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Finding the Top IT Consulting Firms

IT consulting firms are companies that advise organizations on how to use information technology (IT) in the best way to achieve their business goals.

In addition to just providing counsel and recommendations, these IT consultancy firms often also deploy and administer IT systems for their clients, which is also known as outsourcing.

It is critical that companies looking to hire an IT consultancy carefully weigh their options before selecting a firm to work with. Using the help of a consultant can be a major investment for a company, but it can also have major rewards.

To help determine the following IT consulting firm ranking, the below review provides a comprehensive overview of the services, history, and reputations of the top IT consulting firms in the country.

Best IT Consulting Companies & Firms

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AdvisoryHQ's List of Top 7 Best IT Consulting Companies

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the IT consulting companies below to go directly to the detailed review section for that consulting company)

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Top 7 Best IT Consulting Firms | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best IT Consulting Firms

Highlighted Features


Women’s programs & initiatives


People-centered approach to technology

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Comprehensive value proposition

IBM Global Technology Services

IBM Cloud Advisors


Ethics-based Code of Conduct

Tata Consultancy Services

Industry recognition for excellence

Wipro Technologies

Dedication to innovation

Table: Top 7 Best IT Consulting Companies | Above list is sorted alphabetically

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Differences Between the Types of IT Consultancies

The consulting field encompasses a broad range of companies, often with a significant amount of overlap between the different types.

The two main types of consultancies that report to senior management within companies are IT consulting and management/strategy consulting.

IT Consulting

Image Source: Best IT Consulting Firms

IT consulting companies solve problems with technology, like how to keep accurate records of all past clients. Management/strategy consulting firms solve broader business problems, like figuring out how to stop a decline in profitability in a certain department.

When you drill deeper into the IT consulting companies specifically, you see two more categories: IT management consulting and IT strategy consulting.

Though the exact definition of these two areas are debated, IT management consulting is generally known as the practice of analyzing the value creation chain in technology processes and determining how they can be effectively optimized for employees and customers.

IT strategy consulting fits into IT management consulting and can be explained as helping companies reduce costs, optimize business processes, and reform products and services by means of IT.

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Why Companies Use IT Consultants

Before evaluating different IT consulting firms, it’s important to understand why companies need to hire these consultancies in the first place.

An Outside Perspective

When making tough decisions that will affect the future of their company, executives often need an outside perspective to make a truly informed choice.

An objective recommendation from an IT consulting company that is free of other motives helps them see the big picture without intrinsic biases.

Those who criticize the use of IT consultancies argue that they are selling insights that are common sense – however, sometimes leaders are so close to the company that they miss the obvious answer to their issue.

To Utilize Industry or Sector Best Practices

Since technology consulting firms work with various leading companies in the same sector – like retail or software – they often deal with multiple companies that have the same issues.

This leads them to experience the various best practices that lead to the ideal outcome for each company.

Consultancies will often preserve this information in white papers or other resources, but, more commonly, the knowledge of top IT consultants is the most beneficial for companies trying to solve a sector issue.

The specialized expertise that IT consultants can provide is often unmatched by internal executives since they only have in-house knowledge to support their actions.

Staff, Skill Set, and Analytic Augmentation

Sometimes, IT consulting firms are brought in simply because a company doesn’t have enough of something they need to get the job done.

This could be a lack of staff – a company may have experienced a sudden expansion that requires more people to take on the capacity of work or it’s facing a large project that will necessitate temporary workers. This could also encompass skill sets.

Recommendations that consulting companies make do little good if they can’t be carried out because employees don’t have the necessary skills or abilities, so, often, IT consulting companies will take on training employees in new areas.

Finally, the need for complex business analytics has risen with the increasingly data-driven business environment of the last several years.

IT consulting firms usually have access to more resources needed for data mining and market research than other companies do.

AdvisoryHQ’s Selection Methodology

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best IT Consulting Firms

Below, please find a detailed review of each firm on our list of top IT consulting companies. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these technology consulting firms to score so highly in our selection ranking.

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Accenture Review

Accenture is a multiservice consulting firm focused on IT consulting but that also includes several other service areas. It is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, though much of its operations occur in New York.

Notably, Accenture is the world’s largest IT consulting firm as measured by revenue. It is a global company, serving clients in more than 120 countries and boasting more than 5,000 patents and patent pending applications.

Accenture’s specific IT arm was opened in January 2003 and focuses on implementation delivery and research of technology solutions. It works with virtually any sector, from aerospace to entertainment.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as a Top IT Consulting Firm

Below, please find a detailed review of the specific factors that enabled us to include Accenture on our list of the best IT consulting companies this year.

