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Introduction: What Do Top Dropshippers Do?

In today’s online economy, dropshippers can serve an important purpose for many businesses and online merchants.

So before going into dropshippers reviews, we thought it was important to look at what exactly dropship companies do.

In simplest terms, dropshippers provide a unique way to fulfill orders, if a retailer doesn’t actually keep the products it sells in their stock.

Rather, when a retailer works with dropshippers, they are contracting with a third-party who maintains the stock of a product, and then when an order is placed, the dropship companies send the product out to the customer.

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The dropshipper is responsible for having the necessary inventory to fulfill orders, so the merchant is really just an intermediary who doesn’t actually deal with the product.

In the case of the top dropshippers listed on this review, they’re third-party companies that provide a connection resource for retailers, so they don’t have to go through the time and effort required to vet reputable wholesale dropshippers.

So, while the names on this list don’t necessary represent direct dropshippers, they serve as dropshipper companies that link retailers with product sellers.

Choosing the best dropshippers can be an incredibly important decision for an online retailer because they need dropship distributors that are trustworthy and reliable.

If the order isn’t fulfilled as promised or in a timely way, it can be a disaster for the retailer and can lead to not only unsatisfied customers but also bad reviews, which can be the downfall of a business, particularly online.

The following includes not only dropshipper reviews of the best dropship companies, but also details as to what makes them the best in their industry. The details of this dropshippers list are intended to help retailers who may be looking for a third-party service provider to partner with and provide expedient, reliable shipping of products to their customers.

AdvisoryHQ's List of the Best Dropshippers

This list is sorted alphabetically (click any of the below names to go directly to the detailed review for that dropshipping company).

What Are the Benefits of Working with Dropshippers?

There are certainly advantages to working with the top dropshippers and the best dropship companies, although there are potential disadvantages, which will be covered below as well.

To begin, many businesses will decide to work with dropshippers because it requires less initial capital on their part.

Rather than having to shell out a large amount of money upfront to buy inventory, retailers can keep more of their capital liquid, and they’re only purchasing a product once it’s been bought and paid for by the customer.

This can be ideal for startups and new e-commerce businesses that might not even have the capital to buy a large amount of inventory.

When you’re operating an e-commerce business, it’s also typically easy to get started when you’re working with dropship companies.

You don’t have to deal with the concerns that come with maintaining physical inventory, such as having a warehouse, tracking inventory, or dealing with returns and shipments. It also alleviates the issues that can surround maintaining an adequate stock level.

Dropship wholesalers can help e-commerce businesses keep their overhead costs low, they provide flexibility in terms of where the retailer will operate, and retailers can offer a wider selection of products when they work with the best dropship companies.

Finally, dropshippers provide an easy way to scale a business, and it can easily grow over time, without many of the hurdles and growing pains conventional businesses may face, particularly when dealing with physical inventory.

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What Are the Potential Disadvantages of Dropship Distributors?

While the advantages of partnering with wholesale dropshippers are numerous, that doesn’t mean this scenario isn’t without the possibility of disadvantages.

One of the biggest problems a business may face is that dropshipping can lead to complications in the ordering and shipping process.

For example, if you’re a business that works with multiple dropshippers, you may find that they each have their own requirements and guidelines in place for how orders are processed. This can make it more complicated for the retailer, and it can also lead to longer wait times before an item is actually shipped.

Additionally, if you’re working with even the best dropshippers, you may still run into the problem of not knowing everything there is to know about the products you’re selling.

If you’re simply going off the manufacturer’s description of a product, you may either not be able to provide enough information on your own website, or you may find there are inconsistencies between manufacturers’ descriptions and customer opinions.

Another possible customer service issue that can arise when working with even the best dropshippers is that you’re removing a lot of the control of the customer experience from yourself and putting it in the hands of a third-party.

For example, if there are issues with shipping, such as delays or products that don’t arrive at all, it’s outside of your control, and you don’t have a way to immediately pull up the necessary information to resolve the customer’s issue or complaint.

What should you consider when choosing dropshippers?

