Jabong Review | Is Jabong.com Safe? What You Need to Know about Jabong

Jabong Review | Is Jabong.com Safe? Reliable? What You Need to Know about Jabong’s App and Shopping Site

If you’re into fashion, then you’ve probably heard of Jabong.com online shopping. Jabong is one of the leading fashion e-commerce sites in India, and the site aims to be a fashion destination for men, women, and children.

They sell shoes, clothing, jewelry, and accessories. In our Jabong review, we take a look at what you need to know about Jabong.com online shopping, the Jabong app, and whether Jabong.com is safe.

The fashion giant has always offered Jabong discount coupons and great deals, but after recently being acquired by Myntra, who is owned by Flipkart, experts predict Jabong will have less reason to offer lower prices since the fashion market will be dominated by the Myntra-Jabong duo.

However, our Jabong review found that Jabong discount coupons are still available, and Jabong.com online shopping is still reasonable for people in search of deals.

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Jabong Review: Products

Jabong promises the hottest international labels and exclusive collections with more than 2,000 brands and 200,000 styles. Jabong.com online shopping is aimed at a younger consumer who prefers trendy clothing and accessories.

The website offers a few main categories for shoppers to browse:

  • Women: clothing and Jabong dresses, shoes, bags, accessories, fashion jewelry, beauty, grooming
  • Men: shoes, clothing, watches, bags (backpacks, wallets, messengers), sunglasses, accessories, jewelry, personal grooming
  • Kids: boys and girls clothing, boys’ and girls’ shoes, accessories, home fashion for kids
  • Sports: footwear, clothing, accessories

Though not defined by its own tab in the navigation bar, Jabong sells a product category called “athleisure.” Our Jabong.com review found the athleisure line to be a nice hybrid between what you’d wear at the gym and what you’d wear in a social outing.

There are too many products and brands offered for our Jabong.com review to mention each one by name, but there is a full mix of Indian designers along with Western brands like Gap and Nike.

Though the website boasts of carrying more than 2,000 brands, a company executive was quoted as saying they will now focus on the top 200 to 300 brands, rather than spreading themselves too thin.

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Jabong Review: Quality

According to the Jabong website, quality matters. In order to sell clothing and accessories on Jabong, vendors need to go through a selection process to ensure the best quality.

A few Jabong.com reviews by customers on Trustpilot praise the company, one even saying they were “impressed with their service and quality of products.” Jabong reviews on Mouthshut.com seem to be slightly favorable toward the company, rating the quality 3 out of 5.

However, there are several more Jabong reviews that call the quality “pathetic” and claim the product didn’t look like the picture. Overall, Jabong reviews are less concerned about the quality than they are about the company’s responses when customers attempt to make an exchange or return.

Jabong Review: Pricing

While Jabong.com online shopping doesn’t involve wholesale pricing, the items are still considerably lower than other retailers, especially considering the name-brand offerings. For example, Jabong dresses range from approximately $4 to $206 (taking into account currency exchange).

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Image Source: Jabong

In addition to reasonably priced fashion items on the regular page, they also have sale pages, where shoppers can find items up to 80% off. For customers looking for an even better deal, Jabong discount coupons can be found on sites like Coupon Dunia, One India Coupons, and Couponz Guru.

As previously mentioned in our Jabong review, some experts are speculating that the deals may not be as impressive going forward after being acquired by Myntra, but that remains to be seen.

Ultimately, prices are determined by the different vendors who list and sell their products through Jabong. The website states that selling prices are at the sole discretion of sellers, who may provide discounts, offers, and promotions from time to time.

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Jabong Review: Jabong.com Online Shopping

The Jabong website has an overall sleek design and is easy to navigate. The best deals are easy to locate by going to the “sale” tab on the navigation bar.

Sales are listed by:

  • Product category
  • Brand
  • Percent discount

The percent discount pages feature all products that are a specified percentage off. For example, if you’re looking for the best deals, you can click on the 70% off page and find watches, sunglasses, and apparel at that rate.

An interesting feature of the Jabong website is the “Juice” page which offers advice on trends, celebrity styles, and beauty routines. Under the J TV section of the Juice page, there are several videos that feature stars such as Sidharth Malhotra, Sayani Gupta, and Kangana Ranaut. Jabong.com online shopping is making a clear marketing effort toward a younger, trendier audience.

There is an extensive frequently asked questions section that addresses issues from payments and shipping, to returns and promotions vouchers.

