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AdvisoryHQ Policies and Frequently Asked Questions 

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About AdvisoryHQ

AdvisoryHQ News was launched in 2015 and has since become one of the fastest-growing review and ranking media for the financial, accounting, PR, consulting, mortgage, credit union, banking, investment, software, and other sectors.               

Read more: Overview of AdvisoryHQ News.  

Advertising with AdvisoryHQ (FAQs)

Everyday, firms are clamoring to be more discoverable online. Being featured on AdvisoryHQ provides your firm with exposure to a viewership that includes millions of highly active consumer readers who are sometimes at the decision-making stage.

AdvisoryHQ offers a wide variety of advertising options and  placements that provide firms the opportunity to promote and showcase their brands and services in an engaging and meaningful way.

From direct advertising to affiliate partnership, AdvisoryHQ News works with firms to increase their brand exposure.

What types of advertising options does AdvisoryHQ provide?

AdvisoryHQ offers the below types of advertising opportunities:

  1. Target a Specific Audience
  2. Target a Specific Page, Category or Ranking
  3. Advertise Across the Site
  4. Affiliate Advertising          
  5. Other  

Target a Specific Audience, Page or Category

Are you looking to target your advertisement to a specific article, category, or specific audience (i.e., high-net-worth individuals, credit card seekers, business owners, investors, shoppers, consumers, etc.)?

Then a high-impact Scroll Reveal Ad Unit is exactly what you need. A Scroll Reveal Ad Unit ensures 90%-100% visibility to your firm's advertisement or creative, and provides you with the highest level of user engagement compared to all other ad types.

Click here or the image below for a quick demo on how it works. When you are ready to advertise, please complete this form for a quote:

scroll reveal demo - click here


  • Not every article, page, or category is available for scroll reveal unit advertising.

Advertise Across the Site Advertising   

Are you interested in displaying your ad on every page and every category across AdvisoryHQ? Please review our Advertising Media Kit for "across-the-site" advertising options, and next steps.

Affiliate Advertising

For firms or agencies that are interested in partnering with AdvisoryHQ on an affiliate or partnering perspective, we have the various affiliate/ad advertisement options presented below:

  • Cost per funded account/account opening/per lead
  • Rate tables
  • Banners and text links 

Click here to contact us: Contact AdvisoryHQ for Advertising Opportunities. Also see the FAQs below.

Question: For advertising, we would like to utilize ad text and banner ads. Is this in line with what is supported at AdvisoryHQ?

Answer: Yes, this is in line with how we display advertisements. To view examples of banner and text ads that are displayed on our site, click on the links below:

Question: Can we do a direct buy on a leads basis (for example, “cost per funded account” or a “cost per account opening” basis)?

Answer: Definitely. We work with affiliates and direct advertisers, and those relationships are often based on a cost per account opening, cost per account funding or cost per some specific action happening.

Question: What is AdvisoryHQ’s brand safety approach (to prevent Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising fraud clicks)?

Answer: AdvisoryHQ's main focus at this junction is to display the creatives provided to us and to offer complete transparency. We work with our partners, affiliates, and their agents to ensure that they are able to completely monitor and track every click using any means/tools available to them for click tracking and count conversions. We accept and will implement click tracking and monitoring codes that are provided to us.

Question: What is the transparency offered by AdvisoryHQ?

Answer 1: At the bottom of every page that includes an affiliate or advertisement display/text ad, we include the below message:

“Note: Some firms (and products)—including the one(s) above—that have been reviewed and ranked by AdvisoryHQ may be affiliates of AdvisoryHQ.

Also note that the above article may include affiliate or other related advertisements.

Click here to view AdvisoryHQ’s advertiser and editorial disclosures, which includes a list of our affiliates.”

Answer 2: Refer to the links below as well:

Question: Can we add a third-party click tracker and count conversions based on DCM (DoubleClick for Advertisers by Google)?

Answer: Yes. AdvisoryHQ focuses on displaying creatives and advertisements, and does not focus on tracking and monitoring. Any third party click tracker and count conversions codes will need to be provided to us.

Question: For displaying the advertisement, would you need any creative (advertising images/banners) in order to set the campaign live?

