AceMoney Reviews: What to Know About AceMoney Lite Software

Managing your own personal finances is no joke. Whether you’re running a small business, are a freelancer or simply trying to manage your monthly bills, it can be hard to keep track of your costs and your budget.

Luckily, various financial software programs, like AceMoney, can make managing your personal finances easy.

If your budget is looking quite healthy, you could go out and buy Quicken or QuickBooks. Both are powerful software programs, but they are also programs that will set you back some pretty pennies.

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AceMoney Review

If you’re looking for a Quicken alternative or a Microsoft Money replacement, AceMoney Lite is one of the most popular personal accounting software programs out there.

AceMoney Lite is free for up to two accounts and can be used on any Windows PC, making it a great Microsoft Money replacement. You can also use emulation software to run it on any Mac computer.

However, the real question for many users is, “Is AceMoney safe?”

Key AceMoney Lite Details:

  • Free financial software for managing up to two accounts
  • Produced by an established American company
  • Runs natively on Windows computers
  • Is well-regarded for being very easy to use

So, is AceMoney Lite safe? Far too often, unscrupulous companies offer “free” software, but what you’re really getting is malware or spamware that will fill your computer up with unwanted ads and software.

Whenever you download software, you should be cautious. That’s probably why you’re searching for AceMoney reviews and the best home accounting software in the first place.

Luckily, we’ve gone ahead and done our own research. We have sifted through hundreds of AceMoney reviews and AceMoney Lite reviews from various technology websites and consumer review sites, so you don’t have to.

What AceMoney Lite Reviews Have to Say

We’ve dug through countless online reviews, making sure to focus on reputable sources and also to compare AceMoney Lite reviews to find any discrepancies.

First, you need to understand that there are several different iterations of AceMoney software. All of these financial software programs are produced by MechCad, a software firm.

This article is specifically an AceMoney Lite review, though the information we uncovered is relevant for other AceMoney software programs. The “lite” version is limited to two accounts.

If you need more than two accounts, you’ll want to check out the other paid versions of AceMoney.

Most of the reviews were positive and agree that AceMoney is safe. Very few consumers complained that MechCAD ripped them off or engaged in any illicit activities.

There were a few complaints from people who bought paid versions of MechCad’s software, found out that the software was not what they needed, and then asked for (and were apparently denied) a refund.

With the lite version, however, you are not required to make any payments, so you don’t have to worry about refunds. With that said, let’s dig into the reviews!

AceMoney Reviews: What the Pros Said

First things first. There are quite a number of consumer reviews out there for AceMoney – so many that we highly doubt they are all paid or fake AceMoney Lite reviews.

We’re also experts at spotting fake reviews, and the Ace Money Lite reviews we looked at all seemed genuine.

Heading to, we first checked out its editorial team’s review. Its AceMoney Lite review was a bit old, dating back to 2009, but the editors did give the product a full five stars, labeling it as astounding.

In its AceMoney Lite review, the CNET team noted that the software was “eye-friendly” and easy-to-use. Ease of use is always important. Often, powerful software is hard to use, meaning users can’t tap into that power.

That’s not the case with AceMoney software. The editorial team also noted that AceMoney Lite is NOT plagued by ads, despite its free price tag. Here are the key findings from their Ace Money Lite review:

  • AceMoney Lite is free yet contains no ads
  • AceMoney software is easy to use and eye-friendly
  • AceMoney Lite rivals expensive personal finance software

The only downside was that this AceMoney software could only be used to manage a few accounts. Besides that, AceMoney Lite is as powerful as other versions of AceMoney software.

If you want to manage more accounts, however, you can buy upgraded versions of AceMoney software.

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AceMoney Lite Reviews by Users

Out of the 162 AceMoney Lite reviews, we found on, over 90 of them were either 5 stars or 4 stars. On the whole, the aggregated AceMoney Lite reviews gave the financial software a solid 3.5-star score.

acemoney lite reviews

AceMoney Lite Review on

Time after time, AceMoney Lite reviews point out that financial software is easy to use and features an intuitive interface.

Several AceMoney reviews note that users have been using the software for several years without any complaints and that AceMoney software has proven to be reliable over this time frame. Reviews also note that AceMoney software is a full-featured expense tool.

acemoney fully featured software

AceMoney Reviews

Not all of the AceMoney reviews were positive. Some AceMoney reviews complained that the software’s limited accounts meant you had to buy the premium version of AceMoney software.

This isn’t overly surprising as free software usually does come with limitations; however, even premium AceMoney software is cheaper than competitors, costing only $39.99.

Interestingly, many of the bad AceMoney Lite reviews also complimented on how easy the financial software was to use and how well-designed the system was. It should be noted, however, that AceMoney Lite does not offer a mobile app.

Digging into AceMoney Complaints

Most of the negative reviews for AceMoney Lite and AceMoney software, in general, said that the financial software was not compatible with smaller banks.