Before selecting dropship companies, consider the following:

  • Think about the primary brands you’d like to support with your business, and then try to find dropship distributors that offer these brands.
  • Try to choose dropshippers that offer products you’re already familiar with; this will give you an advantage in terms of customer service. You can also focus more on these products and, in many cases, charge higher prices for them, since you are so familiar with the product.
  • Look for dropship companies that offer excellent customer service, particularly if you’re just getting started.
  • Look for top dropshippers that also feature integration with your current eCommerce software. This will make the integration seamless and simple.
  • Perhaps the most important thing to consider when selecting wholesale dropship companies and the best dropship companies is cost. Customers not only prefer but often demand free shipping. That means it’s important that you look at the fees being charged by dropshippers, and think about finding the providers that aren’t going to require you significantly raise your prices to cover those costs.

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Methodology for Selecting the Best Dropship Companies

What methodology does AdvisoryHQ use in selecting and finalizing the companies, services, and products that are ranked on its various top rated lists, including this list of the best dropshippers and dropship distributors?

Please click here to see “AdvisoryHQ’s Ranking Methodologies,” a detailed review of AdvisoryHQ’s selection methodologies for ranking top rated companies, products, and services.

AdvisoryHQ’s Top Rated Best Dropshippers:




Dropship Direct

Inventory Source


Sunrise Wholesale

Wholesale 2B

Table: Top 6 Best Dropshippers | above list is sorted alphabetically

Detailed Review—Best Dropshippers

After carefully considering dropshippers, we compiled the following list of the top six dropshippers. As you continue reading, you’ll find detailed reviews of each of our picks, as well as an outline of the factors used in the decision-making process.

Doba Review

Doba operates with a mission of empowering retailers and wholesale suppliers to connect and do business. According to this leader among the best dropshippers, this is made possible by simplifying and streamlining product sourcing for millions of web-based entrepreneurs, whether they’re just starting out or are working to grow their existing retail business.

Doba is led by President and CEO Brandon Delgross, who has worked to build the Doba brand into one of the top names in the industry of dropship companies. Services offered by Doba, one of the top dropshippers, include rich feature sets, advanced search and filter options, and great options for suppliers as well.

Key Factors That Enabled This to Rank as One of 2017’s Best Dropshippers

The following list highlights why Doba was included on this dropshippers list.

Richest Feature Set

Doba is unique among dropship companies and wholesale dropshippers because this company offers one of the richest feature sets of any dropshipping platform. Doba features millions of products, all of which are featured in one simple catalog.

Doba also prides itself on going beyond being just a supplier directory. Instead, when a member joins Doba, they receive instant access to hundreds of vendors’ products, and they can list the ones they like most on their website or marketplace in a matter of minutes.

Since there are so many products in the catalog of this dropshipping company, retailers can use the advanced search and filter tools to make sure they go right to the products they’re most interested in offering. Relevant filters can be layered to include everything from price and free shipping to quantity dropshippers-min

Source: Catalog –

Free Trial

Doba is one of the dropship companies on this list that features a free trial option.

Customers interested in learning more about this leader among the best dropship distributors can take advantage of a completely complimentary and risk-free trial of basic Doba services for thirty days. The free trial offer also includes access to the Elite Sellers Report and eBay Data Export.

There is no credit card required to utilize this free trial offer.


Doba is one of the companies on this dropshippers list that operates on a fully scalable membership model. This means that it can be used by any sized business, and retailers can also continue to use it as they grow and expand their business.

After the 30-day trial ends, customers of this pick for one of the best dropshippers can then choose the membership plan that works best for them.

The options include:

  • Basic: The basic membership includes features such as access to millions of products from hundreds of suppliers, live training webinars, and the Doba Deals weekly email
  • Advanced: Advanced memberships include all of the features of Basic along with eBay Data Export, the Elite Seller Report, and Live Chat support
  • Pro: Pro takes all of the features of Basic and Advanced memberships and then also includes the first 500 orders free each month, Amazon Data Export, Street Price data, and Doba Prepay
  • Enterprise: This is the most high-end option available from this dropshipping company, and it includes all Pro features as well as other capabilities including API custom integration, unlimited exports, and a dedicated account manager


In addition to the valuable monthly plans available from this pick for one of the top dropshippers, Doba also offers account add-ons. These services are designed to help retailers start successfully selling more quickly.

