Intro: Asset Tracking Software

There are literally thousands of different types of asset tracking software available for businesses and entrepreneurs to use.

For example, a simple Google search shows a listing of over 4,000,000 results.

Four million results do not mean there are 4 million asset tracking software programs out there.

What it illustrates is that there is a tremendous amount of asset tracking software available, which would require a large amount of effort to review each one.

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So, the question that a lot of business consumers ask is, “Which are the most popular ones or the best asset tracking software available?”

Below you can find a list of this year’s most popular asset tracking software.

Each of these top asset tracking software programs have become popular based on their features, usability, and highly effective user interfaces.

List of This Year’s 10 Best Asset Tracking Software

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As mentioned above, there are numerous suites of asset tracking software available today. As such, please note that the listing above is not a comprehensive list of popular asset tracking software. 

For businesses, the increased need to monitor the location of their assets has resulted in an increase in demand for such types of software. 

While the individual features of these types of software platforms may differ, their basic functions are designed to allow businesses to keep better track of the whereabouts of their assets.

Selector Factors to Consider When Selecting an Asset Tracking Software

What factors do consumer and businesses consider when searching for and selecting an asset tracking software platform that can meet their needs?

The first of these is licensing fees.

License Fee

A license fee is one of the most imperative considerations, especially for small businesses. 

Most asset tracking software platforms are offered at a base price, and then added charges are included for additional features and for more advanced models.

To determine our list of top asset tracking software platforms, we considered licensing fees and additional charges as part of our review.


Relation databases form the basis of asset tracking software. As such, they are a key review criteria when analyzing the a top asset tracking tool.

While lots of asset tracking software platforms are currently being built on SQL, there are exceptions. As part of our review, we performed detailed comparison of various relation databases used by asset tracking software platforms.

For example, IntelliTrack uses Microsoft’s Access database as outlined on the comparison table below.

Data Capture

Data within the company can be entered by scanning a barcode or chip, retrieving data from a database or manually. 

The database can also be updated in real time with a wireless portable barcode collector. 

Companies with handheld scanners that are not hardwired to their system have the option of entering data through batch-processing. 

Popular asset tracking software, like Hardcat (popular among large enterprises) also use web interfaces. 

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Comparison Table – Best Asset Tracking Software

SoftwareLicense FeeSystemsSoftware Compatibility and DatabasesData Capture
Asap Systems$45-$145
  • Smartphone
  • IPod
  • Barcode scanners
  • Android tablet
  • SQL
  • SQP
  • Batch & wireless
  • Mobile device
  • Computer
  • SQL database
  • API to additional systems
  • CE to portables
  • Pocket PC
  • Batch & wireless
  • Mobile
  • Computer
  • Access database
  • Express CE to PDT
  • Batch
  • Windows Pro tablet
  • Windows-based computer
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Access
  • Batch & wireless
  • Mobile
  • Computer
  • SQL database
  • Batch
SysAidFree Trail
  • Remote desktop
  • Mobile
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Internal Derby databases
  • Wireless
WaspStarting at $795
  • Mobile
  • SQL database
  • Batch & wireless
WiseTrack Core Software$59-299
  • Mobile device
  • Portable computer
  • SQL database
  • Batch & wireless
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers


  • MySQL
  • Batch & wireless
Z-Space Ready-To-Go$50-$150
  • Android mobile
  • Pocket PC 2003
  • SQL CE
  • Batch & wireless

The top asset tracking software that are identified and selected on our list offer a healthy array of services to small businesses and enterprises based on their individual requirements.

Below is a general outline of the benefits businesses receive from adapting asset tracking software.

Note that the benefits may differ with each of the presented software programs.

