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Intro: Kickstarting Your Business by Using Boutique Consulting Firms

No individual is perfect, and everybody is in need of a little bit of advice once in a while. Whether you are a small business owner or the head of a large corporation, you may be in need of services offered by boutique consulting firms.

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Finding boutique consulting firms that operate well with your business can be challenging. You want one that will work well with your management style – not somebody who butts heads with you over every little detail.

In addition, you also need to find a boutique consulting firm that provides the specific services you need.

With the great number of firms out there, AdvisoryHQ has compiled a list of the six best boutique consulting firms to make your search easier!

AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Boutique Consulting Firms

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the firm names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that boutique consulting firm):

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Top 6 Best Boutique Management Consulting Firms | Brief Comparison & Ranking

 Best Boutique Consulting Firms

Highlighted Features

Analysis Group

Long history of expertise in antitrust & competition

Charles River Associates

Over 400 specialists across 15 different fields of service


Expertise in providing complex financial advice

Eagle Hill

Family-run, woman-owned firm

Point B

Award-winning work environment & company culture

The Brattle Group

Wide range of global and governmental experience

Table: Top 6 Best Boutique Management Consulting Firms | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Why Choose a Boutique Consulting Firm?

Boutique strategy consulting firms are small firms that focus on specific niches within a company. These firms are called upon when a company needs advice in a field that it does not have much experience in.

A boutique consulting firm is often better to use over larger consulting firms because it:

Offers Specific Services

The best boutique consulting firms specialize within one or two specific subjects. These services can come in the form of offering environmental advice, IT support, legal advice, etc.

Due to specializing in one field, a boutique consulting firm will be more knowledgeable on the subject matter you need assistance with.

Charges Less Money for its Services

A boutique consulting firm is typically run by one or two individuals. This means that its overhead is much lower than that of giant consulting firms.

A boutique consulting firm is more likely to charge you less for its services because it does not have all of the expenses that a big consulting firm has.

Able to Resolve Your Problem Quickly

The best boutique consulting firms to work with are located right in your backyard. The problem with big companies is that they are located nationwide.

This means that they may have a delay in getting you the help that you need.

Since boutique strategy consulting firms are typically located close by, they will usually be able to return the assignment within a timely matter.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Boutique Consulting Firms

Below, please find the detailed review of each firm on our list of top boutique consulting firms. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these boutique management consulting firms to score so high in our selection ranking.

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Analysis Group Review

Analysis Group is one of the largest consulting groups in North America, with 11 offices across the United States, Canada, and China. Its offices in the United States are located in some of the largest U.S. cities. Among these cities are:

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • The Angels
  • Menlo Park
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Washington, DC

Analysis Group is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in economic and financial analysis, offering staff experts in the fields of antitrust and competition, intellectual property, and security matters.

Analysis Group is one of the best boutique consulting firms because it only hires leading experts from the academic world, the government sector, and from private industries. This diverse group of employees will allow your business to get varied opinions on the issues you are facing.

Whether your business is looking for an in-depth analysis to check if your security measures are adequate enough or if your intellectual property is being used without permission, this boutique consulting firm is well prepared to guide your business towards success.

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Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Best Boutique Consulting Firm

Below are the primary reasons we selected Analysis Group to be rated as one of top boutique consulting firms.

Antitrust & Competition Specialization

Analysis Group is one of the top boutique consulting firms because it is one of the leading experts in antitrust and competition. Analysis Group has been specializing in antitrust and competition since 1981.

Although Analysis Group has been in the field of antitrust and competition for over thirty years, this boutique consulting firm keeps up with the current market dynamics and integrates the latest research and theories into their practice.

Specifically, Analysis Group focuses on the following specializations within antitrust and competition issues:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Collusion
  • Class/collective actions
  • Monopolization and exclusionary practices
  • Vertical restraints

Multidisciplinary Health Care Practice

Health care is a field that is constantly evolving and changing from year to year. Analysis Group is one of the best boutique consulting firms because it stays up to date on the current health care issues.

Analysis Group is able to help with the following health care issues in the workplace:

  • Health economics and outcomes research
  • Litigation services
  • Modeling and analytics
  • Market access and commercial strategy
  • Health care policy
  • Controlled substance monitoring and analytics

In addition, experts at the firm are able to consult in the fields of epidemiology and pharmaceutical settlements.

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Charles River Associates Review

It is no surprise that Charles River Associates makes the top boutique consulting firms list. Charles River Associates is one of the leading global consulting firms worldwide, and this boutique consulting firm has been in business since 1965.

Their headquarters are located in Boston; however, there are also offices in North America and in Europe. To date, a few of its North American offices are located in:

  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • The Angels
  • New York

The remainder of its North American office locations can be found here. It also has a handful of European offices located in:

  • Amsterdam
  • Brussels
  • Geneva
  • Munich
  • Paris

Charles River Associates is one of the best boutique consulting firms because it specializes in giving economic, financial, and strategic expertise. The majority of its customers include major law firms, top accounting firms, big corporations, and governments. 