One of the available add-ons is the Curated List option. With Curated Lists, customers have access to in-house sourcing experts who help them build a list of high-margin, hot products that are tailored to their niche.

Also available is Quickstart Training. This is a series of in-depth training sessions held with a Doba sourcing expert. The objective is to help customers boost their e-commerce training while cultivating a retail strategy, curating the right product selection, and doing effective product research. 

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Dropship Direct Review

A leader among wholesale dropship companies, Dropship Direct links manufacturers and merchants for streamlined B2B transactions. The goals of Dropship Direct include introducing original wholesale products to retailers from manufacturers throughout North America, and offering innovative technology and automation for e-commerce professionals.

Dropship Direct prides itself on offering one of the largest selections of unique wholesale merchandise, and they strive to create growth opportunities for a community of not only manufacturers but also artisans and craftsmen.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank This as One of the Top Dropshippers

Key reasons Dropship Direct is included on this list of dropship wholesalers and the overall best dropshippers are below.

Perks and Benefits

When selecting wholesale dropshippers and the best dropship companies, there are some key things to consider, including pricing, customer service, and technology. Dropship Direct was included on this dropshippers list because they cover all of these areas. Some of the highlights of the perks and benefits this leader among wholesale dropshippers offers are listed below.

Inventory Selection

Important in the process of selecting the leading dropship companies to include on this list of dropshippers reviews was their product selection. Most retailers and merchants find it’s important to work with dropship companies that have an extensive selection, and this is certainly an area where Dropship Direct excels.

Dropship Direct can work with any e-tailer, and just a few of the categories they offer include home décor, health and beauty, baby and children, kitchenware, consumer electronics, sporting goods, automotive, arts, and jewelry.

Dropship Direct also has more than 120,000 dropshipping product SKUs that are part of their wholesale inventory selection.

Order Fulfillment

Dropship Direct is one of the leading dropship distributors and dropship wholesalers, with a long history in the industry. This history has given them time to perfect their services and offerings and also provide things other dropshippers may not be able to.

One of their unique features is associated with their dropshipping order fulfillment. When a customer places a B2B order with Dropship Direct, they’re automatically ensured they’re working with an authorized manufacturer representative. When a customer opts to work with Dropship Direct as opposed to other wholesale dropshippers and dropship companies, they’re ordering from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

Dropship Direct remains in constant contact with all of their manufacturers and also features as much automation as is possible throughout the process. Ultimately, this means high-quality transactions that lead to happy customers.

Manufacturer Authorized Pricing

Also key to the unique model of Dropship Direct, and an important reason they’re included as one of the top dropshippers on this list of wholesale dropship companies, is their manufacturer-authorized pricing guarantee. All wholesale inventory pricing is directly from the manufacturer, and Dropship Direct guarantees they’ll never mark up a price above an authorized dealer cost.

In some instances, manufacturers may require MAP selling requirements.

In addition to features such as Manufacturer Authorized Pricing, Dropship Direct also offers a range of helpful tutorials designed to provide valuable assistance and knowledge to anyone, from startups to established online merchants. There is an available collection of tutorials and walk-through guides. 

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Inventory Source Review

Inventory Source is one of the world’s leading dropshipping automation software platforms that allows merchants and manufacturers to connect, automate, and integrate. This leader among dropship companies features a large selection of products and it’s simple in its operation.

Inventory Source lets customers connect with their large supplier network, automate how their products are sourced, and then integrate with their store or marketplace. All of the dropshipping suppliers included on Inventory Source are carefully vetted and are part of a trusted and carefully curated network.

Key Factors That Enabled This to Rank as One of the Top Dropshippers

Main reasons Inventory Source is included on this list of the best dropship companies are highlighted below.


Inventory Source has been a leader among the best dropship companies and wholesale dropshippers for more than 13 years; as part of that, they have built up one of the most trusted and extensive supplier directories. The Inventory Source directory includes only fully integrated suppliers that have undergone initial vetting.

Then, after the initial vetting process, these dropshipping suppliers have their inventory monitored on a daily basis. This ensures all dropshipping suppliers maintain an active and accurate inventory feed.