Benefits of Using an Asset Tracking Software

Increased Productivity Retrieving information is faster and more accurate.
Enhance Accuracy In Business Operations Reduces the frequency of human errors in business operations.
Strengthen Accountability Enforces liability and employee responsibility for unaccountable business property.
Improve Compliance Increases adherence to company rules and guidelines by allowing for more accurate record keeping.
Improves Software Security Reduces the possibility of the unauthorized duplication of confidential files by employees.
Improves IT Support Limits the possibility of unauthorized malicious software entering a company’s IT infrastructure.

Main Features and Types of Clients Served – 10 Top Asset Tracking Software Programs

Software NameMain FeaturesIndustry/Notable Client
Asap Systems
  • Asset management, deprecation, reporting, compliance
  • Hyundai, Toshiba, JP Morgan, Adventist Health, Sony, Honeywell, Samsung, Motts
  • Asset management, financial planning, stock control, contract & compliance, depreciation reporting, help desk
  • Government, security, healthcare, tourism & hospitality
  • Depreciation, help desk, asset management, compliance
  • Healthcare, fire department, education, distribution
  • Compliance, reporting, asset management, service Desk
  • Restaurants/Yum, computer/Dell, delivery/ FedEx, manufacturing/ IRobot, advertising
  • Asset management, reporting
  • Motorola, Datalogic, Honeywell Control Systems Ltd
  • Asset management, help desk
  • Service desk, compliance, reporting, asset management
  • Healthcare, education, government, public sector
  • Reporting, asset management
  • Legal, government, education, military, law enforcement
  • Reporting, service desk, asset management
  • Zoosk, Vodafone, CoreMedia, 20th Century Fox
  • Sony Music
Z-Space Ready-To-Go
  • Asset management, reporting, compliance
  • Communication, healthcare, education, retail, public sector

Brief Overview of the Top Asset Tracking Software

ASAP Passport Assets  

ASAP Passport Assets is used by both large and small businesses.

It is available as a barcode-based, fully configurable asset tracking software program that is used to efficiently monitor assets coming in and out of a company.

Customers include businesses in the health, entertainment, public, retail, communication, and media sectors.


Hardcat is available in several different modules to allow businesses to gain total control of their assets.

Some current modules that are available include, but are not limited to, RFID tracking, consumables, call center, etc. 


IntelliTrack asset tracking software is used by small businesses and large enterprises to track the locations of fixed assets.

Aside from monitoring the locations of assets, IntelliTrack also records the current value of assets. 

Jolly – Asset Track

Asset Track is offered as mobile and on-premises asset tracking software.

The software was designed for small businesses; however, it is also used by major corporations in the healthcare, public, and entertainment sector, among others. 


RedBeam is offered as on-premises asset tracking software.

It is available in their Standard Edition and Mobile Edition.

The Mobile Edition allows for mobile tracking and can be used to retrieve data.

The Standard Edition can be connected to a PC workstation by using a cable barcode scanner. 


Sysaid offers a web-based solution for small businesses to keep track of their assets.

It is a complete, help desk support tracking software that facilitates software management, live chat, and help desk support and reporting.

SysAid offers a free trial period to potential clients.     

Wasp – Mobile Asset 

Wasp Mobile Asset tracking software is mainly used by small businesses to conduct mass updates of all assets.

It features a Microsoft SQL Express database and is offered as both mobile and on-premises asset management software.


Wisetrack asset tracking software is offered as mobile, online, and on-premises asset management software and is accessible on most systems with an Internet browser.

The software was initially designed for small businesses but has been widely accepted by larger enterprises and is available in many different models.


Zendesk asset tracking software is one of the most affordable software programs of its kind and is used by small businesses and large enterprises alike.

It is offered as mobile and web asset tracking software. 

Z-Space Ready-To-Go

Z-Space Ready-To-Go asset tracking software monitors assets and also has the ability to conduct a physical count of all the assets within a company.

It works to maintain an organized record of all assets by assigning them to a specific category and uses up to 5 user-defined fields to categorize the assets.

It was designed for small businesses and is available for most Android smartphones.  

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