How to Get a Personalized Page on AdvisoryHQ

Personalized Pages:

AdvisoryHQ News's highly popular reviews and rankings have become a remarkable success since we started publishing them two years ago.

Quite often, firms will contact AdvisoryHQ to request a separate review page that focuses on the review and recognition of only their specific firmTo meet this need, AdvisoryHQ launched its Personalized Review Page Service.

Personalized Page Service is offered only to firms that have been ranked in one of AdvisoryHQ's review and ranking articles.

Examples of Personalized Pages:


There are a couple of key advantages to having a Personalized Review Page on AdvisoryHQ.

  1. A Personalized Review Page presents a review of your specific firm rather than a review of your firm as well as your peers.
  2. You can distribute the URL page link and share your firm’s review and recognition page with existing and prospective clients.
  3. You can customize the page with additional information: corporate disclosure, direct contact info, highlight specific expertise, include images of staff members.
  4. Another benefit to a Personalized Review Page is that it increases the exposure of your company (or product) to AdvisoryHQ’s millions of viewers, which include investors, high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and everyday consumers.

How Much Does a Personalized Page Cost?

We do charge a fee for our Personalized Page services, and from time to time we offer discounts.

Please click the link below to request a quote, as well as find out if we are currently offering any price discounts. 

The revenue earned from this and other services is how AdvisoryHQ keeps the lights on. We will also send you a FREE Award Emblem which you can use to further promote your firm's top ranking recognition.

After you click to "Request a Personalized Page Quote," you'll be taken to the form presented below. Enter some basic information, and select the "Request a Personalized Page" box.

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While firms pay a one-time setup fee to have their own personalized review page, their participation has no bearing on their place in our rankings; nor does it guarantee that they will be ranked in future years.