Inventory Source is one of the best dropshippers because they offer more than 100 of the most reputable suppliers, and their directory is the only one that’s free with product lists and pricing.

All vendor feeds are integrated and monitored, and retailers can view their inventory and feed quality.

Automation Tools  

This platform was included on this list of the best dropshippers and the best dropship companies because of their e-Commerce tools, as well as their vetted inventory.

E-Commerce Automation Tools from Inventory Source are designed to help retailers streamline how they source and sell products, meaning that more time is spent selling, and less is spent managing. This eliminates the need to work with spreadsheets and supplier data. Instead, the e-Commerce tools can be used to automate loading, updating, and adjusting product catalogs.

Some of the specific tools available from Inventory Source, a leader among wholesale dropship companies and the best dropship companies, include:

  • Price Setting Tool
  • Category Mapping Tool
  • Product Filter Tool
  • New Product Alerts


Also available from Inventory Source, one of the best dropship companies, are integrations. Customers can integrate their product data feed and e-Commerce tools directly with their own website.

Inventory Source features dropshipping e-Commerce integrations with 25 of the most used platforms and marketplaces.

This means that customers will enjoy extremely simple setup, and they won’t have to install custom codes or switch platforms as part of the process.

Some of the integrations available to customers of Inventory Source include Amazon, Magento, Ordoro, Shopify, ZenCart, eBay, Opencart, Bigcommerce, and Woo Commerce.

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Source: Dropship e-Commerce Integrations

Turnkey Website

Another unique option available with Inventory Source that led to its inclusion on this ranking as one of the best dropshippers and dropship wholesalers is their TurnKey Website service. The price for this service starts at just $79 per month, and it provides the opportunity for customers to start selling quickly. This service includes a TurnKey Dropship Website, with all supplier products loaded and ready to sell.

Other features of the TurnKey Website from this leader among dropship distributors and the best dropship companies include:

  • Access to the supplier directory along with vendor products and pricing
  • Reseller tips, tutorials, and guides
  • Phone and email support
  • Integration with more than 100 suppliers
  • Push to eBay Tool
  • Custom file export option
  • Selling on Amazon and other marketplaces
  • TurnKey-built website
  • Automated product upload
  • Daily dropshipping stock syncs
  • Pricing market tool
  • New product alerts
  • Product filter tool
  • Category mapping tool 

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SaleHoo Review

Providing an extensive supplier directory, SaleHoo is one of the top dropshippers and wholesale dropship companies. An online wholesale directory and community for online retailers, SaleHoo has an extensive directory of wholesalers, dropshippers, and manufacturers.

SaleHoo was established in New Zealand in 2005 by Simon Slade and Mark Ling, and it now has 29 employees in four countries. SaleHoo’s headquarters are in Christchurch, New Zealand, and their staff is also present in Australia, Asia, and the U.S. Services include not only a directory of suppliers in more than 100 countries but also a store builder and education tools.

Key Factors That Allowed This to Rank as One of the Best Dropship Companies

Among dropship wholesalers and dropship companies, the following highlight some reasons SaleHoo was included on this dropshippers list.

Peace of Mind  

Many people find the idea of starting an e-commerce business appealing, but as they initiate the process to find products and wholesale vendors, they encounter than many of them are a scam. If that’s not the case, it’s just generally difficult to find suppliers by doing a simple Google search.

SaleHoo takes the worry and time out of finding the best dropship companies and dropship wholesalers by providing customers with a wholesale directory that only includes legitimately verified, low-cost wholesale suppliers.

Customers of SaleHoo can also use the Market Research labs to discover the wholesale dropshippers offering the most profitable products.

The SaleHoo directory includes 1.6 million wholesale products available from more than 8,000 wholesale suppliers.

Market Research Labs

As mentioned above, SaleHoo not only features a directory of some of the best wholesale dropship companies and an extensive, vetted dropshippers list, but they also feature the unique Market Research Lab. The Market Research Lab is designed to help customers connect with products that will offer them the highest sales and the lowest competition so that they can maximize their profits.

