Overview of AMIClubwear Review

Are you looking for a selection of the latest fashion trends at an affordable price that you can wear on a night out?

Then AMI Clubwear may be a brand you’re considering. AMI Clubwear offers a wide selection of AMIClubwear shoes, AMIClubwear dresses, and AMIClubwear boots for young women and teens.

This Southern California brand also provides accessories, costumes, and other merchandise — but is AMIClubwear legit?

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This article will provide insight on the legitimacy of AMI Clubwear and what AMIClubwear reviews are saying about the shopping experience so that you have a better understanding of whether it’s worth shopping at the site or not.

You’ll also find information regarding AMIClubwear coupons, merchandise, and shipping. Let’s explore what AMI Clubwear has to offer.

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What People Want to Know About AMI Clubwear

If you’re wondering what people may be asking about AMI Clubwear, then you’re in luck. Here are some key concerns shoppers have about AMI Clubwear:

  • Can the site survive?
  • Is it worth shopping at AMI Clubwear?
  • What kind of merchandise can you get at AMI Clubwear?
  • Can you get free shipping for AMIClubwear boots, AMIClubwear dresses, AMIClubwear shoes, or other AMI Clubwear merchandise?
  • How do you get AMIClubwear coupons?
  • What are some sites like AMIClubwear?
  • What are AMIClubwear reviews saying about the shopping experience?
  • Is AMIClubwear legit?

Is AMIClubwear Legit?

If you are wondering about whether Ami Clubwear is a safe site to shop at or whether it is legit, we can offer you some peace of mind. Ami Clubwear is a registered U.S. trademark of Dese Enterprise, Inc. The company owns AmiClubwear.com and is based in Southern California.

Dese Enterprise also has an active registration with the California Secretary of State, as of 2016.

The company was started in 2004 using eBay by owner, Yang Yang, as a platform to sell merchandise and was later registered under Dese Enterprise around 2007 in the state of California. Therefore, the company is a legitimate U.S. business.

AMIClubwear Merchandise

Are you wondering what AMI Clubwear has to offer you? You may be pleasantly surprised. AMI Clubwear has a wide range of clothing available for almost any type of event you plan to attend, whether it is a day of swimming on the beach or a night out with friends at a party.  

AMIClubwear shoes are also available on AMIClubwear.com in a variety of selections from AMIClubwear boots and fur boots to flats and pumps.

AMIClubwear dresses have almost countless options available for you as well. For example, you can buy party dresses for the evening or even casual floral dresses for daytime wear.

If there is a holiday coming up or a costume party you need to attend, AMI Clubwear also offers a variety of costumes, such as animal-themed costumes, character-themed costumes, and occupation-themed costumes. AMI Clubwear shoppers can also find sizes available in a wide range from small to plus-size garments.

ami clubwear

Image Source: AMI Clubwear

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AMIClubwear Shipping

AMI Clubwear also provides a few shipping options to satisfy customer needs. AMI Clubwear shoppers should note that it takes at least two business days from the time their purchases are made for their orders to be processed.

Free standard ground shipping is available with AMI Clubwear on orders of $50 or more, but you must enter in the correct coupon code. This fashion company also offers second-day air shipping at an extra cost for those in need of their items quicker than the standard shipping timeframe of five to seven business days.

If for any reason there is a payment issue or the item is not in stock, it could take longer than the two business days to process the order.

Orders that are made on the AMI Clubwear website on Fridays will begin the process date on Monday, not on the weekend. Keep that in mind, as ordering on Friday could make it appear as if the company is taking a long period of time to ship your order.

AMIClubwear Coupons

One of the main reasons consumers shop online is to save money. Luckily, AMI Clubwear does offer its new and existing consumers the ability to use a coupon to save on their purchases. However, keep in mind that AMIClubwear coupons can change from month-to-month. There are two AMIClubwear coupons that are available since the writing of this article.

Coupon code “FREESHIP” will enable you to get free ground shipping on your orders of $50 or more. This offer can be used as many times as you want, but please check the site to ensure it is still active.

This coupon is only available for customers in the contiguous U.S., and the shipping could take between five to seven business days to arrive after the order has been processed.

Another current AMI Clubwear coupon code is the code “AMI.” This code will give shoppers 40 percent off regularly priced items.

However, this offer cannot be combined with the free shipping. You are only allowed to use one coupon code at a time. The “AMI” code cannot be used with the AMI Clubwear Pleasers or Doorbusters items.

