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Benefits of an E-Print

From personal use to corporate marketing materials, E-Prints are a great way to build enhance visibility, or just create buzz and excitement from content that featured your company, product, service or topic you are interested in.

  • Share with clients, prospects, followers, and your audience
  • Distribute via email
  • Integrate content to corporate sales, brochures, and marketing materials
  • Include on books, newsletters, or other publications for editorial, educational, and commercial uses
  • Promote in conference rooms, lobbies, and throughout corporate offices
  • Many other uses

Note: Due to conflicts and editorial confusion that may arise from duplicate content issues, AdvisoryHQ E-Prints cannot be reposted in full on any other public website.

Types of E-Prints

We offer two types of E-Prints.

  1. An E-Print of the entire article
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E-Print Cost

** Note: In general, publishers charge up to $1,200 for their E-Prints. AdvisoryHQ charges:

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