Proactive Team-Building Approach

Accenture is continually seeking new team members, regardless of having a specific job opening or not.

It has also been known to size up potential recruits before they’ve even finished college and is always looking for the best and brightest in a given field to come bring their skills to consulting.

In addition to typical recruiting tactics, Accenture also holds a student empowerment program where Accenture targets scholars in the business and technology fields, from their sophomore to senior years of college.

Photo courtesy of: Accenture

Women's Programs & Initiatives

As one of the top IT consulting companies, Accenture maintains a strong commitment to empowering and supporting women in the workplace.

Their goal is to attract, retain, and advance their female employees, supporting diversity and corporate success. This is accomplished through a series of women's programs and initiatives, which include:

  • Women's Mentoring Programs
  • Accenture Women's Network
  • Delivering Success Forums
  • Employee Resource Groups

Summary of Accenture IT Consulting Reviews

Most reviews of IT consulting companies on the web are in agreement that Accenture’s services are high quality, but, due to this, its rates are extremely high. 

This is why most of Accenture’s clients are large, well-known brands who can afford these rates. In this regard, Accenture is much less likely to work with anyone in the SMB space.

For a large company, reviewers cite that Accenture is fairly agile and can adapt quickly and get to know a client’s business and processes extremely well.

Though Accenture hires top-notch people from respected universities and companies, some reviewers cite that there is a large drop in the quality of the work if a more junior-level person is handling the day-to-day aspects versus an executive.

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Capgemini Review

Capgemini is one of the world’s largest management, outsourcing, and IT consulting firms, with over 190,000 employees in over 40 countries.

It is currently headquartered in Paris and is divided into four main disciplines: consulting services, technology services, outsourcing services, and local professional services (through Sogeti).

With global revenues of EUR 12.6 billion in 2016, Capgemini is one of the best IT consulting firms to consider partnering with.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as a Top IT Consulting Firm

Below, please find a detailed review of the specific factors that enabled us to include Capgemini on our list of the best IT consulting companies this year.

Company Culture

One of the main draws for potential Capgemini employees is the culture. Since it is based in Europe instead of the US, hours are shorter and weekend/night shifts are rare. The work-life balance is similar to working in-house.

Promotions and raises for IT consultants at Capgemini are determined by performance and the level of responsibility they are willing to take on.

The Collaborative Business Experience

A big part of Capgemini's success comes from what they call The Collaborative Business Experience. IT consulting services at Capgemini are created with collaboration at the forefront of each and every service. 

This best IT consultancy believes that true success comes from working closely alongside their clients to create a tailored approach. To achieve success through collaboration, Capgemini uses four dimensions of collaboration:

  • Targeting Value: Defining specific goals and creating targets for individual projects
  • Mitigating Risk: Understanding stakes of each initiative and reducing challenges 
  • Optimizing Capabilities: Providing necessary support and knowledge to empower clients
  • Aligning the Organization: Creating lasting value through understanding and eliminating potential inhibitors

Summary of IT Consulting Reviews

As one of the top IT consulting firms, Capgemini offers many assets to fill the holes in its client organizations.

However, reviewers note that often, their accounts get transferred between several different IT consultants which creates a loss of knowledge transfer and continuity.

At the same time,  reviewers do note that Capgemini is relatively flexible about switching between projects, and its level of expertise in its field is high.

Cognizant Technology Solutions Review

Cognizant is an IT consulting and business process outsourcing company headquartered in New Jersey.

Cognizant was named one of Fortune's Most Admired Companies for eight years in a row, making them one of the best IT consulting firms in the nation.

Cognizant enables global enterprises to address a dual mandate: to make their current operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible, and to invest in innovation to unleash new potential across their organizations.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as a Top IT Consulting Firm

Below, please find a detailed review of the specific factors that enabled us to include Cognizant on our list of the best IT consulting companies this year.

Strong Growth

Cognizant first began as an in-house technology unit of Dun & Bradstreet, and began serving external clients in 1996.

Two years later, Cognizant made its initial public offering after a series of conflicts with restructuring and management.

With this IPO, it became the first software services firm listed on the NASDAQ market. Cognizant experienced a period of rapid growth in the 2000s, leading it to be recognized on the following industry lists

  • Fortune 500
  • Newsweek's 2016 World Green Ranking
  • Financial Times Global 500
  • Fortune Global 2000
  • Forbes FastTech 25

Photo courtesy of: Cognizant

Comprehensive Value Proposition

As one of the top IT consulting companies, Cognizant conveys a comprehensive value proposition, one which relies upon client service, deep domain expertise, and vast global resources.

