Intro: An Overview of Allianz Travel Insurance

Are you a traveler looking to find a travel insurance company that can assist you in protecting your upcoming trips and give you more peace of mind? Perhaps you’ve heard of Allianz Travel Insurance and would like to find out more about the company.  

Many reviews of Allianz Travel Insurance can be found online; however, a majority of them tend to be biased in one form or another. This Allianz Travel Insurance review will, instead, take an objective and in-depth approach so that consumers can make an informed decision as to whether this insurance company is right for them or not.

allianz travel insurance worth it

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Allianz Travel Insurance is a company that strictly deals with travel. It provides travel insurance and other travel solutions, such as corporate assistance and concierge services. The company states that it has over 13 million travelers who utilize its services each year.

Allianz Travel Insurance has been on the market for over a century, and the company proudly highlights the fact that it insured the Wright brothers’ first flight. Dispite its prestigious history, many people are still wondering, “Is Allianz Travel Insurance worth it?” with many interested in learning about Allianz Travel Insurance complaints. AdviosryHQ will address these questions and more through this Allianz Travel Insurance review.

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Plans Offered with Allianz Travel Insurance

There are several plans offered by Allianz Travel Insurance that we will take a look at. The plans from Allianz fall into three main categories:

  • Single trip plans
  • Annual plans
  • Rental car damage protector

Single Trip Plans:

Within the single trip plans, you can choose from:

  • Essential plans with a maximum trip cost of $10,000. This plan type covers trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, and 24-hr hotline assistance.
  • The Basic plan (max of $10,000 trip) covers cancelation and trip interruption as well as emergency medical coverage or lost/damaged baggage.
  • The Classic plan is for a maximum trip cost of $100,000. This has all-the-above-mentioned coverages, with the addition of free coverage for children who are under the age of 17.
  • The Classic Plan with Trip+ includes all of these benefits mentioned beforehand, with the addition of double coverage for post-departure. It does have the rule of $100,000 being the max trip cost.

The most popular of the above plans is the Classic Plan. Is this Allianz Travel Insurance plan worth it? The company states that in the event that the trip is cancelled, the insurance provider reimburses you for prepaid, non-refundable expenses. However, the key is that this cancelation must coincide with the Allianz Travel Insurance covered reasons for cancellation.

Annual Plans and Rental Car Damage Protector

The Annual plans are catered to travelers who have multiple trips planned. Often, these travelers are those who travel for business or pleasure frequently. There are a number of plans available which do have an annual financial cap for those who are insured:

  • The Annual Deluxe plan has a $2,000 annual maximum for trip cancellation.
  • The Annual Executive Plan has a trip cancellation and interruption limits, with a max cap of $10,000 annually.
  • The Annual Premier Plan has a trip cancellation maximum of $15,000 annually.

Rental Car Damage Protector is offered at $9 per day for each day the car is rented. The coverage is meant to replace your personal car insurance that you may carry.

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The Allianz Travel Insurance Claim Process

No Allianz Travel Insurance review would be complete without a look at the Allianz Travel Insurance claim process. The company does require that documentation be submitted in order to prove if a claim should be considered for reimbursement or not. Below are some common claim types and the necessary documentation in order to receive approval:

  • Baggage Loss: Requires that you file with the travel supplier, and this insurance is only a secondary option. The incident report must be included, along with receipts of items that have been lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Trip Cancellation: The trip itinerary, proof of payment, penalty/refund information if applicable, a physician statement form if applicable, and then proof of incident that has caused you to cancel the trip.
  • Missed Connection: Proof of the payment/receipt from the missed connection, such as fees that were paid to find another flight, hotel stay or even food that was purchased. In addition, proof of the cause for the missed connection is necessary.

In all cases, the company states that it takes 7 to 10 business days for the case to be reviewed. In the event that medical reasons were to blame for the claims, then a completed Physicians Statement Form must be completed.

The Allianz Travel Insurance claim process seems to be rather straightforward. However, user reviews of the process are not all positive. Consumer Affairs has Allianz Travel Insurance at a 3-star rating. The Allianz Travel Insurance reviews by consumers on this site have varied responses to the Allianz Travel Insurance claim process. Some negative and positive reviews include the following situations:

  • A delayed flight, along with food and travel expenses claimed, only resulted in a reimbursement of approximately $50 rather than the promised amounts in the agreement.
  • Another reviewer stated a flight delay resulted in a missed transfer which then resulted in hiring a taxi. The baggage was lost for 3 days, causing the individual to shop for clothing while in Paris. The claim was denied due to an improper exchange rate.
  • Due to emergency surgery, a trip was canceled two weeks before it was to be taken, and Allianz allowed for this change, offering the traveler a full refund, according to the Allianz Travel Insurance covered reasons for canceling.