Answer: In order for us to launch the advertisement, we will need one or more of the following:

  • Creative/advertising banners (JPEG, PNG or .gif image) along with the URLs you would like a reader to click on
  • HTML/script codes that will display the advertisement(s) and include the URL(s)
  • Text ads (as a hyperlink)


  • We accept creative from most major ad serving networks
  • In addition, AdvisoryHQ can create the creatives/display ads for a small fee

Question: What are the advertising image sizes accepted by AdvisoryHQ?

Answer: Acceptable image sizes include:

  • 970*90
  • 728*90
  • 300*600
  • 160*600
  • 300*250
  • 250*250

The size of the advertisement display image will be dependent on where the ad will be placed.

Question: What would be an acceptable “cost per funded account” or “cost per account opening” or “cost per some action being taken”?

Answer: $50–$250, depending on a wide variety of factors, including lead type, advertising competition (competition from other advertisers for the same advertisement spots), page views,   and the type of page(s)/categories in which the advertisement will be displayed.


Are you interested in any other type of advertising that is not referenced above? If so, email us: Contact AdvisoryHQ for Advertising Opportunities 

Permission to Use Free Award Emblems

AdvisoryHQ grants firms the permission to use the award emblem associated with their firm's review and ranking for free. We do not charge for the use of our award emblems. The only requirement is that you link back to the article page in which the firm has been reviewed/ranked (see also: How do firms promote their award?)

See below for samples of award emblems.

If your firm has been reviewed or ranked by us, click the "Request Your Free Award Emblem" button below to request your free award emblem.

Benefits: From sharing with clients/consumers to including it on corporate marketing materials, an award emblem is a great way to trumpet your firm's recognition.

  • Post directly on your website, blog, or intranet
  • Share with clients and prospects
  • Integrate into corporate sales, brochures, and marketing materials
  • Share on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

What AdvisoryHQ says counts! AdvisoryHQ receives millions of viewers, and 57% of our viewers selected a company or product as a result of seeing a review of that firm on AdvisoryHQ

Request Free Emblem Button

Sample Award Emblems

Top Rated Bank Award Emblem-min

Top Rated Credit Union Award Emblem-min

Award Emblems1-min Award Emblems2

Request Free Emblem Button

Promoting Your “Top Ranking” Emblem and Recognition

How do firms promote their award? There are four main ways in which firms promote their award emblems.

(1) The award emblem is placed on the homepage footer or across their site on the footer section, and the url is inserted as a hyperlink to the image.

Promoting AdvisoryHQ Award Emblem (1)-min

Financial Synergies Asset Management Homepage

(2) The award emblem is promoted via a “lead-in blog post” on the firm’s website 

Note: Firms often send us their lead-in articles for us to review from an editorial perspective (reviewing for typos, grammar issues, etc.) and also to confirm that it meets our requirements. Below are examples of posts and lead-ins.

Examples of lead-in blog posts

Promoting AdvisoryHQ Award Emblem (Yeske)-min

Yeske Buie was named one of the Top 11 Financial Advisors in San Francisco by AdvisoryHQ!

Promoting AdvisoryHQ Award Emblem (Janiczek)-min

Janiczek Wealth Management has been named one of the Top 12 Financial Advisors in Denver, Colorado, by AdvisoryHQ.

(3) Award emblem is promoted via social media

Promoting AdvisoryHQ Award Emblem (Social Media)

(4) Some firms issue press releases to promote their award and recognition

Promoting AdvisoryHQ Award Emblem (NorthStar)-min

Northstar Investment Advisors: 2016 Ranking of Colorado’s Top Wealth Advisors.

Promoting AdvisoryHQ Award Emblem (DB Root)-min

D.B. Root & Company was named one of Pittsburgh’s Top 10 Best Financial Advisors by AdvisoryHQ News.

Click below to request your free award emblem.

Request Free Emblem Button

See additional examples in which firms have promoted their awards:

AdvisoryHQ's Personalized Page Service

Personalized Review Pages

AdvisoryHQ News was launched in 2015 and has since become one of the fastest-growing "review and ranking" media. Our highly popular reviews and rankings have since become a remarkable success. 

Quite often, firms will contact AdvisoryHQ to request a separate review page that focuses on the review and recognition of only their specific firmTo meet this need, AdvisoryHQ launched its Personalized Review Page Service.

Examples of Live Personalized Pages: 


There are a couple of key advantages to having a Personalized Review Page on AdvisoryHQ.

