Everything You Need to Know Before Booking Aeromexico  

Aeromexico airlines is known for some great deals, like flying from Washington DC to Monterrey, Mexico for just $116 USD, one way. But is Aeromexico safe to fly? Are they reliable and on time?

Those are just a few of the questions we’ll answer in our Aeromexico airlines review. We’ll also go over things like Aeromexico reservations policies, Aeromexico rewards programs that can save you money, and Aeromexico carry on restrictions.

And of course, we will include reviews of Aeromexico flights, both positive and negative, to give you a full picture of the airline, and anything you need to watch out for before you book a trip to one of Aeromexico destinations.

is aeromexico safe

Who is Aeromexico Airlines?

Before we get into the Aeromexico reservations, other “need to know” policies, and the Aeromexico reviews, let’s review some fast facts about this airline.

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Aeromexico Reviews | Is Aeromexico Safe and Reliable?

One of the most important questions travelers have when flying any airline is about safety. So, to answer the question, “Is Aeromexico safe?”, we’ve reviewed websites that provide airline safety scores.

Whether the airline is mostly on time and reliable is also important to know before booking Aeromexico, so we also looked through details on Aeromexico flights to see how they scored in that area.

Is Aeromexico Safe? | Safety Ratings

So overall, answering the question “Is Aeromexico safe?”, we would have to say that the data we’ve found points to a “Yes.”

Aeromexico Airlines Reliability Reviews

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Aeromexico Airlines Reviews | Aeromexico Cancellation Policy, Aeromexico Rewards, and More

Before we get into Aeromexico reviews, there are a few things you’ll want to know before making Aeromexico reservations to make yourlife easier. Such as the Aeromexico carry on limit, Aeromexico cancellation policy, and what kind of Aeromexico rewards programs you can join.

We’ve got your “Cheat Sheet” right here with everything you need to know before booking Aeromexico for your next flight.

Aeromexico Reservations

When making your Aeromexico reservations either in person, by phone or online, there are a number of payment forms and methods that the airline accepts. They include:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • In Store (Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, SafetyPay)
  • PayPal
  • Cash through MoneyGram
  • UATP Cards for Corporations

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Aeromexico Carry On Policy

You can check out a full listing with sizes and types of luggage allowed on their website here. Typically, Aeromexico carry on limit is 1 bag, and checked allowance is 1 bag for most flights at no extra charge.

Aeromexico Cancellation Policy

For Aeromexico reservations made on their U.S. website, they offer a 24 hour fare guarantee. The Aeromexico cancellation policy allows passengers to receive either a full refund or to make changes to a reservation, without penalty, within 24 hours of ticketing if the reservation is made one week or more prior to a flight’s departure.

Aeromexico Rewards Programs & Deals

Here are a few of the good deals offered on flights and to earn extra perks through Aeromexico rewards programs:

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Aeromexico Airlines Reviews | Overview of the Rankings for Aeromexico Airlines

Before we get into the individual passenger Aeromexico airlines reviews, let’s pull back and take an eagle view. These Aeromexico reviews compile multiple customer ratings of Aeromexico airlines to give you a full picture of how the carrier ranks with flyers.

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Positive and Negative Aeromexico Reviews from Passengers

Now we are going to hear what passengers say in their Aeromexico airlines reviews. Reading the personal perspective of people that fly to Aeromexico destinations, both positive and negative, is often the most valuable information you can get.

aeromexico airlines reviews

We’ll start with the positive and then move onto the not so positive Aeromexico reviews provided by travelers from around the world.

Positive Aeromexico Reviews

Skytrax Aeromexico Airlines Reviews:

  • An Economy Class passenger flying from Mexico City to Shanghai said they had “great service” from the crew. Theirs was one of the Aeromexico reviews that rated them 9 out of 10. They noted that the meals were “well presented”, and Aeromexico had a “good selection of movies”.
  • Traveling Business Class from New York City to Mexico City was a great experience for this reviewer. They said they would be “happy to recommend” Aeromexico airlines. In their 8 out of 10 rating, they noted that they loved the configuration of the Boeing 787 and that the “fares are competitive”.
  • It wasn’t possible to find a completely positive First Class review of Aeromexico airlines on Skytrax. The best was a 6 out of 10 rating by a flyer from Tijuana to Mexico City who said the “service on board is good”.

tripadvisor® Aeromexico Airlines Reviews:

  • Smooth fly!” was one of the Aeromexico airlines review titles by an Economy Class passenger. They noted that Aeromexico has “more leg room than other airlines” that fly to Guadalajara, and they liked the free drinks received with their booking on Aeromexico.
  • Here is another positive Aeromexico review specifically for the Dreamliner, Boeing 787 plane. This Business Class reviewer said that besides the plane being a “dream” the efficiency and kindness of the crew made for “an excellent flight”.
  • An Economy Class passenger flying from Orlando to Mexico City said they had a “nice airline experience.” They enjoyed the food and beverages served by “courteous attendants” and she said her husband was “happy that his knees were not touching the seat in front”.

Negative Aeromexico Reviews

Skytrax Aeromexico Airlines Reviews:

  • A reviewer on Aeromexico flights from Mexico City to Shanghai in Economy Class said they were “a very dissatisfied customer”. They gave a poor 1 out of 10 rating in their Aeromexico review and said the plane was “extremely uncomfortable.”
  • A Business Class passenger traveling from Mexico City to Paris was not happy at all. They rated Aeromexico reviews just a 2 out of 10. They said the “cabin staff was the rudest” and mentioned that the ground crew was equally as bad.
  • Nearly all First Class Aeromexico reviews here were quite negative. The consensus was that the “equipment is sub-standard,” the service was very poor, and there were no amenities that are usually offered in First Class.

tripadvisor® Aeromexico Airlines Reviews:

  • One Economy Class passenger from Texas gave one of the poorest Aeromexico reviews, with a 1 out of 5 rating. They said that the carrier showed a “colossal display of inhumanity”. Even though they got a fairly good price, the bad experience didn’t justify the savings in their opinion.
  • An unhappy reviewer flying Business Class from Sao Paulo to Los Angeles said they “bought executive and flew economic”. They noted a poor ground staff that they felt were rude and they gave an overall 1 out of 5 in their Aeromexico review.
  • A reviewer booking Aeromexico Economy Class gave a poor 1 out of 5 rating in their Aeromexico airlines review and stated they are a “terrible airline”. They had significant issues trying to change a flight after it was booked, and said their customer service couldn’t “care less if you have a booking with them.”

At the time of our research, we were unable to find any Aeromexico First Class passenger tripadvisor®. So instead, we brought in a second Economy Class Aeromexico review.

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Conclusion – Is Aeromexico Safe? Bottom Line for Aeromexico Airlines Reviews

For those of you wondering, “Is Aeromexico safe?” when you see great deals for Aeromexico, you can feel good knowing the answer is yes. The airline has passed standard safety inspections and does get fairly good scores for safety.

The Aeromexico cancellation policy, Aeromexico carry on limit, and other requirements are in line with that of other airlines. However, when it comes to the flight experience the answer is less clear.

It seems that Economy Class Aeromexico airlines passengers have a better experience overall. Business Class and First Class Aeromexico reviews are pretty negative, so there’s definitely room for improvement in that area.

Most passengers aren’t asking “Is Aeromexico safe?” most likely due to the airline making safety a priority and continually improving their safety rankings. It looks like if they can up their game in First and Business Class, they may have a better chance of competing with some of the other global airlines.

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