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank This Firm as a Top Boutique Consulting Firm

After narrowing down the significant list, the below factors represent what we find notable about Charles River Associates, one of the top boutique consulting firms.

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Vast Array of Experience

Part of what makes Charles River Associates one of the best boutique consulting firms is the firm's long history of experience. With over 50 years in business, this boutique consulting firm has a vast body of consulting knowledge to draw from to help your business.

No matter the problem that your business has, there is a good possibility that Charles River Associates has worked a similar case in the past.

Charles River Associates is capable of offering litigation, regulatory support, business strategies and planning, market and demand forecasting, policy analysis, and risk management consulting. 

Top-Notch Experts

Charles River Associates has compiled a great reserve of leading industry experts. It is a boutique consulting firm with over 400 different specialists employed.

Having a large amount of expertise means that, no matter the issue you have, they will have an expert who specializes in that field to offer a game plan.

Wide Array of Services

Charles River Associates has 15 fields that it offers services in. A few of these include:

  • Auctions & Competitive Bidding
  • Class Certification
  • Damages and Valuation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor & Employment
  • Management Consulting
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Securities and Financial Markets

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Cornerstone Review

Cornerstone, also known as Cornerstone Research: Economic and Financial Consulting and Expert Testimony, is a boutique consulting firm that has businesses raving.

It specializes in economic and financial analysis, and is able to guide businesses through the entire process of commercial litigation and regulatory proceedings.

Cornerstone Research has 700 staff members (a much larger staff than other boutique consulting firms), and offices located all across North America. Specifically, its office locations are in:

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • The Angels
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Silicon Valley
  • Washington, DC

In addition, it has one international office that is located in London. It is in the process of expanding and may be coming to more international locations in the near future.

At the time being, unless you are located in North America or London, you may have a difficult time using them.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top Boutique Consulting Firm

While it was difficult to narrow down, below are some of the deciding factors that allowed Cornerstone to be rated as one of our best boutique consulting firms.

Photo courtesy of: Pexels

Leading Staff Consultants

With over 600 staff members on call, there will usually be someone available who is an expert in the issue that your company is facing.

Cornerstone Research did not become a top boutique consulting firm overnight: with over 25 years in the making, it has accumulated a large amount of field experts.

As one of the top boutique management consuting firms, Cornerstone tries its hardest to pair clients with an expert in the imposing issue. The majority of its affiliated experts have been, at one point or another, recognized as leaders in the fields of:

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing

Experts in Financial Institutions

Cornerstone is one of the best boutique consulting firms to use for financial advice. It has many experts to consult in the following financial matters:

  • Financial products
  • Risk management
  • Financial services regulations
  • Securities analysis
  • Investment management
  • Industry economics

They are able to handle the process from the initial investigation through the litigation that would follow. They are also able to take on antitrust and securities litigation, bank failures, and mutual fund fees.

Not many boutique consulting firms are able to take on so many varied services while still maintaining a high quality of work. This makes Cornerstone a fantastic boutique consulting firm to use if your company of business is in need of financial advice. 

Outstanding Publications

If you open any reputable financial magazine, you may find that Cornerstone has contributed a case study or article. Since it is one of the top boutique consulting firms, Cornerstone has been involved in many groundbreaking financial cases.

It offered its expertise to clients and, later, presented its innovative techniques for solving these cases in a case study. These case studies are valuable resources for new and upcoming boutique consulting firms to reference.

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Eagle Hill Consulting Review

Eagle Hill makes the list of the top boutique consulting firms due to its unconventional consulting practices. Eagle Hill is unlike the other boutique consulting firms in this list because it is a family-run, woman-owned company.

This gives Eagle Hill a unique perspective on your business’s economic and financial problems.

Eagle Hill is a smaller boutique consulting firm in comparison to the other firms on this list, though this certainly hasn't stopped their growth. Since 2010, Eagle Hill has experienced an average growth rate of 74%.

Prospective clients can find Eagle Hill at two locations: Washington D.C. and Seattle, Washington. Although it may be difficult to utilize this firm if you are located internationally or outside of the area, Eagle Hill is more than willing to accommodate large distances by offering web-based services.

Key Factors That Allowed This Firm to Rank as a Best Boutique Consulting Firm

Below are some key features to give you an idea of what we used to rate Eagle Hill as one of the best boutique consulting firms.

Photo courtesy of: Eagle Hill

High Quality Talent

Eagle Hill only employs the best people to work for its company. It will typically not hire individuals without graduate degrees. Over 70% of their leadership have graduate degrees, and many of them have been awarded multiple degrees.

Its experts are also experienced in the real world, not just in the classroom. 80% of their leadership have had hands-on experience in working with one of the “Big 4” industries.