  1. A Personalized Review Page presents a review of your specific firm rather than a review of your firm as well as your peers. You can distribute the URL page link and share your firm’s review and recognition page with existing and prospective clients. You can also customize the page with additional information. You can include your corporate disclosure, provide direct contact info, highlight specific expertise, include images of staff members, and include videos, amongst others.
  2. Another benefit to a Personalized Review Page is that it increases the exposure of your company (or product) to AdvisoryHQ’s millions of viewers, which include investors, high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and everyday consumers.
  3. Also, a Personalized Review Page increases recognition of your brand across the financial, advisory, banking, wealth management, accounting, and consulting sectors. Each month, thousands of financial advisors, accountants, banking professionals, wealth managers, consultants, bank executives, and other financial professionals visit AdvisoryHQ to read published reviews and rankings of their peers, competitors or potential employers/partners.

Request a Quote Button

While firms pay a one-time setup fee to have their own personalized review page, their participation has no bearing on their place in our rankings; nor does it guarantee that they will be ranked in future years.

Licensing Permission (AdvisoryHQ Logos)

Obtaining a logo license allows your firm to use AdvisoryHQ's logo on your website, on newsletters, in association with your award emblem and recognition, on marketing materials, sales collateral, etc. which significantly enhances your message and lends valuable credibility to your ranking/review.

AHQ Logos

Example of AHQ's Logo on a Top Rated Firm's Website

AdvisoryHQ Award Emblem and Logo-min

Want a quick and cost effective use of AdvisoryHQ’s logos? Click below.

Request a Quote Button

Licensing Permission (Re-Prints & E-Prints)

AdvisoryHQ content is copyrighted and cannot be republished without permission. However, you can link to articles for free, and there’s no need to ask permission.

Has your firm been reviewed by us? Then make the most of your firm’s coverage with a highly visible, cost-effective PDF E-Print of AdvisoryHQ’s review of your firm. You may also like: “Reviewed by AdvisoryHQ? Request Your Free Emblem.

From personal use to corporate marketing materials, E-Prints are a great way to build credibility, enhance visibility, or just create buzz and excitement from content that featured you, a colleague, your company, or your product or service.


  • Share with clients and prospects
  • Post directly on your company’s website or intranet
  • Distribute via email
  • Integrate content to corporate sales, brochures, and marketing materials
  • Include on books, newsletters, or other publications for editorial, educational, and commercial uses
  • Share via social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+)
  • Include on posters, banners, plaques, and framed prints promoting your coverage and recognition
  • Distribute during trade shows, events, and meetings
  • Promote in conference rooms, lobbies, and throughout corporate offices

If requested, we can customize your E-Print by:

  • Highlighting specific text
  • Adding your corporate disclosure/disclaimer
  • Adding your corporate logo
  • Including other requested highlights

Licensing Permission (E-Print of Your Firm’s Recognition & Review)

Can firms or individuals request an E-Print of a specific review?

Definitely! While AdvisoryHQ’s top rated publications present a detailed comparison review of multiple firms or products, you can request a PDF E-Print that only contains the detailed and complete review of a specific firm or product.


E-Print Sample Image-min

Click below for detailed examples of what the firm-specific review will look like:

Click the button below to request a firm-specific PDF E-Print review (Branded or standard).

Request a Quote Button

Note: we only provide E-Prints of firms we’ve already reviewed. If your firm has not been ranked or reviewed by AdvisoryHQ, you may request that we review your firm to see if it meets AdvisoryHQ’s ranking and selection criteria. You can also request a personalized profile page. Read more: Requesting a Personalized Page.

Licensing Permission (PDF E-Print of a Full Article)

Can anyone request an E-Print of any article on AdvisoryHQ?

In most cases, yes!

Firms or individuals can request a full PDF E-Print of one or more articles that have been posted on AdvisoryHQ’s website. However, note that these full-article PDF E-Prints cannot be posted on any website. They can be printed, distributed, emailed, etc. They just cannot be reposted on the internet.

The PDF version will be a mirror replica of the live article, with few or no changes.


PDF E-Print of a Full Article - Sample Image-min

Click below to request a full PDF E-Print of an article.

Request a Quote Button

Licensing Rights (Republish Content on Other Websites)

Can individuals or firms request licensing rights to republish sections of an article or the whole article on their website or other online page?