Their value proposition includes:

  • Client-First Mindset
  • Two-in-a-Box Relationship Model
  • Talented Teams
  • Global Understanding
  • Collaborative Capabilities
  • Commitment to Innovation
  • Strategy of Reinvestment
  • Financial Strength

Summary of IT Consulting Reviews

Many reviewers of Cognizant praise its depth of analytical and research skills. Cognizant is often listed on the top lists of preferred vendors for many banks and financial institutions because of its high-level security.

However, some clients who have worked with Cognizant note that documentation of its work could be improved as well as the level of organization.

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IBM Global Technology Services Review

IBM Global Services encompasses a broad range of IT consulting and services, including mobility, networking, resiliency, technical support, outsourcing, and security. These are split between two divisions: its Technology Services and Business Services.

In recent years, IBM Global Technology Services has drastically cut its India-based workforce as it has shifted away from the outsourced work model and has moved to more high-level IT solutions.

The move to more cloud-based and less software-based IT solutions means there is less of a need for companies to build their own software. Before this, IBM Global Technology Services was the largest IT employer in India.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as a Top IT Consulting Firm

Below, please find a detailed review of the specific factors that enabled us to include IBM Global Technology on our list of the best IT consulting companies this year.

Photo courtesy of: IBM

Corporate Reponsibility

As a global leader among IT consultancies, IBM takes a proactive approach towards corporate responsibility. This is done with innovative technology, continuous transformation, and sustainable change. 

Some core tenets of IBM's approach to corporate responsibility include:

  • Supporting & improving local communities
  • Investing in the personal & professsional growth of employees
  • A commitment to environmental protection
  • Requiring social & environmental responsibility through their supply chain
  • Comprehensive & rigorous corporate governance

​The effects of these principles have been overwhelmingly positive. Since 2003, IBM employees have logged almost 20 million hours of community service in more than 120 countries.

This best IT consultancy has also delivered almost 2,000 Impact Grants to not-for-profit organizations, and has conserved 7 million MWh of electricity through their internal energy conservation projects.

IBM Cloud Advisors

One of the top IT consulting services found through IBM is the availability of their IBM Cloud Advisors.

These IT hybrid cloud computing experts can work alongside clients to identify and implement individualized cloud-based solutions, with over 4,300 successful implementations to date. 

Potential clients can chat with an advisor through instant messaging, or they can choose to call to speak directly with someone about their unique IT needs.

Summary of IT Consulting Reviews

Despite IBM Global Technology Services being one of the largest IT consulting firms, there aren’t many reviews of its services online.

However, IBM has been known as a legacy and established brand for decades, and its consulting arm benefits from carrying this prestigious name.

As the shift away from technology outsourcing continues, many believe IBM is scrambling to keep up with the shift  to cloud-based technologies and could lag behind more agile and lean IT consultancy firms.

KPMG Review

KPMG is an American professional services firm and a member of the “Big Four” of auditors. It is the fastest-growing Big Four firm, citing its investments in employees and key services as being catalysts of its growth.

As one of the best IT consulting firms, KPMG reported $24.44 billion in global revenue, 8.1% growth in local currency, and an employee growth of 7.4% for FY 2015.

KPMG operates with three main service lines: audit, advisory (which IT consulting falls under), and tax.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as a Top IT Consulting Firm

Below, please find a detailed review of the specific factors that enabled us to include KPMG on our list of the best IT consulting companies this year.

Industries Served

As one of the largest global IT consulting firms, KPMG provides IT consulting services across a wide range of industries, including (but not limited to):

  • Automotive
  • Banking & Capital Markets
  • Chemicals
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Food, Drink, & Consumer Goods
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure
  • Insurance

Value-Based Company Culture

As one of the top IT consulting firms, KPMG is committed to maintaining a value-based company culture, demonstrated through their Code of Conduct

This document provides a road map to guide behaviors and actions at KPMG, with integrity at the forefront.

When it comes to the client-firm relationship, KPMG is dedicated to confidentiality, quality, engagment, and ethical practices, setting high standards for IT consulting firms.

Summary of IT Consulting Reviews

KPMG isn’t as well known for IT consulting as some of the other IT consulting firms in this ranking. It’s mostly known as an auditing and tax firm, though a surprising amount of its business is dedicated to its advisory arm.