As an additional benefit, over 90% of Eagle Hill consultants have human capital consulting experience, and a third have training or teaching backgrounds.

Expertise and Values

Eagle Hill cares about the following core values:

  • Open communication
  • Collaboration
  • Delivery excellence
  • Supportive environment

As one of the best boutique consulting firms, these four core values are integrated into all of its services offered. As a small, family-run company, Eagle Hill prides itself on the quality of its work.

Eagle Hill advisors do not give out advice unless they are one hundred percent confident that it is the best solution for your business.

Solid Track Record

Eagle Hill has over 12 years of working with satisfied businesses, with its clientele tending to return after their initial experience in working with Eagle Hill.

By having return clients, this means that Eagle Hill is well-versed in its field of expertise as a boutique consulting firm.

Eagle Hill has also experienced a 74% growth in revenue since 2010. This means that it has a lot of happy customers that are spreading the good word about this boutique consulting firm!

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Point B Review

Point B is a one of the top boutique consulting firms because it offers a series of specialized services. Point B is known for its management consulting, venture investment and advisory, and property development.

This boutique consulting firm is able to lead its clients through the process of developing strategic ideas and transcribing these ideas down on paper.

Point B is one of the smaller, more localized, boutique consulting firms. Its office locations include:

  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix
  • Portland
  • Seattle

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank This Firm as a Best Boutique Consulting Firm

Below are some of the elements we found compelling enough about Point B to name it as one of this year’s best boutique consulting firms.

Exceptional Work Place

Point B is 100% employee-owned and placed as the #2 “Best Firms to Work For” in the United States by Consulting magazine.

The majority of its employees say that they are honored to work for this company because it has one of the best work environments.

By having a great work environment, this means that the experts hired by this boutique consulting firm care about the quality of their work. Point B only hires the best of the best, and everyone is biting at the bit to work for them.

Point B is makes the top boutique consulting firms because it not only takes care of its employees but also takes care of its clients.

Culture and Values

Point B has a series of values that it holds to heart. Point B believes in building lasting relationships in and outside of its firm and of holding itself in the highest integrity.

For businesses that want a boutique consulting firm that values honesty and excellence, Point B is a great fit.  

Specialized Consulting Services

As a smaller boutique consulting firm, Point B offers more specialized services. This is not necessarily a bad thing because it means that it is not spreading itself out too thin. These services include:

  • Business Technology
  • Marketing & Product Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Operations & Process Improvement
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Project Leadership Services
  • Strategy

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The Brattle Group Review

The Brattle Group is one the boutique consulting firms that has the answers to your economic, regulatory, and financial questions.

The Brattle Group offers its expertise to not only corporations but also top law firms and government agencies around the world.

The Brattle Group has been around since 1990 and has since expanded to locations worldwide. The Brattle Group first opened its headquarters in Washington, D.C., afterwards opening an additional nine offices located worldwide.

Its offices are located in:

  • Cambridge
  • Washington
  • New York
  • Toronto
  • San Francisco
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Rome
  • Sydney

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank This Firm as a Best Boutique Consulting Firm

Below are some of the most significant reasons we selected The Brattle Group as one of this year’s top boutique consulting firms.

Leading Industry Specialists

The Brattle Group is one the best boutique consulting firms because it only hires the best of the best.

It may seem as though all of the boutique consulting firms hire leading industry experts; however, The Brattle Group has been in business long enough to snatch up some of the best experts.

The experts employed by the Brattle Group have advanced, usually PhD, degrees in the fields of economics, finance, managements, and engineering.

Not only do these experts have the relevant degrees, but they have all worked diligently within private companies, academic universities or government agencies before working for The Brattle Group. This has allowed The Brattle Group to become known as one of the best boutique strategy consulting firms.

Top Clients

The Brattle Group has done business with many of the world’s leading companies, law firms, and nonprofit organizations. It also has had the pleasure of working with the United States government and many regulatory government agencies.

It has corresponded with over 20 governments from around the world and has done business with over 40 companies from around the world.

The Brattle Group’s broad geographic range has allowed it to build up expertise in all manners of financial cases. It uses its expertise that it has accumulated to best serve you and your business.

The Brattle Group also has a series of client values that it holds to heart. These values include:

  • High-quality performance
  • Collaboration
  • Work integrity
  • Respect

Conclusion – Best Boutique Consulting Firms

Boutique consulting firms can be a dime a dozen. Many of these companies spring up overnight, take your money, and run without giving you what you paid for.

Using one of the best boutique consulting firms listed in this article will give you and your company peace of mind. You do not have to worry about your money disappearing or getting an inferior product if you use one of these companies.

All of the firms on our boutique consulting firms list have been around for decades and will continue to practice for decades to come. They are the leading industry experts in a wide variety of fields.

No matter what challenges you and your business are facing, you can turn to one of these boutique consulting firms to solve your problems.

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