Overview: Accredited Debt Relief

Seeking dependable Accredited Debt Relief reviews? Then you’re probably also:

  • In need of debt settlement advice
  • Seeking consumer debt help
  • Looking to get debt help
  • Sifting through all kinds of debt reduction services reviews

After all, why else would you care about Accredited Debt Relief reviews?

Debt settlement advice is rarely sought out by those who don’t need consumer debt help.

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A Burden Felt by Many

Each year, approximately 2.5 million Americans seek consumer debt help or debt settlement advice (source).

If you are trying to get consumer debt help, you may waste hours with debt reduction services reviews. Or maybe you read one misaligned debt relief services review that has scared you away from an otherwise reputable company.

In an effort to get you the honorable financial debt help you deserve, this article will share our findings about one such company: Accredited Debt Relief (ADR).

If you’re still uncertain whether or not you need consumer debt help or debt settlement advice, you can refer to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website. You may also refer to this article to determine whether bankruptcy is the best path for you.

Accredited Debt Relief Customer Reviews

You will find that when trying to get debt help, hiring the right company can make the process exponentially less painful. Accredited Debt Relief operates in a sizable portion of the United States and has over 20 cumulative years of experience serving those in need of debt settlement advice (source).

In order to survey the landscape of Accredited Debt Relief reviews and relay the findings objectively, it is essential to look at:

  • Positive Accredited Debt Relief reviews
  • Accredited Debt Relief complaints
  • Various sources containing Accredited Debt Relief customer reviews

Once the burden of financial stress moves you to surrender, getting the wrong debt settlement advice could be devastating.  There are plenty of hacks out there posing as professionals. Consumer debt help is offered bymany but delivered by few.

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Accredited Debt Relief Reviews: The Good

Finding Accredited Debt Relief reviews that reflect well on ADR wasn’t difficult. If you can believe it, we actually had trouble finding negative Accredited Debt Relief reviews.

Stop 1: Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB is a great first choice when reviewing a company.

And how did they do?

Accredited Debt Relief has a BBB score of A+.

accredited debt relief reviews

Image Source: BBB

Even more impressive is that they have only five complaints over the last three years.

It would seem from this source that the company backs up its promise of exceptional financial debt help.

You may click here to see a more expansive list of factors that led to the A+ rating by the BBB.

Stop 2: Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a business review website that emphasizes combating fake reviews. Customer reviews are published right away, and businesses can see and respond.

Accredited Debt Relief reviews found on Trustpilot only strengthen the maximum BBB rating.

Out of 149 Accredited Debt Relief reviews, they scored a 9.4/10. Trustpilot classifies this score as Excellent.

debt reduction services reviews

Image Source: TrustPilot

Many of the Accredited Debt Relief reviews seem to echo similar sentiments:

  • Company is trustworthy
  • Sound debt settlement advice
  • Customer service was empathic

accredited debt relief customer reviews

Image Source: TrustPilot

Mentioning the customer service agent by name occurred surprisingly often in Accredited Debt Relief reviews on Trustpilot.

Before moving along to other positive Accredited Debt Relief reviews, here’s one more positive Trustpilot testimonial.

Once again you’ll see employee names and the customer expressing how they felt care and concern:

compassion and kindness when looking to get debt help

Image Source: TrustPilot

Clearly compassion and kindness go a long way when one is looking to get debt help. You would be hard pressed to find the same thing when looking through the debt reduction services reviews of most other companies.

Stop 3: Business Accreditations
When seeking debt settlement advice or financial debt help from ADR, you can feel secure in the fact that you’re dealing with professionals.

Aside from the BBB, they are also accredited with:

  • FTC
  • AFCC

These accreditations and certifications let us know that ADR is held to a higher standard, making them a trustworthy source for consumer debt help.

The high level of professionalism was also seen in the Accredited Debt Relief reviews on Trustpilot. With financial debt help being a sensitive topic, having reviewers report how comfortable they were with ADR employees speaks volumes about the company.

It seems that the majority of Accredited Debt Relief complaints were that the customer didn’t call sooner.

Stop 4: An Industry Specific Site

We felt it was important to refer to an industry-specific website to get the inside scoop.

One such site is bestdebtcompanys.com.

This website proved to be a worthwhile stop in probing Accredited Debt Relief reviews.