The Jabong.com online shopping website isn’t the only way to make a purchase if you’re looking for Jabong dresses and other fashion items. The Jabong mobile app is available for Android users on the Google Play Store, for Apple users at iTunes, and at the Windows store.

Jabong mobile is offering the app for free in hopes it will become a “one-stop destination for online fashion and lifestyle shopping in India.” Android users rate the Jabong app 3.9 out of 5 stars, while Apple users rate the Jabong app a 3.5.

While individual Jabong reviews differ in the details, a few issues with the Jabong app stand out. In one of the more concerning Jabong.com reviews, the user claimed the Jabong app itself changed her account details to where she was “able to see another person’s details.” Another Jabong.com review called it the “worst app ever.”

On the other hand, other Jabong.com reviews claim it’s a very good app for shopping for clothes, and other Jabong reviews claim it is an “awesome app” with superb discounts.

Another favorable feature we found in our Jabong.com review is the ability of customers to be able to pay cash on delivery.

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Jabong Review: Customer Service

It didn’t take long during our Jabong.com review to find the contact page for customer care, unlike other sites where phone numbers are difficult to locate. Jabong appears to take customer service seriously by not only providing phone numbers and email addresses, but by also having a two-step complaint resolution process and a place to give feedback.

The detailed plans Jabong has for handling customer issues may be due to the numerous complaints about their service. Issues Jabong.com online shopping customers have raised include problems with:

  • Slow delivery times
  • Response time for complaints and returns
  • Wait times on calls/dropped calls
  • No response to emails

According to the website, shipping times are 2 business days for metro areas and major cities, and 5 business days for cities not listed on the map. Despite Jabong reviews that take issue with delivery times, the online fashion retailer does have a clause on the site that sometimes there could be delays due to weather, delayed flights, political disruptions, and other “unforeseen circumstances.”

jabong.com review-minImage Source: Jabong

Complaints aside, there are Jabong.com reviews that show the fashion e-commerce seller in a favorable light. This Jabong.com review calls the company a “shopper’s paradise” and highly recommends buying from the site.

Our Jabong.com review sees room for improvement in overall customer service. While Jabong has made several avenues available to make contact and resolve issues, the abundance of complaints raises an alarm.

Jabong Review: Overall Pros and Cons

During our Jabong.com review, we found many reasons for and against shopping with the fashion website.


  • Wide variety of fashion products
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Cash on delivery option
  • Jabong mobile app for convenience
  • Reasonable prices

Though individual Jabong.com reviews have different opinions, there are issues that several customers had in common.


  • Returns are difficult
  • Quality of certain products
  • Shipping times
  • Customer service associates unresponsive

The Jabong return/exchange policy offers a 15-day free service on certain items. There are, however, items that cannot be returned nor exchanged such as lingerie and swimsuits, beauty products, certain jewelry items, furniture, and pens.

It is the opinion of our Jabong.com review that fixing the customer service experience by making refunds and exchanges easier to process may alleviate quite a few complaints.

Jabong Review: Is Jabong Safe?

While some Jabong.com reviews accused the online clothing retailer of lying and cheating, among other wrongdoings, it seems that, through reviewing other Jabong.com reviews, the majority of transactions end with a decent experience.

It’s the lack of customer service after the purchase that has become the biggest issue.

It appears Jabong is not attempting to purposely mislead consumers, despite the fact that they have many complaints about them on consumer websites. As with all online transactions, it’s important for the buyer to do their own research, keeping in mind that you generally get what you pay for.

Is Jabong.com Online Shopping Right for Me?

There is a particular customer profile that would be best served by the online fashion retailer. Customers who may benefit from Jabong are shoppers who:

  • Enjoy browsing a wide selection of fashion merchandise
  • Prefer fashion-forward items
  • Do not need items right away
  • Need to pay cash on delivery
  • Would like the convenience of the Jabong mobile app
  • Are already familiar with the brands and sizing

Many of the Jabong.com reviews that take issue with the company center around the returns process.

Therefore, shoppers who are already familiar with a certain brand’s quality and sizing should feel fairly comfortable with Jabong.com online shopping.

Whether you’re looking for Jabong dresses for women, or you’re searching for men’s athletic shoes and accessories, it may benefit you to browse Jabong’s vast selection. Find your Jabong discount coupons and see what India’s leading online fashion retailer has to offer.

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