Full text or full article reproduction of AdvisoryHQ articles cannot be posted on any website. You can link to any of our articles for free, and there’s no need to ask permission.

See Also:


SEC Award Criteria Disclosure

The SEC requires registered investment managers to disclose criteria for awards and recognitions.

Note: This is ONLY applicable to Investment Advisors in the U.S. that are registered with the SEC.

If your registered investment firm has been rated by AdvisoryHQ News, you can use the following verbiage.


AdvisoryHQ uses a 4-step selection methodology for identifying, researching, and generating its list of top ranking firms:

Step 1: Using publicly available sources, AdvisoryHQ identifies a wide range of financial advisors, RIAs, financial planners, accounting, and wealth management firms providing services in a designated area (city, state, or local geographic location).

Step 2: AdvisoryHQ’s review team then applies initial methodology filters to narrow down the list of identified firms. These filters include a firm’s fee structure, fiduciary classification, level of independence, transparency, and objectivity.

Step 3: After trimming down the initial list, AdvisoryHQ then conducts a deep-dive assessment of the remaining firms. The award criteria takes into account a range of factors, including experience level (broad level of expertise and extensive years of experience), level of customized services, and website quality. Open door policy, resource availability (number of “available” advisory professionals and supporting staff), and range of provided services are also assessed to build up a broad picture of what each firm has to offer, before the final selection process occurs.

Step 4: Based on the results of AdvisoryHQ’s assessment, the firm’s research and selection team then finalizes the list of entities that make it into its top rated publications, which are then published to the general public.      

What Methodology Does AdvisoryHQ Use?

Click here for a detailed review of AdvisoryHQs methodologies.     

Do Firms Have a Say in Their Review & Ranking?

Yes and no.


Most firms do not even realize that they are being reviewed by the AdvisoryHQ News staff until after our review and due diligence have been completed and published. We then send the selected firms a heads-up email, informing them that AdvisoryHQ has reviewed and included their firm on our top ranking list.

Consumers and professionals alike appreciate the objective structure and approach that AdvisoryHQ utilizes. Here is a media release from Sunrise Advisors regarding AdvisoryHQ:

“We feel privileged to be a part of this elite group of firms ranked by AdvisoryHQ,” said David Walsh, JD, CFP®, Director of Family Office Services. “It makes it even more meaningful that advisory firms were not able to influence AdvisoryHQ’s rankings in any way. We weren’t even aware of our consideration by AdvisoryHQ until we were notified of our selection. With too many rankings or reviews based on a single metric (like firm size) or coming as a result of ‘pay-to-play’ advertising swaps, AdvisoryHQ’s process is importantly unbiased, objective, and consumer-centric.”

Read more comments here: AdvisoryHQ’s Objective Approach.


See the FAQ below on a firm’s ability to request corrections and additions to their reviews.     

Can Firms Request Corrections and Additions to Their Reviews?

Yes, firms that have been reviewed and ranked by AdvisoryHQ can and sometimes do send us requests for corrections to be made to their reviews.

Please note that we will only accept "correction requests" (for example: a request to change/update incorrect information that AdvisoryHQ has included on your firm's review/ranking). We will not consider any "addition requests" (for example, asking us to add content to your review).

All requests should be sent to our editorial support team (see email below).

Note: AdvisoryHQ’s support and editorial team receives a large number of emails, calls, and voicemails each week, so the best and quickest way to let us know about a correction or update is to:

  1. Copy the “review content” that we published about your firm onto a MS Word document (include your firm’s name).
  2. Make the necessary changes/corrections using track changes.
  3. Please only focus on the section that we posted about your firm. Please do not copy and paste the whole “top ranking” article!
  4. Follow up with us in 48-72 hours if you don’t get a response to your initial email.

Upon receiving your updates, our review team will conduct an objectivity review and make the necessary updates to the live publication.

Please send your edits as a MS Word attachment to the email address below:

AdvisoryHQ Email Address1

Can Anyone Request a Review/Ranking of a Firm or Product?

Yes, AdvisoryHQ often receives emails from firms, professionals, clients, and prospective clients requesting AdvisoryHQ to review or ranking firms or products

Please note that AdvisoryHQ does not review firms or products for the purpose of negative ratingsOur methodology is to review a wide selection of firms and products and only publish those that meet our criteria for “top ranking” firms and products.