According to their home page, 149 companies are included for debt relief service reviews, as well as nearly 3,000 customer reviews (source).

Each company on the website is scored twice:

  1. Score given by bestdebtcompany.com
  2. Average of customer reviews

Once again, an immaculate score. In this case, a 9.8/10 customer score.

The Accredited Debt Relief review score from the website itself is 8.5/10.

accredited debt relief customer reviews

Image Source: bestdebtcompany.com

You can see a #3 in the bottom left corner of the image, representing that ADR is the third-ranked debt relief company overall, according to the site’s scoring.

The site also features a “Ratings Breakdown” on the Accredited Debt Relief reviews page, as you can see below.

debt relief services reviews

Image Source: bestdebtcompany.com

You can see everything the website has to say about ADR and Accredited Debt Relief reviews by visiting their page.

Stop 5: Glassdoor

Glassdoor isn’t a consumer review site; it is an employee review site. Seeing reviews from past employees can often be informative.

The Accredited Debt Relief reviews from the employee end were no different than the Accredited Debt Relief customer reviews.

Out of 27 Accredited Debt Relief reviews on glassdoor, ADR scored a perfect 5/5.

consumer debt help

Image Source: Glassdoor

Every source examined for Accredited Debt Relief reviews came back consistently optimistic.

However, if you look hard enough you can always find the negative. While it wasn’t easy, they do exist.

Let’s move on to the Accredited Debt Relief complaints.

Accredited Debt Relief Complaints: The Bad

 If you’re combing through debt reduction services reviews, it’s usually easy to find complaints. This simply wasn’t the case with ADR.

However, one Accredited Debt Relief review that features an unhappy customer was found on Facebook.

Please note: the source of this individual’s discontent with ADR is not because the company ripped her off or failed to provide consumer debt help. Rather, it appears that ADR was being a little too consistent in offering debt settlement advice to someone who didn’t need it (or at the very least, didn’t want it).

Take a look at what Char had to say

accredited debt relief feedback

Image Source: Facebook

Is a class-action suit a bit excessive? We’ll leave that up to you. Either way, spam email doesn’t necessarily reflect how Accredited Debt Relief handles their real work.

Overall, there weren’t a large sample size of Accredited Debt Relief reviews on Facebook.

Accredited Debt Relief facebook

Image Source: Facebook

As you can see above there are only six.

Yet, as often is the case with social media reviewed businesses, the few reviews that do exist come from angry individuals—individuals who ask others, people who have not interacted with the company, to write bad reviews.

They do it out of friendship, and unfortunately, many businesses get ruined this way.

Accredited Debt Relief facebook review

Image Source: Facebook

Frankly, outside of social media it was quite difficult to find Accredit Debt Relief complaints that damaged our perception of the company.

The couple I was able to locate come from glassdoor.

The only one-star rating (out of nearly 150 Accredited Debt Relief reviews) on glassdoor is hard to take seriously.

accredited debt relief bad review

Image Source: Glassdoor

The other Accredited Debt Relief complaints I found record of were the 5 submitted to BBB over the last three years (which cannot be read) and this two-star rated review on glassdoor:

accredited debt relief complaints

Image Source: Glassdoor

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Accredited Debt Relief Reviews: The Bottom Line

If you’re seeking consumer debt help or are in need of debt settlement advice, do not be ashamed.

Millions of Americans seek to get debt help every year.

Thirty-three percent of American consumers have some form of debt in collections (source).

Instead of spending hours reading debt reduction services reviews, visit the ADR website and taking advantage of the free consultation they offer.

Feel empowered that you’re taking action!

This is the first step to financial debt help. By assessing your current situation, you can make an informed decision.

If knowledge is power, self-knowledge reigns supreme.

And to find reviews as overwhelmingly positive as the Accredited Debt Relief customer reviews is rare.

The vast majority of Accredited Debt Relief reviews praise the company for:

  • Excellent financial debt help
  • Sound debt settlement advice
  • Kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff
  • Sensitive and empathic customer service

After seeing the overwhelmingly encouraging feedback in Accredited Debt Relief reviews, we feel confident suggesting ADR as a valid option for debt settlement advice and consumer debt help.

If your experience is anything like the majority of Accredited Debt Relief reviews, you’ll rediscover financial freedom in no time!

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