The Market Research Lab lets users filter out the overly competitive products, which can lead to lower sales and slimmer profits. This tool also lets customers find products with the best sell rates. The tool features actual selling prices so customers can accurately see what their profit will be, and the Market Research Lab shows the selling trends of products.


Source: SaleHoo Products

Smart Seller Training

As well as connecting sellers with the best wholesale dropshippers and the best dropship companies, SaleHoo also offers something called Smart Seller Training. Smart Seller Training includes guides that help retailers avoid obstacles and maximize their profits quickly and easily. Some of the most popular Smart Seller Training guides available from SaleHoo include:

  • How To Kick-Start Your Home Business: This guide includes everything a seller would need to know to get started, including tactics used by sellers who are already running top-selling businesses
  • Make Dropshipping Work For You: This features tips and tricks to help sellers avoid some of the most expensive mistakes that nearly all dropship retailers make
  • How to Find Profitable Products To Sell: This guide is designed for new sellers and features the hottest markets of the year
  • Easy Shipping and Importing: This guide for dropshipping sellers features information about how to sell products from suppliers in a different country and how to keep costs low when working with international suppliers

Store Creation

SaleHoo was included on this list of the top dropshippers and the best dropship companies because they provide customers with access to one of the most robust wholesale dropshipper directories, but they also feature the opportunity to create your own store. SaleHoo Stores is a feature designed to let customers create an independent online store even without technical skills.

SaleHoo Store features include a choice of 15 professional templates that are user-friendly for customers to make purchases, plus built-in marketing tools so that customers will keep returning. These SaleHoo Stores can be set up and managed even by people who have no experience building sites.

SaleHoo Store plans range from $27 per month to $97 per month for a premium membership with unlimited products, unlimited monthly bandwidth, and unlimited image storage as well as a custom domain and free setup. 

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Sunrise Wholesale Review

As one of the top dropshippers companies, Sunrise Wholesale is a facilitator that was founded in 1999. Sunrise operates by partnering with the leading dropshipping suppliers of more than 15,000 wholesale products, and through their more than 15 years of business, they’ve worked with thousands of individuals and companies. Sunrise Wholesale is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the eBay Developer’s program.

Sunrise Wholesale is also one of the leading wholesale dropship companies because they have developed valuable partnerships with companies that ensure customers are working only with the most reliable providers.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank This as One of the Top Dropshippers

Sunrise Wholesale was included in this ranking of the best dropship companies and dropship wholesalers for the following reasons.


For the majority of individuals and businesses searching for dropship distributors and resources to connect them with the best dropshippers, security is extremely important. This is something Sunrise Wholesale understands and takes seriously.

They work with the TrustCommerce gateway company, and this is where all credit card transactions are processed.

Rather than using relatively standard 128-bit SSL encryption, which is found with most other websites, this leader among the best dropshippers features military-level encryption, ensuring the personal and credit card information of all customers is held with the utmost security.

Amazon Tools

Sunrise Wholesale, one of the top dropship distributors, was included on this list of dropshippers reviews for many reasons, including their Amazon-related selling tools. With the Amazon Selling and Research Manager, customers can post products directly to their Amazon Seller Central.

All products, quantities, and prices are automatically updated on Amazon, and orders can quickly be fulfilled with just one click.

The Amazon Selling and Research Manager also includes an Analyze tool and charts that let sellers research trends, and tracking numbers and statuses are automatically updated in Amazon.

eBay Tools

Also available to customers of Sunrise Wholesale, one of the top dropshippers included on this list of dropshippers reviews, is the eBay Listing Wizard and Research Tool, specifically created to simplify posting and selling on eBay.

The eBay Listing Wizard and Research tool lets Sunrise customers automatically have their images, descriptions, and prices updated on eBay, and take advantage of one-click order fulfillment.

Analyze Mode shows data on product trends across eBay, and automated tracking numbers are sent to eBay. This tool also makes it easy to connect five eBay accounts at the same time.


Source: Sunrise List of Dropshippers Reviews

Yearly Membership

Sunrise Wholesale, one of the best wholesale dropship companies, offers two value-creating memberships. The first is the Monthly Membership, and the second is the Yearly Membership.