Since AceMoney software can be integrated with bank accounts, like Quickbooks and other financial software programs, this is obviously an attractive feature that makes it easier to use.

It appears, however, that AceMoney software is not compatible with every bank. Users who use smaller banks have reported that AceMoney’s software does not work with their banks.

This might make it difficult for some to use AceMoney’s personal accounting software as a Quicken alternative or a Microsoft Money replacement. 

If you’re unable to integrate your banking information, this will make real-time status updates and bill payments impossible. Obviously, for many users, this could be a deal-breaker. 

If you use a major bank, like Bank of America, AceMoney Lite should be compatible with your bank. We recommend you confirm that your bank is compatible, however, before purchasing any software. MechCAD may not refund you for your software purchase.

Concluding Points

  • AceMoney Lite allows for only two bank accounts
  • AceMoney software does not work with every bank
  • If you buy premium software, MechCAD may not refund you

While AceMoney Lite is free, and thus you won’t have to worry about losing money, some AceMoney software programs must be purchased.

Before you purchase one of these paid versions, we recommend you test the software via a trial before making your purchase. You could also contact the company if you have any questions.

If you have any other questions or concerns, the company’s website features a detailed FAQ section.

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What to Make of Negative AceMoney Lite Reviews

If you are considering a paid version of MechCad’s software, we do suggest that you try AceMoney Lite or use the company’s free 30-day trial.

In one response to a customer who bought a paid version of AceMoney, it turned out that the customer’s banks did not work with the software. The company rightly asked why the customer did not use the free trial to discover any compatibility issues before committing to a paid version.

There were some complaints from customers who concluded that the software simply didn’t meet their needs. The fact is that no software program out there will match every person’s needs perfectly.

This is why AceMoney Lite seems like a great compromise. You can use the software for free, and if you decide that it does indeed satisfy your needs, you can upgrade to a paid version of AceMoney software.

When it comes to free or low-cost software, you are almost certainly going to have to make sacrifices. Companies like Microsoft and Quicken simply have more money to invest in developing their software.

As a result, their software will be more advanced and often have more features. In regard to personal accounting software, it’s likely that big company software will work with more banks.

Regardless, AceMoney Lite software is powerful and easy to use. Many users did say that AceMoney Lite is simple in design and function.

This can be both positive and negative. AceMoney software might not look as fancy as big money competitors, but it will be easy to use as a Quicken alternative or a Microsoft money replacement.

Stepping Back to Look at the Company Behind AceMoney Lite

As part of our AceMoney Lite review, we need to take a moment to dig a bit deeper to look at the company that offers AceMoney Lite.

We’ve reviewed MechCAD Software and have found that it is a legitimate company based out of Margate, Florida.

In fact, many “companies” online are nothing more than fronts for illicit hacker groups, many of which are based in Russia, China, and other places known for scams. With MechCAD, we’ve found no evidence or complaints that the company is a part of any scam.

We have also found no evidence that AceMoney software uses any illicit methods to generate revenues, such as spamming you with ads.

Many “free” programs generate revenue through ads, but there is no evidence of AceMoney Lite using ads.

Website Review: Identifying “Flags”

Besides analyzing AceMoney Lite software reviews, we also conducted an in-depth review of the AceMoney Lite website. Often, there are red flags that should set potential users and customers off to the risk of a scam.

AceMoney Lite a Microsoft money replacement

AceMoney Lite

One of the first things we noticed was that the AceMoney Lite website has an active and accurate contact page and an active trouble-shooting forum.

The company’s address was publicly listed, and we were able to find and confirm the address through Google. Often, scam sites and products won’t list an address, or it won’t be real.

The website itself is quite large, professionally developed, and features well-written content. To the untrained eye, this might not seem like a big deal, but many scam sites are only a few pages and often written in poor English.

Our review of the AceMoney website all but confirms that MechCAD, the company that develops AceMoney software, is a legitimate website.

The website also features a variety of product screenshots and tutorials. Companies selling unsafe financial software often skimp on these more expensive features.

If you would like to check out the website yourself, click on the link here.

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Other AceMoney Software Programs

Besides AceMoney Lite, MechCAD also offers other affordable software programs. AceStock, for example, is a personal stock monitor that will only set you back $5 dollars.

MechCAD also offers AceMoney Receipts Android, which allows you to use your Android smartphone to record your personal expenses via receipts.

These software programs were not reviewed as part of our AceMoney Lite review, but they’re definitely worth a look if they solve any of your needs. AceMoney software, in general, is well-reviewed and well-regarded.

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Our Conclusion: AceMoney Lite Is Safe

So, is AceMoney safe? Yes. According to our extensive research, you will not be exposing yourself to any risks or scams using AceMoney Lite.

This is especially important given that the financial software program will have access to a lot of your financial information. Bank accounts, credit card information, and personal information can all be integrated into the software, so making sure AceMoney Lite is safe is essential.

We hope that this AceMoney review has provided you with all the necessary information regarding any questions or concerns you may have about the software.

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