Flipkart Review | Is Flipkart.com Safe? What You Need to Know About Flipkart (India)

Overview: Flipkart Review | Is Flipkart.com Safe? What You Need to Know About Flipkart (India)

Shopping on the Internet is big business, and now Flipkart online shopping is carving out its own place in the industry. In this Flipkart review, we’re going to tell you all about Flipkart, the Flipkart app, and the pros and cons of using Flipkart India.

There are dozens of Flipkart reviews online, but we’re going to give you a detailed review and help you figure out if Flipkart online shopping is safe.

Flipkart Review: About Flipkart


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Flipkart.com is an e-commerce site that launched in 2007 and now sells 40 million products in over 80 categories. With over 75 million registered users, Flipkart is now India’s leading e-commerce retailer. In 2016, the Flipkart app became the first Indian app to reach 50 million users.

Flipkart came to prominence through a unique combination of products and service. Located in Bangalore, Flipkart online shopping has overcome challenges such as selling merchandise in a multilingual nation with a broken infrastructure.

Though Flipkart is India’s largest e-commerce retailer, it is now competing against Amazon.com, who is “closing the gap with Flipkart in India” according to a Flipkart review on Live Mint.

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Flipkart Review: Products

There’s no doubt that Flipkart online shopping is taking off because of the breadth and variety of its products. The Flipkart online shopping experience can be broken down into 7 categories:

  • Electronics—mobiles, laptops and computers, TVs, cameras, mobile accessories, wearables
  • Appliances—air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, home entertainment
  • Men—footwear, clothing, accessories, personal care, watches, grooming
  • Women—footwear, clothing (ethnic and Western), accessories, beauty and personal care, jewelery,
  • Baby and kids—footwear, clothing, toys, school supplies, baby care
  • Home and furniture—kitchen and dining, furnishings, tools, home decor
  • Books and more—books, games, stationery, automotive, music, movies, sports, fitness

Whether you’re using Flipkart online shopping for dresses or shopping for games, automotive parts or sports equipment, you can select from the 40 million products that are available. According to a Flipkart review by Indian Express, the top-selling categories are fashion and lifestyle, home, and consumer electronics.

Our Flipkart review found that many products from recognized brands, such as Samsung, Lenovo, and Apple, are sold. The site has also opened its doors to third-party sellers. According to a Flipkart review by Trak.in, the advantage of having third-party sellers is the ability to offer lower prices and more selection due to increased competition.

Customers looking for a deal can head to the “offer zone,” where Flipkart offers its “deals of the day.” Other ways shoppers can save include finding Flipkart discount coupons on other websites, like Coupon Dunia, Couponz Guru, and Couponraja.

One interesting benefit we found during our Flipkart review is that certain products, such as televisions and washing machines, come with free installation and a demonstration within a few business days of delivery.

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Flipkart Review: Using Flipkart

One major benefit that comes with using Flipkart for online shopping is the ability to pay cash on delivery. According to one Flipkart review, it was the first site to offer the cash-on-delivery option. In addition to that, Flipkart allows customers to pay by credit or debit at the door or through the Flipkart app. Customers can also pay on the site itself.

Flipkart online shopping is made easy on its user-friendly website, which is intuitive and simple to navigate. Even though it has an excellent website, a Flipkart review by Indian Express says that close to 75% of traffic on the site comes through the Flipkart mobile app.

The Flipkart review goes on to say that the company’s chief product officer announced that Flipkart planned to only operate with the Flipkart app starting in September 2015, but, at the time of our Flipkart review, items may still be ordered via the website.

The option to download the Flipkart app is available through iOS, Android, and the Windows Store. Android users give the Flipkart app 4.2 stars while iOS users give the Flipkart app a 4+ rating. Windows users rate the Flipkart app with 4 stars.

Users of the Flipkart app have a lot to say about the functionality as well as comments on the Flipkart mobile experience overall. The majority of Flipkart app users have a favorable opinion but point out a few flaws.


  • Flipkart mobile app is free
  • Cancel order feature
  • Good customer service


  • Filter/sort function
  • High data usage
  • Pricing discrepancy on listing vs. product page
  • Flipkart app is slow and/or freezes

Despite the issues mentioned in the Flipkart reviews by users of the Flipkart app, the app set a record in 2016 by becoming the first Indian app to exceed 50 million downloads.