The Yearly Membership includes the following features:

  • A 7-day complimentary trial
  • Gold Member pricing on all items, which represents the lowest prices
  • Listing and research tools for both eBay and Amazon
  • Shopify and Bigcommerce integration
  • Participating in a cash back rewards program
  • Custom inventory files in multiple formats
  • Stock alerts
  • Online Sales Analyzer Tool
  • Customer support 

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Wholesale2B Review

Reputable and respected among wholesale dropshippers and the best dropship companies, Wholesale2B provides product content data for wholesale dropshippers as well as a full range of tools and services. Wholesale2B operates as a one-stop platform that has everything an individual or business might need to start a dropshipping business.

Along with an existing wide range of inventory, Wholesale2B is one of the best resources for top dropshippers because their inventory is updated daily. Wholesale2B strives to help the best dropshippers maximize their profits regardless of whether they’re new to online selling or are highly experienced.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank This as a Resource for the Best Dropshippers

When reviewing the best dropshippers, the following are key reasons Wholesale2B was included on this list as one of the leading wholesale dropship companies.

Simple Process

Wholesale 2B calls itself a “one-stop shop” for all of a customer’s dropshipping needs. They strive to provide and do everything anyone could need to operate their business as one of the top dropshippers. Along with connecting customers to dropship distributors, Wholesale2B also makes sure all product data is updated with daily maintenance. This includes updates on out-of-stock items, new products, and discontinued items (which are automatically removed).

To begin the process of relying on Wholesale2B as one of the top wholesale dropship companies, customers first sign up for a free account using their email address. Then, with that free account, customers can start searching dropship wholesalers without being charged to review products and prices.

Next, if the customer finds dropship companies and dropship wholesalers they’re interested in, they can activate a membership plan.

Then, customers of Wholesale2B can start selling the products they find from dropship distributors, eventually growing their own company, so they’re one of the top retail dropship companies.

Robust Reporting

This pick for one of the best dropship companies was included on this dropshippers reviews list for many reasons, including their robust reporting features. Every member of this leader among dropship wholesalers receives access to proactive inventory alerts from a single location.

These can be browsed based on category, supplier or keywords. Wholesale2B’s product catalog expands each month, new products are added, and new suppliers are integrated.

All members of this pick for one of the best dropship companies receives top-selling item reports, and also delivery tracking code reports.

All-Inclusive Plan

Wholesale2B is one of the wholesale dropshippers that offers membership plan pricing, and their All-Inclusive Plan is the premium option for any customer who wants the features and benefits of all of the available programs combined into one single, low monthly payment. This plan affords customers the best value.

The All Inclusive Plan includes features of all the plans at a discounted price including the eBay Dropship Plan, the Amazon Dropship Plan, the Dropship Website Plan and the Dropship Datafeed Plan.

This is a great option for someone who wants to connect with top dropshippers and dropship wholesalers as they’re beginning a new business or moving into a period of expansion.

Dropship Website Plan

A key offering available from this selection for one of the best dropshipper companies is the Dropship Website Plan, specifically designed to work with dropshippers. To utilize this plan, dropship companies simply have to select their shippers from a list of more than 100 suppliers and hit save.

Once they do that, their website is loaded with products.

Wholesale2B is one of the best dropshipper companies because they offer more than 500 categories, so customers can create any niche they want. This option also allows dropship companies to change their suppliers and their products anytime using the website administration panel, without the help of a developer.

Conclusion—Top 6 Best Dropshippers and Dropship Wholesalers

The above dropshippers list includes the best wholesale dropship companies that provide products and shipping services for top dropshippers. Each of the names on this list of top dropshippers reviews is a third-party resource that allows customers to find the best manufacturers and suppliers, which have already been vetted.

These top dropshippers and dropship distributors also offer many other tools and services, ranging from the actual building of a website dropshippers will need to sell to the consumer, to services aimed at helping dropship companies improve their sales.

The goal of each of the best dropship companies and top dropshippers cited on this list is to provide the resources and tools to connect retailers with reputable suppliers as they launch or grow their online business.

AdvisoryHQ Disclaimer:

Reasonable efforts have been made to present accurate information, however all info is presented without warranty. Review AdvisoryHQ’s Terms for details. Also review each firm’s site for the most updated data, rates and info.

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