Please note that these coupons have a time limit on them and cannot be used before or after the special. They also cannot be combined with other coupons. So, before you make your purchase, see which coupon will best suit your needs and give the best deal possible.

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AMIClubwear Reviews

AMIClubwear reviews provide a healthy mix of both positive and negative evaluations of the shopping experience on the website. But those negative evaluations are rather hard to come by as AMI Clubwear seems to have a winning formula and consumers are leaving primarily positive AMIClubwear reviews.

amiclubwear shoes reviews

Image Source: AMIClubwear Reviews

The image above shows that most customers on Trustpilot have given the company stellar reviews with over 11,000 AMIClubwear reviews. Out of the 11,000 plus AMIClubwear reviews, the site has an 8.9 out of 10-star rating, as of 2016.

The Negative

It might be best to examine the negative AMIClubwear reviews first to see why this small population of people dislike AMI Clubwear. One surprising factor about these negative AMI Clubwear reviews via Trustpilot is that they primarily had an issue with the company’s shipping policy; largely, their orders took longer than expected.

For example, one AMIClubwear review customer ordered her product on a holiday and claimed the item took over 10 days to arrive at her home. She was upset with the long process. Other AMIClubwear reviews that gave the company a one-star rating also complained of the long delays in shipping.

Tips to Avoid Adverse Shopping Experiences

If you dig deep into the the negative AMIClubwear reviews section, you may wonder why shipping was such a problem. The interesting fact is that it usually had nothing to do with AMI Clubwear taking too long; more often, the consumer did not read the company’s shipping policy prior to ordering. For example, the company states on its shipping section that they will not process an order on certain holidays and only will process them on business days.

is amiclubwear legit

AMI Clubwear

That AMIClubwear review customer ordered her product on a holiday, which then was followed by the weekend. That AMIClubwear review customer and others similar to it expressed dissatisfaction with waiting for 10 days or a little more to receive their items. But if you do the math, the holiday and the weekend totals to three days that the order is not being processed. Also, the customers should have considered that AMI Clubwear needs two days to process the order.

After five days, the order finally ships, but those AMIClubwear reviews used the free shipping code. This extended the typical standard shipping timeframe, making it longer for the order to arrive at their homes. This extension ended up totaling a range of 10-12 days from the time of order for it to arrive, which the company clearly states as a possibility in its shipping policy.

The Positive

More than 11,000 positive AMIClubwear reviews via Trustpilot makes it nearly impossible to read them all. However, it’s not hard to provide a breakdown as to why so many of these reviews were positive and why AMI Clubwear looks to be a company that will be around for years to come. Here’s a quick synopsis:

  • AMI Clubwear consumers were happy with the fact that the coupon code is easily displayed on the website and can be used as many times as they want.
  • Many AMI Clubwear shoppers expressed happiness with the aggressive pricing and felt that the deals were well worth it since they don’t have to compare pricing with other companies.
  • Many AMIClubwear reviews gave glowing statements on the quality of the product, despite concern that such aggressive pricing might mean horrible quality.
  • AMIClubwear reviews were happy that the company had the latest fashion trends and easily showed how the outfits would look on them prior to purchase.
  • Countless AMIClubwear reviews have noted satisfaction with the fact that the company has a wide range of clothing, making it their one-stop shop without having to order on other websites.
  • Specials! After reading so many AMIClubwear reviews, one AMIClubwear review was of particular interest; they stated that they look at the Doorbuster section or the Under $20 section of the website nearly every weekly to get bigger savings. Others have also stated that they love how visible the sale sections are.

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Sites Like AMIClubwear

If you’re looking for sites like AMI Clubwear, then you have multiple options. Here’s a list of a few you can consider and compare to AMI Clubwear:

  • Lulus.com
  • CharlotteRusse.com
  • HM.com
  • GoJane.com
  • LoveCulture.com
  • ASOS.com
  • Rue21.com

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re still wondering, “Is AMIClubwear legit?” you don’t have to worry. You can safely shop online via the brand’s website to find AMIClubwear shoes, AMIClubwear dresses, AMIClubwear boots, and other merchandise. With so many AMIClubwear reviews raving about the company’s great deals and quality, it might be in your best interest to give the company a look to see if their clothing matches your style.

Don’t forget to look at the current AMIClubwear coupons that are available on the site as the coupon can change. Finally, please remember to carefully plan what day you wish to make the purchase as the company only processes orders on business days, so it could take a few extra days to receive your order.

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