ashley Stewart coupons
  • Purchase options, including store credit cards

With close examination of these facets, combined with feedback from Ashley Stewart reviews, it can be determined with aspects of Ashley Stewart’s services customers need to be aware of.

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Ashley Stewart Clothing Products and Services 

Though Ashley Stewart plus size dresses are the brand’s focus, the company maintains a diverse catalog of other related products and services. These include:

  • Ashley Stewart shoes and accessories
  • Online-only Ashley Stewart dresses
  • Ashley Stewart swimwear
  • Ashley Stewart intimate wear

The breadth of styles and products available is impressive, and most customers appreciate the aesthetic. This is evident in their Ashley Stewart reviews. Some Ashley Stewart clothing reviews, however, raise questions about the quality of the workmanship on some items. There have also been numerous complaints about poor customer service in both the physical and online stores.

Ashley Stewart reviews complaining about service in the physical stores appear isolated to specific stores, and do not necessarily indicate company-wide problems.

Customer feedback shows that most repeat customers with Ashley Stewart clothing come back due to the styles available, both in range and quality.

A poor range of options is a common problem for customers shopping for plus size women’s clothes, so Ashley Stewart fills this need well. In addition, most of the listed sizes for Ashley Stewart plus size dresses are accurate. Inaccurate sizing is a common problem for other, similar retailers.

Most of the Ashley Stewart reviews complaining about the company are concerned with customer service on the online store. It is unclear how this will affect the brand’s future as it continues to grow.

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Ashley Stewart Coupons, Promotions, and Offers 

Ashley Stewart has a range of special offers, most of them designed to attract new customers or encourage buying during quiet seasons. Several Ashley Stewart coupons are available directly from the website, as well as a host of other sites dedicated to store promotions. In most cases, these coupons can be used both online – via a code – or in store. For the latter, simply print the page and take it to the cashier.

ashley stewart coupons

Image Source: Ashley Stewart Coupons

This is a potential benefit to customers interested in using both services, or if they encounter problems with one. Several Ashley Stewart reviews state that online returns are often resolved with a store visit. This convenience does not carry over into some of the other offers, however, and may not be particularly beneficial given Ashley Stewart’s recent store downsizing.

For those willing to sign up to a regular newsletter, the company also offers a cycling series of time-limited sales, such as bonus store credit when customers spend over certain amounts. This system was put into place to boost sales during traditionally slow seasons. Only regular Ashley Stewart clothing buyers will really benefit from this, however, and it is worth noting that credit received online or in-store will not be transferable between the two different outlet types.

It is clear that the strings attached to these offers are designed to encourage more customers to shop for Ashley Stewart plus size clothing online. The inconvenience of buying alternately between online and physical stores, especially if there are none near the  customer’s home, may work in this respect. It is also possible, however, that it may simply turn off new customers who would otherwise be drawn in by the offers.

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Purchase Options

In addition to coupons, Ashley Stewart also has offers that require some degree of committment from the customer. Regular customers of Ashley Stewart clothing should consider the store credit card, which offers 20% off the first purchase and access to unique discounts. There is no indication as to what these unique offers consist of, however, so mileage may vary. Customers should consider the minimum monthly payments required by the card.

Though the promotions mentioned have limited appeal for many customers, the store credit card is only one Ashley Stewart bill pay option. They accept all major credit cards for online and in-store purchases as well. Occasional or first-time customers can still try Ashley Stewart without committing to anything long term this way. The site does try very hard, however, to push the credit card as the primary choice for buying Ashley Stewart clothing, which may annoy some shoppers.

Ashley Stewart bill pay options are limited in other respects, as they do not accept personal checks, money orders, or cash of any kind. In addition, gift cards are only purchasable and usuable in physical stores, not online. These limitations may compound the frustrations felt by many customers in their Ashley Stewart reviews. Considering these potential complications, it is necessary to examine the company’s problems in more detail.

Problems with Ashley Stewart Clothing

The two most prevalent complaints in Ashley Stewart clothing reviews are significant difficulties with order and returning, and the poor construction quality of some items. The ordering problems were especially bad with – though not isolated to – the online store.

Numerous Ashley Stewart review complaints describe orders never arriving, arriving with parts of the order missing, incorrect orders being sent, or no contact with customer service when returns are requested. This is especially damning in light of Ashley Stewart’s increasing reliance on their online store, and it is particularly disappointing for long-time customers who enjoy the brand’s rotating selection.

Some Ashley Stewart reviews also complain of being unable to process returns at all. The company does not accept returns to countries outide of the U.S. In addition, certain clearance or online exclusive items may not be accepted for returns. Returns costs are typically paid by the customer, which is potentially problematic for the brand, given its target market.

The poor construction quality of some of the items, especially certain Ashley Stewart dresses, really compounds the problems caused by delivery issues. The nature of  online shopping makes it impossible for the customer to verify the quality of the Ashley Stewart clothing before purchase, so a reliable and fast return system is essential for long-term satisfaction. Without this, customers should think twice before buying from the website.

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There’s no denying the draw of Ashley Stewart clothing for the company’s dedicated fans. The styles of Ashley Stewart plus size clothing on offer are good at encouraging customers to come back time and again. In addition, the company’s early commitment to serving disadvantaged communities is commendable, and doubtless contributed to its success.

That the level of customer service evidenced in numerous Ashley Stewart reviews is so poor is especially disappointing to their most loyal customers. Customers cannot rely on Ashley Stewart’s customer service team to help them in the event of a problem, nor can they rely on their online deliveries arriving without a hitch. As the company moves further toward driving sales through the online store, customers may encounter ever more problems with simple requests, such as refunds.

Though the Ashley Stewart coupons and special offers are generous in principle, they often come with significant strings attached. These may deter customers who are already uncertain about trying them. The store credit card is a simple Ashley Stewart bill pay method and offers tempting discounts for new sign ups, but the requirements associated with it are unclear. It’s uncertain if the benefits of the card outweigh the potential costs.

Ashley Stewart plus size dresses are the core of the brand’s appeal, and customers may find their impressive selection to be worth the hassle of dealing with the customer service issues. This is especially true if they live near a physical store, which is less likely to have issues and is the only way to use gift cards. For those like the customers leaving behind negative Ashley Stewart reviews, however, or without access to a physical store, the problems with the website may be too much.

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