However, according to an India Times Flipkart review, Amazon.in surpassed the Flipkart app as the most-downloaded mobile app in the first quarter of 2016. Despite the uptick in Amazon downloads, the Flipkart mobile app still has more active monthly users.


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Flipkart Review: Customer Service

The Help Centre, both on the website and on the Flipkart mobile app, has a comprehensive search function that attempts to help users with orders, cancellations and exchanges, payments, products, and other issues related to the Flipkart online shopping experience.

If customer issues cannot be solved via the frequently asked questions page, help is available 24/7. Customers can call in or receive a call back, or they can reach out for help by email.

Flipkart reviews by users at Sitejabber.com rate the customer service as 5 stars out of 6. However, many Flipkart reviews are mixed when it comes to customer service, mostly citing issues with returns.

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Flipkart Review: Overall Pros and Cons

Customers of Flipkart India give several comments that are both positive and negative. We’ve sorted through user Flipkart reviews on Desidime.com and Trustedcompany.com to sort out the details of Flipkart online shopping.


  • Selection
  • Good website interface
  • Low prices
  • Quality products
  • Return policy
  • Cash on delivery

Flipkart reviews on the return policy itself are favorable, but the Flipkart reviews on the follow-through are a mixed bag. Flipkart mobile promises a refund or replacement if the items are returned in the specified time window, which varies by category. 

Our Flipkart review discovered that certain items in the lifestyle and large appliances categories have the longest return window, at 30 days. Other lifestyle products, as well as electronics, home furnishings, automotive items, and books, only have a 10-day window. A few items offered by Flipkart India, such as food and personal hygiene, are not returnable.


There are plenty of negative Flipkart reviews from online users. While the details of each Flipkart review vary, there are some common complaints about Flipkart.

  • Defective products
  • Canceled orders
  • Counterfeit products
  • Slow delivery
  • Poor customer service
  • Returns

As mentioned in the pros section of our Flipkart review, many users of the Flipkart app like the return policy. However, many Flipkart mobile customers mention that the company pushes hard to replace items rather than giving a straight refund. This is one of the most frequent complaints about Flipkart that we came across in our Flipkart review.

According to more than one Flipkart India customer, the company will send a third-party vendor to argue the return and that, ultimately, returns will be rejected.

The selling of defective products is another common complaint about Flipkart. The items that seem to have the most defects are Flipkart’s mobile phones, electronics, and large appliances, such as washing machines and air conditioners.

Some Flipkart reviews even go so far as to say that Flipkart India is selling used products.

Is Flipkart Online Shopping Safe?

Our Flipkart review is mixed when it comes to the safety of buying from Flipkart India.

There are a number of customers who talk about Flipkart in glowing terms and are highly satisfied with the Flipkart app and their purchases. However, an equal, if not greater, number of Flipkart reviews by customers call the company a fraud.

The bottom line in our Flipkart review is this: buyer beware.

If you’re using Flipkart online shopping for dresses, books or small household items, you stand a better chance of being satisfied. Most of the negative Flipkart reviews were from customers using Flipkart online shopping for electronics, mobile phones or large appliances.

During our Flipkart review, we uncovered a clause in the guidelines for customers when writing product reviews on the Flipkart India website. Customers can write about Flipkart products, but they cannot talk about Flipkart pricing, among other things. This policy for Flipkart reviews has led to more than one customer saying their review was taken down and not necessarily for the pricing restriction.

When looking at Flipkart reviews by customers, it’s good to take into consideration reviews outside of the Flipkart India website, especially for higher priced purchases.

Flipkart India is best for buyers who:

  • Don’t need the product by a certain date
  • Know exactly what they want and are not likely to need a refund
  • Are buying smaller items that don’t require installation
  • Like the option of paying cash on delivery
  • Would like to make purchases on the Flipkart app

Flipkart reviews range from high satisfaction to extreme disappointment, but each customer’s experience is unique. However, one thing is certain: Flipkart online shopping is popular for a reason. A company that built itself up in less than a decade with over 50 million downloads of the Flipkart app is satisfying more customers than not. 

For those of you still concerned about Flipkart, our Flipkart review found that it is set to launch a new program called F-Assured. This will replace Flipkart Advantage and promises more numerous product quality checks, a better return policy, and same or next-day free delivery. It appears that competition from Amazon.in and others are pushing Flipkart India to make improvements that customers want.

If you’re ready to give Flipkart online shopping a try, download your Flipkart discount coupons and join the 75 million other customers who are buying on India’s leading e-commerce site.

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