Clients that have worked with KPMG do note that it does a great job at mixing both strategy and implementation into its recommendations and takes a clear, measured approach when advising on IT services.

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Review

In contrast to KPMG, Tata Consultancy Services is primarily an IT consulting and technology services firm.

Founded in 1968, it was a key player in Y2K software preparations, created the factory model for conversion and developing tools to help with integration and conversion.

TCS became a publicly-traded company in 2004, and, in 2011, it broke into the cloud-based services market, opening up to small and medium-sized enterprises.

TCS ranked sixth in Forbes’ “Most Innovative Companies” list, making it the highest-ranked IT consulting company and the first Indian company to be included.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as a Top IT Consulting Firm

Below, please find a detailed review of the specific factors that enabled us to include TCS on our list of the best IT consulting companies this year.

Diverse Service Lines

Part of becoming one of the best IT consulting firms comes from offering a wide array of IT consulting services.

While their Consulting & Systems Integration services provide the best value for IT consulting services, TCS offers a few other notable service lines for clients to consider utilizing.

TCS’s service lines are organized under the following categories:

  • Assurance Services 
  • Business Operations
  • Product Engineering
  • Technology Operations

​Global Top Employer

As a global IT consulting firm, TCS employes over 362,000 associates across 45 different countries.

These associates represent 129 unique nationalities. Additionally, with 33.4% women employees, TCS is one of the largest employers of women.

As a result, TCS has been named a Global Top Employer by the Top Employers Institute. Only seven other organizations worldwide have been awarded this status, marking a significant commitment by TCS towards diversity, inclusion, and talent. 

Photo courtesy of: TCS

Human Resource Recognition

In 2016, TCS was also given exceptional ratings by the Top Employers Institute based on nine core Human Resource factors

  • Talent Strategy
  • Workforce Planning
  • On-Boarding
  • Learning & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Career & Succession Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Company Culture

Summary of IT Consulting Reviews

As with many of the largest IT consulting firms, reviewers cite that account management can be erratic across the company depending on whom you work with most closely.

TCS employs a large amount of contractors, meaning that some people who work with TCS find that getting these temporary employees up to speed on their business can be tedious.

However,  reviewers do note that TCS’s technical knowledge is par to none, and that this is an advantage to its business.

Wipro Technologies Review

Wipro is an Indian-based multiservice firm offering IT consulting, system integration, and digital strategy services.

It is truly a global IT consulting company, with over 170,000 employees serving clients in over 175 cities and six continents. This makes it a great IT consulting company for clients that want to establish a strong global presence.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as a Top IT Consulting Firm

Below, please find a detailed review of the specific factors that enabled us to include Wipro on our list of the best IT consulting companies this year.

History of Growth

Wipro was first incorporated to produce vegetable and refined oils in 1945 as “Western India Palm Refined Oil Limited” – or “Wipro” for short. The company expanded into IT consulting in 1982 as well as continuing to manufacture consumer products.

Wipro secured a wide range of large deals with various companies throughout the 2000s, including Lockheed Martin and Nokia Siemens Networks in 2007 and ATCO in 2014.

In 2014, Wipro was selected as the DSJ Global Sector Leader for the Software & Service Industry.  Recently, in 2016, this top IT consulting company acquired a section of the US Health Insurance Market with its acquisition of HealthPlan Services.

Innovative Technologies

As a top IT consulting company, Wipro is dedicated to skillfully implementing technology and innovation for each of their clients. 

When it comes to innovative technology, Wipro focuses on excelling in the following areas:

  • Cognitive Systems
  • Smart Devices
  • Man Machine Interfaces
  • Next Gen Application Architectures
  • Robotics & Drones
  • Software Defined Everything

Summary of IT Consulting Reviews

Though Wipro was a consumer goods organization before it launched in the IT consulting market, those who have worked with Wipro cite its professionalism and expertise in how technology can influence business processes.

When looking into engaging with an IT consultancy, it’s important to weigh your options, do your research, and check IT consulting firm rankings.

These reviews are a great start for companies looking to hire an IT consulting company and will help you choose the firm that will best meet your business needs.

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Conclusion – Top 7 Best IT Consulting Services & IT Consulting Companies

There is no doubt that hiring an IT consulting company can be a confusing and challenging process.

With so many options, it's important to make sure that you are choosing the right IT consulting company for your needs.

By looking at our list of top IT consulting firms, you will be prepared to expertly identify specific industry qualities and capabilities that allow the best IT consulting firms to stand out from the rest of the competition, eventually choosing the best IT consultancy for your specific needs.

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