We believe in providing consumers with a comprehensive viewpoint of top performing firms and products. As such, we welcome additional referrals and recommendations if there are firms or products that you believe should be included in our review and top ranked selection.

Selected firms or products remain on our list until 2017 when we perform our 2017 annual review, at which time each firm/product is reviewed and re-ranked again in comparison with other additional firms/products.

To request a review of a firm for our next ranking:

  • Please send us an email (link below).
  • In your email, please list the reasons you feel the firm should be considered.
  • Please first review our selection methodologies to ensure that the referred firm or product does meet our selection criteria.

Click here to Request a Firm/Product Review.

How Long Does a Firm/Product Remain on the Top Ranking List?

Selected firms or products remain on our list until 2017 when we perform our 2017 annual review, at which time each firm/product is reviewed and re-ranked again in comparison with other additional firms/products.

AdvisoryHQ continually updates its methodology filters to ensure we are meeting the needs of our consumer audience. As such, a firm or product that is ranked as a top firm/product this year may not make the list next year. 

Note: Our focus is on the everyday consumer.

All research that we perform is done from the consumer perspective. Every ranking and review is drafted from the viewpoint of the consumer.

We’re dedicated to comprehensiveness, transparency, objectivity, and clarity in how we work, and we are focused on providing specifically for you, the everyday consumer.

Do Firms Pay for Their Ranking?

Definitely not! Firms do not pay for their ranking. Our ranking articles are always 100% independently researched and written. In fact, most firms do not even realize that they are being reviewed by AdvisoryHQ until after our reviews have been completed and published to the public. 

However, after we’ve published our top ranking publications to the general public, firms can request to have a separate personalized profile, which incurs a charge, they can also request a PDF copy of their review, which also incurs a charge. Click here for more information on AdvioryHQ's personalized pages.

Also, please note that anyone can ask AdvisoryHQ to review any firm for consideration and inclusion to one of our top-rated publications. Click here for additional information: Can Anyone Request a Review of a Firm?

Consumers and professionals alike appreciate the objective approach that AdvisoryHQ utilizes. 

“Thank you for the review.  It’s exciting to see a completely independent ranking company! I appreciate what AdvisoryHQ is doing and appreciate the objective review!”

– Nathan Kubik (CIMA®, CPWA®), a Principal at Carnick & Kubik


"We feel privileged to be a part of this elite group of firms ranked by AdvisoryHQ,” said David Walsh, JD, CFP®, Director of Family Office Services. It makes it even more meaningful that advisory firms were not able to influence AdvisoryHQ’s rankings in any way. We weren’t even aware of our consideration by AdvisoryHQ until we were notified of our selection. With too many rankings or reviews based on a single metric (like firm size) or coming as a result of ‘pay-to-play’ advertising swaps, AdvisoryHQ’s process is importantly unbiased, objective, and consumer-centric.”

– Media release by Sunrise Advisors


“I was informed of your website and reviews and want to thank you for your work and AdvisoryHQ’s top-down methodology.  The criteria for selecting advisors is refreshing and long overdue.”

– Kimberly Curtis (CFP®, ChFC, CLU, CAP, AEP, MSFS), President and CEO of Wealth Legacy Institute

See Also:

Can Firms Request to be Removed from AdvisoryHQ’s Reviews or Ranking?


For questions, please see: Freedom of Press and Media (U.S. Constitution – 1st Amendment (S.1598) 114th Congress, 1st Session of Congress).

You can also view the Freedom of Information Act and the U.S. Privacy Act (U.S. Code › Title 5 › Part I › Chapter 5 › Subchapter II › § 552a 5 U.S. Code § 552a – Records maintained on individuals, agencies and firms).

However, please let us know if you have any requests for changes or corrections to your firm’s review, and we’ll be more than happy to make the necessary changes after performing an objective assessment of the requested changes.

Click here for information on requesting corrections or changesFor SEC disclosures, please click here: SEC Award Criteria Disclosure.       

How Does AdvisoryHQ Make Money?

For information on AdvisoryHQ’s business model, please click on any of the links below:

Meet the AdvisoryHQ Team

AdvisoryHQ Team Page


For any other questions not covered in the above list of FAQs and answers, please send us an email.