The Allianz Travel Insurance covered reasons are not simple to find, as they are often listed in the fine print of the paperwork. However, these reasons do include the following situations:

  • Death
  • Medical emergency
  • Mother nature
  • Loss of employment
  • Terrorism
  • Strikes in airlines, for some situations

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Rating with the Better Business Bureau

One of the most common methods for judging the true worth of a company is through its Better Business Bureau rating. The BBB rates each business according to how well it performs and how many complaints have been registered by consumers.

allianz travel insurance review

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The BBB gives the business an A+ rating. In the past three years, there have been 382 complaints closed on the company. The nature of these Allianz Travel Insurance complaints vary. However, the numbers are as follows:

  • 266 complaints dealing with problems with the product/service
  • 59 complaints regarding advertising/sales issues
  • 25 complaints with guarantee/warranty issues
  • 22 complaints focused on billing/collection issues
  • 10 complaints dealing with delivery issues

In addition to these complaints, there are a total of 54 customer-written reviews of Allianz Travel Insurance. Of these reviews, complaints often cite that the company does not work with those who have to cancel, even if the cancellation is considered to be a valid reason according to the Allianz Travel Insurance covered reasons for cancellations and refunds. 

Allianz Travel Insurance Complaints

When searching online, there are several Allianz Travel Insurance complaints that can be found, which brings to the forefront of a traveler’s mind the question, “Is Allianz Travel Insurance worth it?”

The Ripoff Report provides a total of 26 reports filed against Allianz. These complaints vary as to the reasons for the report. However, some of of the reasons include:

  • Claim of the company engaging in deceptive trade practices
  • Claims of the company being a scam
  • Poor customer service
  • Representatives giving misleading information to those who are interested in these services
  • The company being called a complete fraud

What most of these consumer reports suggest is that users are finding it hard to make claims, and claims are being denied for several reasons.

Allianz Travel Insurance complaints via Yelp are in no better shape than what is being found on other sites. There are a total of 170 reviews on this website, and all of these reviews of Allianz Travel Insurance, when combined, give the company a 1.5-star rating via the website. Many of the comments state the following:

  • The coverage is not what it states, with refunds being very rare, and, in the case that they are given, it seems they are only a small portion of what the person paid in the beginning.
  • Customer service is ineffective, and representatives often cannot answer the questions of customers.
  • The company is utilizing deceptive practices in getting customers to agree to sign up for this insurance.

The website Review Centre, where consumers can share their experiences with the consumer market, has rated Allianz Travel Insurance with one out of five stars. There are a total of 23 reviews posted on this website. All of these reviews are rated at one star, and consumers often comment:

  • Buyers should beware and look in another direction for travel insurance.
  • The company is corrupt and will not refund cancelations, even when the cancelations are due to a medical issue.
  • Claims of false advertising in the contract signed.
  • Many reviewers are simply stating that no one should consider this company due to the loopholes the company often finds when an Allianz Travel Insurance claim is made.

Even though most of the consumer report sites rate them pretty low, Allianz’s Google rating based on 136 reviews is considerably better. A lot of these reviews are rated at five star, and consumers often comment that:

  • The process for filing the claim is easy and the results are very rapid
  • Their customer service is very knowledgeable and quick to find a solution
  • Many reviewers claim that Allianz will cover your emergency hospital bills without much hassle

However, there is still a significant amount of customers who are not happy with their service. Many of the comments state the following:

  • “This is a scam business you should stay away from”
  • “They deny claims even for situations you should be covered for”

Is Allianz Travel Insurance Worth It?

After taking into consideration all the reviews of Allianz Travel Insurance, as to whether this insurance is worth your time or not remains debatable. There are numerous Allianz Travel Insurance complaints to be found, and most of them reflect common issues. Hence, it is reasonable to think that these complaints do have merit.

The Allianz Travel Insurance claim process seems to be typical of most insurance agencies. In fact, the amount of documentation that is needed in order to process these claims is average compared to other travel insurance companies on the market.

On the other hand, the Allianz Travel Insurance covered reasons for cancelation seem to be up for interpretation by the company. Many of the reviews of Allianz Travel Insurance on consumer websites argue that the company is not processing claims fairly across the board, which is a red flag for many buyers of this type of insurance.

While travel insurance may be worth the time for many people, when it comes answering the question, “Is Allianz Travel Insurance worth it?” most consumers would strongly suggest seeking insurance coverage from another company.

This Allianz Travel Insurance review has highlighted the company itself and what products it offers as well as providing a consumer perspective on issues and experiences with the company. On paper, Allianz Travel Insurance products are typical of what one would find in the travel insurance world. However, the consumer ratings and responses that have shed negative light on this company would indicate that it is best to proceed with caution.

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