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Below is a list of free money management tools, free portfolio management software, budgeting apps, and huge discounts that are currently being offered by a few AdvisoryHQ affiliates.      

Click on any of the links for additional information as to why these are some of the top rated free software and discount platforms.

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Free Budgeting & Finance Tool: Personal Capital

** Available to U.S. consumers only **

Personal Capital’s top ranking FREE budgeting and personal finance tool is revolutionizing money management and budgeting. By using Personal Capital’s tool, you can easily create a budgeting plan that comes with real-time tracking features.

You can also very quickly zero in on problem budgeting areas and find places to save.

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Personal Capital Cash Flow and Net Worth

Image Source: Personal Capital

Personal Capital's free budgeting tool allows you to stay on track when it comes to managing your budget, paying your bills, and meeting your financial goals. You can easily see your recently paid, pending payments and past payment information. You’ll also see upcoming bills that are due, the minimum amount due, and the total amount outstanding.

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Founded in 2009 by Bill Harris (previous CEO of PayPal and also Intuit), Personal Capital is a highly advanced and free online personal finance software for budgeting, personal finance, and money management for all devices and platforms (online, desktop, iPhone, Mac, Samsung Galaxy, Windows, iPad, tablets, etc.).

Image Source: Personal Capital

Personal Capital allows you to effectively manage and monitor your entire financial life: financial planning, savings, investment, debt, budgeting, cash management, monthly expenses, and a wide range of other functions.

Free Investing & Wealth Management: Personal Capital

** Available to U.S. consumers only **

If you understand nothing else about Personal Capital’s FREE investment management and portfolio tracking software, understand this: the software is revolutionizing money management. 

Image Source: Free Wealth Management Tool

Best of all…you can use it to track your wealth and portfolio for free

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Personal Capital is used by over one million users to track more than $270 billion in individual investments. Recognized by TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Reuters, Personal Capital advertises its primary business objective as building a “better money management experience for consumers.”

The software is FREE to use to track and manage your wealth and your portfolios. However, if you choose to use a Personal Capital financial advisor to manage your money, there is a small fee for that. You can view the fee schedule in our chart below.

►►Free Wealth Management Tool ◄◄

Money Invested

Fee Schedule

First $1 million


First $3 million


Next $2 million


Next $5 million


Over $10 million


The software is FREE to use to track your wealth. The above fee is if you use Personal Capital advisors to manage your wealth.

Online Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Xero accounting software is beautiful, easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses.

The company has over 700,000 subscribers in more than 180 countries. Xero operates in the cloud, requires no installation or upgrade costs, and is accessible anytime, anywhere. Xero was ranked No. 1 by Forbes as the world's most innovative growth company. 

New users begin with a free trial and may then purchase Xero from within the application at any time during the free trial.

Online ​Trading Account (Free Trades)

Open a TradeKing online brokerage account today and get:

  • Commission-free trades, up to $1,000
  • $150 in transfer fees (reimbursed)
  • $50 when you refer a friend

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